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The ROHbot Report: War of the Worlds, Bound By Honor: Lakeland, And More

By James Bullock May 5, 2018 - 5:59 PM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH finished its recent events in the “The Sunshine State” with both shows airing live on HonorClub. Lets find out what happened in Lakeland.

“Bound By Honor: Lakeland” Results; April 28th, 2018; Lakeland, FL

Coast to Coast defeated The Motor City Machine Guns
- Cheeseburger vs. Serpentico went to a no contest
- Four Corner Survival Match: Matt Taven defeated Kenny King, Josh Woods and Beer City Bruiser
- The Addiction defeated The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan)
- Flip Gordon defeated Scorpio Sky
- Deonna Purrazzo defeated Ava Storie
- Jay Lethal defeated Shane Taylor
- Elimination Match: The Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll & The Young Bucks) defeated The Briscoes, Silas Young & Dalton Castle

“Bound for Honor: Lakeland” proved to be a lot stronger show overall than its precursor event featuring a really fun main event where several stories were pushed forward including builds toward title matches such as The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks by having the teams trade eliminations including Jay Briscoe attacking them with a chair, Dalton Castle pinning the man who earned a World title shot at his expense at “Masters of the Craft” in Marty Scurll, and Cody winning the match for his team by pinning the World champion – the same man who dethroned him. Rather than Cody defeating Castle being the biggest story coming out of the match, the show ended with the focus being on a bickering Cody and Scurll; potentially setting the stage for a match between the two if Scurll or Cody end Castle’s reign in the near future. Not to be outdone from a match quality perspective was Jay Lethal as he had a great bout with Shane Taylor that featured guest Lanny Poffo supporting “Black Machismo”. Lethal did the Poffo family proud, ending Taylor’s weekend at 0-2. Similar to Taylor, The Motor City Machine Guns struggled this weekend; allowing Coast to Coast to pick up a big win over another pair of former ROH World Tag Team champions. This weekend saw some rumblings between Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley as to whether or not the unit that helped turn them into superstars is coming to an end. The biggest disappointment from the event had to be bait & switch featuring Adam Page and Punishment Martinez. The match didn’t occur as Martinez attacked Page and put him through a table before they could even be introduced. With Martinez losing to Cody the night before it made sense he would attempt to hurt Page, but it doesn’t take away the sting of not getting what was promoted. While not up the standards of a typical ROH pay-per-view, this was a strong example of what people should get when tuning into a HonorClub exclusive event.

“War of the Worlds: Lowell” Preview; May 9th, 2018; Lowell, MA

ROH World Championship: Dalton Castle defends against Matt Taven
One match deep into his time as a contracted ROH competitor, Matt Taven found himself destined for greatness as he captured the ROH World Television Championship from future World champion and stablemate Adam Cole. From that moment on Taven made a career for himself that saw him not only become a champion in several divisions in ROH, but also a star in CMLL by feuding with the likes of Ultimo Guerrero and eventually earning the NWA World’s Welterweight Championship. But for all of his successes, Taven has found himself on the losing end of a support system based on respect & recognition in the promotion he calls home. According to Taven and his fellow Kingdom brethren ROH management is out to get them for reasons unknown; though speculated as The Kingdom being the only force powerful enough to stop the moneymaking machine known as The Bullet Club. To rectify this supposed conspiracy, Taven has set forth a goal that will put him in a category reserved for only legends: Grand Slam Champion. Having won the aforementioned TV title, Taven also has the ROH World Tag Team and Six Man Championships to his name as credentials of a bona fide future ROH legend. But in all of his efforts to ensure he’s considered the best by everyone associated with or watching Ring of Honor Taven has come up short – something his opponent can’t say.
Dalton Castle, like Taven, started his ROH tenure as a Top Prospect fighting for a spot on the ROH roster. Unlike Taven, Castle lost in the Top Prospect Tournament’s first round; but his impressive performance earned him future opportunities and eventually made him one of the biggest names associated with the promotion. On his journey toward World champion status, Castle and Taven crossed paths several times including the night that essentially ended The Kingdom’s Six Man Tag title reign. Outside of tag team competition, these two men have only been in the ring once during the finale of the Soaring Eagle Cup last year – a bout won by Castle where he eliminated Taven. Never in ROH have these two competed in a singles environment and to find a bout you’d have to look before their time in ROH. This time last year it felt almost like an impossibility for the ROH World title to change hands during event not considered a pay-per-view. Now, with every show streaming on HonorClub for the world to see anything is a possibility even a Matt Taven World title victory. Though it’s more likely Castle will walk out still the champion, hearing Bobby Cruise state, “…and new…” isn’t out of the question.

SoCal Uncensored vs. Jay Lethal, Jay White & Chuckie T.
They are champions without their crowns as SoCal Uncensored, after retaining the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship in a thrilling Ladder match, had their belts stolen by The Kingdom. Infuriated and looking to send a message to the people who have done them wrong, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky enter an environment with men who may not be too familiar with each other as a unit, but all love winning at any means necessary. Jay Lethal and Jay White did battle last year during ROH’s “Global Wars Tour” where Lethal came out victorious. Though White followed the Code of Honor then, those loses & brutal battles during his time in ROH caused him to awaken his dark side. That darkness gave birth to the “Switchblade” persona he uses in New Japan that led him to becoming the IWGP United States champion. White’s attitude change has drawn disturbed looks & feelings from fellow CHAOS member Chuckie T., trying to avoid being on the same side of the ring with him at all costs. With White’s intent of becoming an IWGP Heavyweight champion even if it means imploding CHAOS in the process. Now Chuckie has no choice as he’ll have to work with both White and a potential ROH rival in Lethal – a man he will most likely face in the future if Chuckie continues his winning streak as seen on ROH TV and PPV. Depending on how well this mix-matched team gels still might not be enough to change the fact SCU is the superior trio in a match that could easily steal the show.

The Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll & Adam Page) vs. Roppongi 3K
Taking a step away from the ring to groom the future of wrestling, Rocky Romero used his tag team expertise to change the mindsets of the promising duo of Sho & Yoh – then known as “The Tempura Boyz”. With a change in appearance and their tag team name came a change in how they were perceived in their home promotion when the duo returned to New Japan. Immediately the newly dubbed “Roppongi 3K” went after The Young Bucks and claimed the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion. As good as The Bucks are they couldn’t wrest the title back into their possession as 3K held them with Matt even suffering the back injury that plagues him to this day in their “Wrestle Kingdom 12” bout. Though 3K are no longer IWGP champions, this is a chance to reestablish themselves as a team to beat both in New Japan and ROH alongside their mentor. With ROH and New Japan having Six Man Tag Team titles, there’s a great chance the trio of Roppongi 3K will be hoping to use this victory to catapult them into a title opportunity. Though Cody, Page & Scurll look like the sure favorites to win, the fact remains everything isn’t fine in The Bullet Club and could mean the difference between another successful night for wrestling’s most important faction or Roppongi 3K gaining some momentum before attaining another piece of gold to make them really shine.

The Young Bucks vs. BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi
This is more about two warring factions colliding again. Since the beginning of 2018, The Young Bucks have become obsessed with the idea of proving themselves as the greatest tag team in wrestling history; weight limits notwithstanding. Nick & Matt Jackson issued their warning to every tag team by announcing their moving up to heavyweight status in New Japan while continuing their usual antics leading to success in companies like ROH. With an opening in the Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team division thanks to The Bucks’ change of goals, former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champions Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI have found a bond in the ring as a duo that has seen great success for the pair thus far including a big win over Flip Gordon & Ryusuke Taguchi during “Honor Rising”. In an attempt to prove they are worthy of the crown held eight times over by defeating, arguably, the greatest Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team of their generation during an event seen across the world. This first-time encounter could be a show stealer if there ever was one with an potential upset occurring when it’s all said & done.

The Briscoes vs. Jushin Liger & Flip Gordon
It has become something of an obvious goal for Flip Gordon to win not just ROH gold, but ROH Tag gold. Gordon has gone out of his way to team with various tandems such as The Young Bucks and Best Friends in hopes of becoming one-third of the Six Man Tag Team champions. Now Gordon will stand beside a true legend in this sport in hopes of becoming a ROH World Tag Team champion by doing what only elite tandems have accomplished: defeat The Briscoes. Though the title isn’t on the line, a victory here could easily set the stage for a rematch by the end of the tour or even later in the year during ROH’s return to the UK alongside New Japan. Liger was once the crème de la crème of Jr. Heavyweight wrestling and Flip is definitely a man of the same mold taking things to an entirely different level. But when it comes to tag team wrestling there’s no one better in ROH history than The Briscoes. Since changing their attitudes and going back to their more ruthless roots, The Briscoes have dominated men who would give anyone a run for their money. Will Gordon & Liger’s names be added to the list of people who have been able to conquer The Briscoes? Smart money would be on Dem Boys, but wilder things have happened especially when Mark & Jay are forced to take on a duo featuring international talent.

Los Ingobernables (Tetsuya Naito, EVIL & SANADA) vs. Silas Young, Brian Milonas & Beer City Bruiser
The Ring of Honor World Television champion will have the full arsenal with him in Lowell as the largest team in ROH history will be by his side to do battle with three men who have no problems with not only working together, but also getting a little dirty no matter the situation. This will prove to be a big match for Bruiser & Milonas as the pair are hoping to get into ROH Tag Team title contention and could actually put themselves in line for an IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match if they can overcome the current New Japan Tag Team titleholders. Bruiser really impressed during this year’s “Honor Rising” events and could be looking to set the stage for another title opportunity either as a tag team competitor or by himself as a win here could also put him in a IWGP Intercontinental title match as Tetsuya Naito recently won the title back. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Silas Young finding himself with another title challenger; be it Naito, EVIL or SANADA. Potential title implications aside, this should be a wild bout built on dirty tactics and potential broken beer bottles.

Coast 2 Coast vs. The Kingdom
While The Kingdom has cried “conspiracy” for the past few months due to their losing ways and lack of title opportunities (the latter has some validation considering they were scheduled to fight for the Six Man Tag Team Championship, only for then-ROH Enforcer Bully Ray to pull them out of the match because they cut a promo he didn’t like), Coast 2 Coast has turn their ROH careers around by lighting a fire under them because of constant losses putting them at the bottom of the Tag Team division. Shaheem Ali & LSG used their failures to fuel them and have started a winning streak that includes victories over former ROH World Tag Team champions War Machine and The Motor City Machine Guns. While The Kingdom is a duo or trio worthy of championship success, their obsession with things unseen such as the #KingdomConspiracy & breaking the rules to win with items such as TK O’Ryan’s baseball bat and Vinny Marseglia’s infamous axe have cost them too many chances to win bouts. The Kingdom has a chance to learn from their mistakes and actually win on talent alone – something C2C are very much used to doing. This would be a perfect opening bout and could feature a rather surprising result with C2C defeating two-thirds of ROH’s first Six Man Tag Team champions.

For the fifth consecutive year, the stars of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling will do battle with and against one another on the War of the Worlds Tour in Lowell (5/9), Toronto (5/11), Royal Oak (5/12), and Chicago (5/13)! The ROH World Six Man champions come together to defend their title against Roppongi 3K in Toronto!

Though they don’t physically own the ROH World Six Man Tag Team title belts at this time, SoCal Uncensored are the rightful champions looking to prove their dominance during one of the biggest weeks of the year on the ROH calendar. One of the most interesting aspects about this match isn’t just how well the mentor-protégé relationship between Rocky Romero & Roppongi 3K will be test, but also the history between Romero and his opponents. “Mr. Azucar” cut his teeth in the same areas and arenas that SoCal Uncensored once called home and actually made names for themselves before spreading their wings across the United States while Rocky used his moderate success stateside to create a marvelous career in Japan. The knowledge of each other’s skill sets could mean the difference between new championship being crowned or SCU retaining the gold. It wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see an international title change occur before the title switches back later in the tour (preferably during the TV taping in Chicago).

For the first time ever, Cody will wrestle Jushin Liger at War of the Worlds: Toronto!

Returning to a ROH ring will be the undeniable legend himself. Jushin Liger, in his 34th year of competition, will earn the ring for the first time in a singles environment to take on the son of a man who rule the roost of pro wrestling when Liger debuted. Cody has found a great amount of success since losing the ROH World Championship at “Final Battle”, most importantly his victory over Kenny Omega. Cody has taken pride in being a modern-day example of wrestling greatness, rarely going out of his way to challenge legendary figures in an effort to boost his own legacy. That changes in Toronto as Cody has formally welcomed Liger back to the position worthy of his status: a main event level opportunity to test his skills in this dream match come true. While Liger is a few steps slower compared to himself from just a few years ago, his toughness and ability to overcome talent no matter the age bracket has allowed him to still be a formidable opponent who can leave the crowd in awe. Cody cannot take Liger lightly as he’ll end up staring at the lights while the fans sing along with “Thunder’s” iconic theme song.

The Super Smash Bros. return to ROH to answer an open challenge issued by The Young Bucks for War of the Worlds: Toronto!

For what feels like an eternity, The Super Smash Bros. return to ROH. The former PWG & CHIKARA Tag Team champions still have a lot to prove as their heyday on American soil happened before ROH’s recent growth and availability. When Player Uno & Dos were making infrequent ROH appearances and actually picking up surprising wins against the likes of Kevin Steen & El Generico, The Young Bucks were just as unproven as their future rivals; having not found themselves fully as wrestlers. But times have changed tremendously as Nick & Matt Jackson are two of the most renown wrestlers in the world today while The SSB have stuck closer to home even if it’s against their wishes. The Bucks enter with a home field disadvantage and will take on a pair of men who are nothing like the SSB seen in ROH in the past as both men have embraced a more vicious side of things including a very memorable encounter in PWG where Player Uno took great pride in breaking a hold by biting an opponent in the groin. The SSB might shut down the #SuperKickParty in one of the most disturbing ways possible: castration.

The ROH World Tag Team Championship will be on the line in the main event of War of the Worlds: Royal Oak as The Briscoes defends against Tetsuya Naito & BUSHI of LIJ!

Last year’s “War of the Worlds: Philadelphia” was a turning point in The Briscoes’ career. Jay & Mark were living the dreaming by teaming with one of their wrestling idols, becoming the second ROH World Six Man tag Team champions in the process. What seemed to be a simple fun ROH TV match turned out to be a catalyst for change as Jay Briscoe suffered a rare pin fall loss in an eight-man tag bout against Los Ingobernables de Japon. The loss turned Jay’s world upside-down and led to him turning on Bully Ray, convincing his brother they needed to go back to their more vicious roots in regards to their in-ring style, and focus on becoming the nine-time ROH World Tag Team champions. The Briscoes accomplished everything they set out for after refocusing on their careers as the best tag team on the planet, unintentionally setting the stage for something Jay has needed for a year: vindication. While it seems like a sure thing The Briscoes will retain here, don’t be so sure. The current IWGP Intercontinental champion (Naito) and one-half of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titleholders not only know how to beat The Briscoes (some type of distraction and cradles can be their undoing), but a ROH title change during the “War of the Worlds” tour isn’t out of the ordinary as last year’s events saw Kushida defeat Marty Scurll to become the new Television champion. Though not scheduled in any way to be a part of the show, Chris Jericho’s recent issues with Naito could actually come into play here if “The Alpha” shows up and busts Tetsuya open like he did in Japan the week prior. LIJ have really been about fun & games during every ROH tour, usually playing the hits; that definitely won’t be the case here with the stakes being so high.

The action from the War of the Worlds Tour: Royal Oak will feature dream matches aplenty including this battle between faction standouts: Cody vs. Hiromu Takahashi!

Gearing up for their big ten-man tag rematch from last year’s “War of the Worlds: UK” tour, former ROH World champion and self-professed leader of The Bullet Club will take on the premiere Jr. Heavyweight of Los Ingobernables de Japon. Cody has been on nothing short of a tear in ROH as of late; defeating the likes of Kenny Omega, Punishment Martinez and even the ROH World champion Dalton Castle in a big elimination tag team encounter. Hiromu Takahashi, on the other hand, has been focusing on winning in New Japan’s Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team division alongside BUSHI. With both competitors focused on proving their faction’s superiority through victories in both promotions will mean two men who have gone out of their way to risk life & limb to win will do exactly that in Michigan. This first-time encounter should be full of personality as well considering the antics seen during matches featuring both men have allowed for memorable moments aplenty. Expect another Cody win here, but not after taking a deal of punishment from a man with a kamikaze-like mindset.

Four of the best ROH has to offer will potentially battle for the ROH World title in Royal Oak as Jay Lethal, Matt Taven, Marty Scurll and Kenny King will do battle in a Four Corner Survival match!

What a star-studded Four Corner Survival match! This bout features four former TV champions, three former Tag Team champions, and one former World champion. There are also a lot of intertwining stories and a good amount of history between all four men. Lethal’s second TV title reign was challenged continuously by Matt Taven and almost ended with Taven quitting the company when he failed to win a Steel Cage match at the inaugural “Field of Honor”. Lethal and Taven have clashed recently resulting in the latter actually winning. Marty Scurll’s TV title loss during last year’s “War of the Worlds: Philadelphia” set the stage for Kenny King’s first single title victory later in the year. The same night King’s first TV title reign ended, Jay Lethal overcame the villainous ways of Scurll to defeat him. “The Villain’s” most recent singles win came at “Bound By Honor: West Palm Beach” where he pinned King. The most interesting variable of this one depends on what happens in the ROH World title match in Lowell. If Matt Taven becomes the new World champion the title will be on the line – making this the first Four Corner Survival match for the World title in nearly four years. Title or no title on the line, this should be a marvelous match with anyone having a chance to win.

War of the Worlds: Royal Oak will see SoCal Uncensored potentially getting struck down by the unique team of Jushin Liger, Cheeseburger & Flip Gordon!

Four years ago when it was announced Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling would produce a pair of co-promoted events no one expected a friendship to be formed by the weekend’s end. On that weekend in May, the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger went out of his way to thank Cheeseburger for showing him around New York by teaching him the Shotei Palm Strike. Since that night, Liger and Cheeseburger have grown friendlier any time they’ve been around each other including on ROH pay-per-view like “Global Wars ‘16”. On that particular night, “Thunder Burger” actually defeated the former ROH World Tag Team champions The Addiction in nothing short of an upset. Furious over the loss, Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian injured Liger with Celebrity Rehab. The Addiction hasn’t forgotten that night and has the chance to avenge the loss while proving themselves as the best trio going today. Flip Gordon will not only be familiar with tagging with Liger following the event in Lowell, but is also gunning to avenge his loss to SCU at “Supercard of Honor XII”; and that’s not mentioning his problems with Scorpio Sky that has resulted in Gordon picking up two wins over the Six Man champion. “Thunder Burgers” pulled off the upset of a lifetime two years ago, but don’t expect the same here.

It’ll be a must-see Triple Threat bout in Royal Oak when The Young Bucks, Roppongi 3K and The Motor City Machine Guns do battle!

Formerly known as “The Tempura Boyz”, Sho & Yoh found themselves growing tremendously as performers between the time they finished touring with ROH and returned to New Japan thanks to the mentoring of Rocky Romero. Defeating The Young Bucks, Roppongi 3K became the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team champions not long after coming back to New Japan and unintentionally forced Matt & Nick Jackson to look at other avenues to solidify themselves as one of the best tag teams in the history of wrestling. Things weren’t going too well for The Motor City Machine Guns around the same time The Young Bucks lost to Roppongi 3K. Having defeated The Bucks to win their first ROH World Tag Team title, The Machine Guns found themselves targeted by The Briscoes and no longer embraced by the fans. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin not only lost the ROH World Tag Team title to The Briscoes, they’ve also been unable to pick up any wins. With all three teams trying to reassert their dominance in the various tag team divisions they’re a part of this is anyone’s match. More importantly, this could be a classic encounter if given enough time as these teams are the epitome of Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team wrestling in this day & age.

Two of ROH’s fastest-rising stars will compete at War of the Worlds Tour: Royal Oak, Punishment Martinez vs. Adam Page!

“Hangman” Page took a somewhat similar path in comparison to Martinez’s by working his way up the ROH card as a top prospect before aligning himself with BJ Whitmer. A vicious streak was awakened in Page thanks to his time working alongside Whitmer; resulting in Page not only attacking his mentor, but also defeating him. While Page became a member of The Bullet Club as the faction’s enforcer, Martinez went from supernatural big man supported by Whitmer & Kevin Sullivan to an impressive physical specimen who is primed to become a future ROH World champion. Martinez has also been making waves in New Japan thanks to his performances both across the Pacific and against New Japan stars in a ROH ring. One night removed from Punishment Martinez failing to defeat Cody, ROH’s “Creeper of Violence” was scheduled to battle Page. Instead, Martinez attacked “Hangman” before the match could begin and choke slammed him through a table to cause a no contest. What was meant to be a simple wrestling match now has some major heat with potential title implications that could range across the Pacific. To defeat someone like Page would be huge for Martinez in both promotions as Punishment would best a recent challenger to the IWGP United States title and a former ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champion. Though Page will have the same size disadvantage as Cody, expect Page to take the fight to the big man rather than hit & run as this hard-hitting encounter could go either way.

Heavyweights collide in Royal Oak when EVIL and Shane Taylor step into the ring with each other for the first time!

The former Takaaki Watanabe toured with Ring of Honor for nearly a year before returning to New Japan in 2015 under a brand new moniker, persona & alliance with Los Ingobernables de Japon. Known as “EVIL”, the LIJ member blazed a trail that led to him becoming a champion both as a singles star and alongside partners BUSHI & SANADA. Unfortunately for Shane Taylor he cannot say the same as the former half of The Pretty Boy Killers took some time to find himself in ROH. After The Rebellion faction was forced to disband, Taylor did what came easy to him: being a man for hire to the most fortuned bidder. Though Taylor has done well attacking people in locker rooms and even in the ring, wins haven’t followed him; let alone championships. That could easily change for Taylor if he can overcome EVIL and maybe fight his way to New Japan. Though EVIL will be at a size disadvantage, he’s proven to be incredibly strong; Taylor is deceptively agile as well. This should be a nice slobberknocker if there ever was one with EVIL most likely attaining the victory.

The action from the War of the Worlds Tour: Chicago stop will be taped for the world to see including an unexpected title match as Silas Young defends the ROH World Television Championship against Austin Aries!

Austin Aries has done utterly remarkable things in his career. Aries has conquered the insurmountable, ruled one of the most revolutionary factions in modern wrestling history, gained worldwide recognition for his talents, attained the ROH World Championship on two occasion while becoming the first man to do so, and has collected multiple titles that he now simultaneously holds; but Aries hasn’t done everything. Arriving on the stage during ROH’s “16th Anniversary”, Aries reminded everyone watching that though he has numerous titles to his name, he’s never won the ROH World Television Championship. At the time, “A-Double’s” protégé & former ally Kenny King held the gold. Between ROH’s “16th Anniversary” and “Supercard of Honor XII”, Silas Young gained another opportunity to regain the TV title; using every tactic in his arsenal including Beer City Bruiser to become the fourth man in ROH history to hold the TV title twice. Though their careers started in the same region of the United States, it was Aries who gained recognition a lot sooner than Young in comparison. And when the eventual “Last Real Man” did find himself on ROH’s radar, he was tested by the best the company had to offer in Aries himself.
It was a little over a decade ago that Silas’ first aired ROH match resulted in a loss to Aries. Less than a year later Young had another opportunity to potentially earn a spot on the ROH roster, but was unable to overcome the tenacity of a then-incredibly arrogant Austin. Young enters this match with more than just a need to retain his TV title; Silas comes into this match with the need to prove the days of Austin Aries ruling ROH are over and he’s one of the new faces of a company housing some of the best talent known to the wrestling world. Though Aries has amassed multiple titles and knows how to win in big match situations, he’s also coming in alone against someone who will win by any means necessary even if those means involve getting help from his buddies. Their original matches were simple showcases. This will undoubtedly be a main event quality encounter with the chance of Aries actually adding another championship to his collection.

The Women of Honor Championship will be defended for the first time in Chicago when Sumie Sakai takes on Jenny Rose!

The first Women of Honor champion made her first in-ring appearance after the historic moment seen around the world where Sumie Sakai cleanly pinned Kelly Klein at “Supercard of Honor XII” at ROH’s most recent TV taping in Pittsburgh. There, with Jenny Rose watching & commentating, Sakai overcame Stella Grey in a non-title affair that apparently impressed Rose enough that she felt Sumie needed her next challenge to be revealed right then & now. Jenny Rose, a standout in Stardom while making infrequent appearances in a ROH ring, is a protégé of Sakai who has found herself both on the same side of the ring and across from the champ – something most recently seen at “Manhattan Mayhem VII” where the pair lost together (a loss Rose blames Sumie for) and at “Masters of the Craft” where Sakai’s team overcame Rose’s trio. Rose, a rather honorable individual, has shown flashes of anger and desperation in regards to finally getting the recognition she believes she deserves even if it means that recognition comes at the expense of someone who has shown nothing but love for her in an out of the ring; though Rose simply claims, “It’s just business.” Sakai was all business when it come to the tournament that allowed her to become the first Women of Honor champion; resulting in the original Woman of Honor turning into the face of the division. Rose looks to change that while becoming the second Women of Honor champion in the process. Rose has been able to overcome Sakai in the past, but only in tag team or multi-person matches; never in singles competition. Sumie has the knowledge of not only a winning against her first challenger, but also one on one. Sumie shocked the ROH world by winning the gold and it seems she won’t be a part of a shocking title change in her first defense.

Chuckie T. will have his hands full in Chicago when he fights Jay Lethal for the world to see when this match airs on ROH TV!

Debuting in ROH as a part of his internationally known Best Friends tag team alongside Beretta, Chuckie T. appeared to solely be about tag team success in ROH. Then everything changed as Beretta went down with an injury and “The Kentucky Gentleman” had to decide whether or not he’d test the waters as a singles star. The decision to venture out on his own in ROH has actually paid off incredibly well for Chuckie as he’s been winning frequently against men considered lower on the totem pole such as Josh Woods and Jonathan Gresham. But Chuckie takes a big step up in competition here as he’ll be fighting the only man in ROH history to simultaneously hold both the ROH World & World TV titles at the same time. A Chuckie victory wouldn’t be surprising as T. is a former PWG World champion who has stepped up his game unlike anything anyone expected from the guy once solely known for comedy wrestling. Lethal, as always, is looking to get back in the ROH title picture and would love to earn an opportunity at the expense of Chuckie. This should be a really fun, honorable affair with a potential surprising victory for Chuckie.

The Women of Honor’s premiere feud between Deonna Purrazzo and Kelly Klein continues in Chicago when the two will do battle once again!

The globetrotter herself Deonna Purrazzo made her return to ROH and the Women of Honor division during one of the biggest shows in ROH history to take on someone who hasn’t been bested since debuting in Kelly Klein. “The Gatekeeper” nickname has been given to Klein for good reason as the master of the guillotine choke – “The End of the Match” – has been plowing through opponent after opponent in the division except for Purrazzo. Though they’ve meet up in tag team competition elsewhere, their clash in Lakeland last year was their first one-on-one battle. Controversy surrounded the outcome as Klein ensured the referee never saw her tapping out in the Fujiwara arm bar; giving her the chance to retaliate and keep her undefeated streak intact. Purrazzo didn’t take the loss in stride, actually giving Klein her first loss via count-out by distracting Kelly in a match featuring Deonna’s training partner Karen Q. From that moment on they’ve been at each other’s heels anytime they have the opportunity including the recent “Bound By Honor” event in West Palm Beach where Purrazzo actually defeated Klein and ended up getting beaten up for it by the sore loser With this getting a lot more personal than their previous encounters, the grappling game might take a backseat to them slugging it out in a match that will really establish one or the other as the next title contender in the division.

Cody vs. Jushin Liger at “War of the Worlds: Toronto”

Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez at “War of the Worlds: Toronto”

Matt Taven Challenges Dalton Castle at “War of the Worlds: Lowell”

Silas Young vs. Austin Aries at “War of the Worlds: Chicago”

Brandi Rhodes vs. Jenny Rose

Throwback Thursday: Kevin Steen vs. Nigel McGuinness

Future of Honor: One Mean Team vs. Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about the impending Braun Strowman era in WWE and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/25_Mins_Honor_Nation_The_Strowman_Era.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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