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The ROHbot Report: War of the Worlds Main Events Announced and More

By James Bullock Apr 29, 2018 - 8:28 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH is holding events in “The Sunshine State” with two shows airing live on HonorClub. Lets find out what did & will happen in Florida.

“Bound By Honor: West Palm Beach” Results; April 27th, 2018; West Palm Beach, FL
- Jay Lethal defeated Scorpio Sky
- Josh Woods defeated Shane Taylor
- Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kelly Klein
- Marty Scurll defeated Kenny King
- The Hung Bucks defeated The Kingdom
- Coast 2 Coast defeated The Dawgs, The Addiction, and Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser in a Four Corner Survival match
- Cody defeated Punishment Martinez
- Proving Ground Match: ROH World champion Dalton Castle defeated Flip Gordon
- ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes defeated The Motor City Machine Guns to retain

This was another perfect example of what streaming every event on HonorClub will provide fans as it wasn’t the strongest offering while feeling like a glorified house show with solid matches aplenty in front of a crowd that was definitely lacking in enthusiasm (or a proper mic setup). The tag team bouts were the true highlights from this event, specifically the six-man tag and the main event. Adam Page stole the show with his performance by running wild and The Briscoes proved their superiority over The Machine Guns yet again in a bout that headlined the show, but, unfortunately, didn’t live up to the standards of their previous battles that occurred a decade ago. The rest of the event was ultimately forgettable with some questionable results in regards to building future stars. For every potential feud setup like Deonna Purrazzo defeating Kelly Klein leading to a pull apart brawl or major star solidifying moment such as the Proving Ground bout there were so many potential top tier stars and champions who suffered losses – Scorpio Sky, Kenny King The Kingdom, Flip Gordon, Punishment Martinez and Shane Taylor all suffered losses here; some getting their momentum stunted in the process especially if they keep using fifty-fifty booking with these individuals. This is the type of event that was fun enough watching once, but you’ll never go back to witness it again. Hopefully the same can’t be said about the next show.

“Bound By Honor: Lakeland” Preview; April 28th, 2018; Lakeland, FL

ROH Champions (Dalton Castle, Silas Young & The Briscoes) vs. The Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll & The Young Bucks)
ROH has made it something of a special occurrence to bring four of the best stars ROH has to offer together for one big tag team bout against four of the company’s champions. Interestingly enough, those four ROH “all-stars” are actually a part of a single faction as The Bullet Club contingent features a former ROH World champion, ROH World Television champion, ROH World Tag Team champions & Six Man titleholders. But The Bullet Club has had problems with leadership as of late; though it seems things are settling and the members who were once questioning the fate of wrestling’s biggest brand not associated with WWE will come together in an effort to prove their superiority before future title matches earned before this event; be it Marty Scurll gaining another ROH World title shot by winning the Defy or Deny match at “Masters of the Craft” by actually pinning Dalton Castle or The Young Bucks becoming the top contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship when they survived a Tag Team Gauntlet match. Cody, though he definitely wants to regain the ROH World title, seems to be reveling in his position as the leader of Bullet Club no matter what Kenny Omega says. It’ll be interesting to see how well the champions team gels. The relationship between Dalton Castle and Silas Young has been nothing short of hostile since they first interacted, leading to a feud that culminated in the most recent Fight Without Honor. The Briscoes’ mentality has shifted dramatically as of late with “Dem Boys” taking on an “us vs. them” stance. To top it off, The Briscoes most recently defeated Castle on ROH TV in a Champions Challenge. There could be dissension among the ranks on both sides to create one of the most interesting bouts seen throughout the entire weekend.

The Addiction vs. The Kingdom
When ROH instituted the World Six-Man Tag Team Championship, few ROH fans & competitors believed in the unknown trio formed by the returning Matt Taven after the former ROH World Tag Team champion had been on the shelf for almost a year following a knee injury. With Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan by his side, Taven not only created a faction in his image – underrated, New England-based wrestlers who were surpassed by their peers – but he also formed a championship-worthy team as The Kingdom became the first ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions at the same event Taven lost the World Tag Team title one year prior. An ironic twist of fate ended The Kingdom’s reign only three months after it began when O’Ryan broke his leg attempting a moonsault on his floored opponents. Since that tragic night, The Kingdom has been claiming ROH is out to ensure they never reach superstar status, let along champion status. Before The Kingdom’s claims became their battle cry, The Addiction & Scorpio Sky have been saying for years not just ROH, but the entire wrestling world hasn’t given them the credit they deserve. Upset with their current standings in ROH especially compared to The Bullet Club, The Kingdom and SoCal Uncensored tried to join forces to defeat the supposedly fractured Bullet Club shortly after SCU became the new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions at The Hung Bucks’ expense.
The alliance to destroy The Bullet Club featuring these future opponents fell apart on ROH TV when Scorpio Sky accidentally hit his own ally and cost them a match against The Bullet Club quintet; setting the stage for this encounter featuring two duos not on the fan favorite side of the fence. It’ll be interesting to see how the fans react to both teams. Even more interesting is the question of how far SoCal Uncensored will go to win with the time running out on their ROH contracts that ROH COO Joe Koff promised wouldn’t be renewed after “Final Battle”. The Kingdom are not against getting dirty; threatening to use Marseglia’s infamous axe or O’Ryan’s baseball if need be. The Kingdom need to end their title drought if they want to kill the supposed conspiracy ROH has created against them, but to do so will mean they’ll have to be more than just the better wrestlers; they have to be the smartest men in the room by beating two-thirds of ROH’s Six Man Tag Team champions to put them right at the top of the list of top contenders.

Flip Gordon vs. Scorpio Sky
“Welcome to Ring of Honor!” is a phrase that’s haunted Flip Gordon since his joined the ROH roster full-time courtesy of The Bullet Club. On various episodes of “Being The Elite”, Gordon’s good nature had been used against him as The Bullet Club tricked, choked and, of course, super kicked him whenever it seemed like they were simply welcoming him to ROH or playing a “harmless rib.” For obvious reasons, Flip took exception to the actions of wrestling’s most powerful faction going today; looking to do whatever he could to stand up for himself and put The Bullet Club members who had been hounding him for months in their places. Gordon planned to gather help from all corners of the wrestling community to help push back the growing influence The Bullet Club has on not only ROH, but the wrestling business & its wrestlers as a whole. Unfortunately for Gordon his plans didn’t pan out as he hoped; resulting in him not only losing a chance to become a Six-Man Tag Team champion, but also his men like Scorpio Sky turning on him; the latter being a defining moment in the careers of both men. While Flip Gordon saw his standing against The Bullet Club actually gain him respect from both the faction and the fans, Sky went in a different direction by embracing the side of him that didn’t endear the recent ROH signee to its fan base by aligning himself with fellow Californians Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian to form SoCal Uncensored. The trio became golden; earning the Six Man Tag Team Championship. But when it comes to singles success, Gordon has proven his superiority against his old friend as this is a rematch from their recent ROH TV collision. There, Gordon overcame the numbers game SCU tried to use against him to pull out the victory. Scorpio gained a measure of revenge at “Supercard of Honor” by retaining the Six Man Tag title over Gordon. Their ROH TV bout was solid, but felt like it was limited by time constraints. Hopefully the same won’t be the case in Lakeland.

Adam Page vs. Punishment Martinez
One night removed from Punishment Martinez taking on Cody, ROH’s “The Creeper of Violence” will find himself standing across the ring from a man who has shown incredible loyalty to the former ROH World champion in Adam Page. “Hangman” Page took a somewhat similar path in comparison to Martinez’s by working his way up the ROH card as a top prospect before aligning himself with BJ Whitmer. A vicious streak was awakened in Page thanks to his time working alongside Whitmer; resulting in Page not only attacking his mentor, but also defeating him. While Page became a member of The Bullet Club as the faction’s enforcer, Martinez went from supernatural big man supported by Whitmer & Kevin Sullivan to an impressive physical specimen who is primed to become a future ROH World champion. Martinez has also been making waves in New Japan thanks to his performances both across the Pacific and against New Japan stars in a ROH ring. To defeat someone like Page would be huge for Martinez in both promotions as Punishment would best a recent challenger to the IWGP United States title and a former ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champion. Though Page will have the same size disadvantage as Cody, expect Page to take the fight to the big man rather than hit & run as this hard-hitting encounter could go either way.

Jay Lethal vs. Josh Woods
The 2017 Top Prospect Tournament winner in Josh Woods hasn’t had the best go of things in ROH thus far. Falling short in securing the ROH World Television title, taking some significant loses on ROH TV like the one to Jonathan Gresham following “Final Battle”, and failing to breakthrough to become a consistent figure on ROH pay-per-views, Josh Woods is fighting from behind heading into 2018. One of the key reasons Woods is forced to take on anyone no matter the skill level discrepancy is because of nights like “Survival of the Fittest: Night 3”. The event in Amarillo didn’t end well for “The Goods” when he came up short in trying to defeat Jay Lethal. Five months after doing an admirable job against Lethal, Josh Woods gets his rematch. Lethal was able to overcome a bevy of submission attempts & suplexes to win their first bout and has to be thinking the same will happen in Lakeland if Woods sticks to the same gameplan that helped him become the TPT winner, but hasn’t helped him become a consistent winner in ROH. Their first bout was solid, but this one should be a lot better considering they are more familiar with each other and able to deliver something special that might featuring a shocking result; though not likely.

Matt Taven vs. Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor vs. Beer City Bruiser
Title goals, fatter wallets & vengeance definitely make up this interesting looking Four Corner Survival match. Former Television champion Kenny King found himself losing his second World Television title because of the actions of Beer City Bruiser when BCB tied his legs to prevent him from standing in a Last Man Standing match; and that’s not mentioning BCB’s beer bottle knocking him out to end his first TV Championship reign. Shane Taylor has also done some dishonorable things to ensure a better life for himself and, most importantly, his family. And then there’s Matt Taven. The current NWA Welterweight champion wants to regain the Six Man title alongside his Kingdom as well and do what only one man before him has by becoming a grand slam ROH champion. Taven is closer than ever to getting another ROH World Championship shot and beating four men of the stature of his opponents in one match would further solidify the fact he is a future ROH World titleholder – a victory that is almost guaranteed because, as corny as it may be, he is Matt Taven.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Coast to Coast
During an era when alternatives to WWE were all the rage, TNA housed former ROH competitors Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley. The X-Division stars eventually found a common bond in the ring similar to their relationship outside of the ring; creating an innovative tag team that would become associated with championships around the world. But the forming of The Motor City Machine Guns wasn’t made with the idea of changing tag team wrestling – it was the coming together of two talented wrestlers who refused to be lost in the shuffle while other older wrestlers used their political stroke & star power to advertently and inadvertently hold them back. In reality, the reason for The Machine Guns coming together is similar to why Coast to Coast is a unit today. Two former Top Prospect competitors in Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni decided to let their friendship fuel a potentially successful tag team. For months Ali & LSG struggled to pick up that much-needed major victory; failing time & time again against talent both high & low on the card. But things finally turned around for CTC as they took the opportunity of a lifetime and actually succeeded against former ROH World Tag Team champions War Machine on ROH TV. Since then LSG & Ali have discovered a new level of confidence that have allowed them to pick up several victories – a streak that could continue with them beating another pair of former Tag Team champions. No matter if Coast to Coast fails to win here, this is a chance of a lifetime to showcase their skills and the guarantee that they are the future of the division.

For the fifth consecutive year, the stars of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling will do battle with and against one another on the War of the Worlds Tour in Lowell (5/9), Toronto (5/11), Royal Oak (5/12), and Chicago (5/13)! The ROH World Championship will be on the line when Dalton Castle defends his title against Matt Taven in Lowell!

One match deep into his time as a contracted ROH competitor, Matt Taven found himself destined for greatness as he captured the ROH World Television Championship from future World champion and stablemate Adam Cole. From that moment on Taven made a career for himself that saw him not only become a champion in several divisions in ROH, but also a star in CMLL by feuding with the likes of Ultimo Guerrero and eventually earning the NWA World’s Welterweight Championship. But for all of his successes, Taven has found himself on the losing end of a support system based on respect & recognition in the promotion he calls home. According to Taven and his fellow Kingdom brethren ROH management is out to get them for reasons unknown; though speculated as The Kingdom being the only force powerful enough to stop the moneymaking machine known as The Bullet Club. To rectify this supposed conspiracy, Taven has set forth a goal that will put him in a category reserved for only legends: Grand Slam Champion. Having won the aforementioned TV title, Taven also has the ROH World Tag Team and Six Man Championships to his name as credentials of a bona fide future ROH legend. But in all of his efforts to ensure he’s considered the best by everyone associated with or watching Ring of Honor Taven has come up short – something his opponent can’t say.
Dalton Castle, like Taven, started his ROH tenure as a Top Prospect fighting for a spot on the ROH roster. Unlike Taven, Castle lost in the Top Prospect Tournament’s first round; but his impressive performance earned him future opportunities and eventually made him one of the biggest names associated with the promotion. On his journey toward World champion status, Castle and Taven crossed paths several times including the night that essentially ended The Kingdom’s Six Man Tag title reign. Outside of tag team competition, these two men have only been in the ring once during the finale of the Soaring Eagle Cup last year – a bout won by Castle where he eliminated Taven. Never in ROH have these two competed in a singles environment and to find a bout you’d have to look before their time in ROH. This time last year it felt almost like an impossibility for the ROH World title to change hands during event not considered a pay-per-view. Now, with every show streaming on HonorClub for the world to see anything is a possibility even a Matt Taven World title victory. Though it’s more likely Castle will walk out still the champion, hearing Bobby Cruise state, “…and new…” isn’t out of the question.

The Bullet Club and LIJ battle continues in Lowell as The Young Bucks take on BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi!

This is more about two warring factions colliding again. Since the beginning of 2018, The Young Bucks have become obsessed with the idea of proving themselves as the greatest tag team in wrestling history; weight limits notwithstanding. Nick & Matt Jackson issued their warning to every tag team by announcing their moving up to heavyweight status in New Japan while continuing their usual antics leading to success in companies like ROH. With an opening in the Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team division thanks to The Bucks’ change of goals, former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champions Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI have found a bond in the ring as a duo that has seen great success for the pair thus far including a big win over Flip Gordon & Ryusuke Taguchi during “Honor Rising”. In an attempt to prove they are worthy of the crown held eight times over by defeating, arguably, the greatest Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team of their generation during an event seen across the world. This first-time encounter could be a show stealer if there ever was one with an potential upset occurring when it’s all said & done.

In the first-ever defense in Canada at War of the Worlds: Toronto, “Switchblade” Jay White defends his title against a man who has show the ability to dominate the New Zealander, Punishment Martinez!

Damien “Punishment” Martinez made his ROH debut two years ago during the annual Top Prospect Tournament, establishing himself as a force that is big enough to be a powerhouse while having the agility of a cruiserweight. The master of the “South of Heaven” choke slam has broken through the pack during the early portion of 2017 by taking Hirooki Goto to the limit, winning multi-man matches against men with speed and weight advantages, and even turned on his mentor BJ Whitmer after the pair defeated the former ROH World Tag team champions War Machine. While Martinez has been a source of fear not only thanks to his look, but also his skill set, Jay White has been a source of inspiration for all the “young lions” coming out of New Japan for excursions to the West. For almost nine months, White went undefeated in singles action and never took the fall in tag team or multi-man matches all the while beating some of the best including the then-future ROH World champion Christopher Daniels. After his streak ended, White reasserted himself by fighting some of the best the world has to offer starting with Martinez. During “Masters of the Craft” last year, Martinez & White met and Jay overcame the big man much to Martinez’s disappointment – and like many men, disappointment caused anger in “Punishment”. That anger came forth just moments after White failed to overcome Will Ospreay in a show stealer of a match during “War of the World: New York” when Martinez attacked both men.
It was a given that White and Martinez would eventually meet again in a match – one that occurred during a ROH TV taping where White used the leverage of a roll up to pick up another win before Martinez laid waste of him in a post-match thrashing and, most recently, in a barbaric Las Vegas Street Fight at last year’s “Death Before Dishonor” in which Martinez attained victory. It was the end of their feud, but they were permanently scarred by their actions. Those scars turned into badges of honor that not only changed them as wrestlers, but also helped them grow beyond expectations. Martinez became a perennial ROH title contender after winning last year’s “Survival of the Fittest” tournament while White embraced the darker side of his personality that his feud with Punishment most likely broke free; transforming into “Switchblade” while returning to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Now, for the first time, the IWGP United States title will be defended in Canada between two men who have waged war in the very recent past. Though Martinez has the most recent victory over his rival, that was a completely Jay White than the one who will step into the ring with him in Toronto. This White will do everything in his power to win even if it means injuring his opponent to win. They’ve had great matches in the past and this one should be no different no matter if the title surprisingly changes hands or not.

The action from the War of the Worlds Tour: Chicago stop will be taped for the world to see including a rematch between two of wrestling’s most important stables: The Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll, Adam Page & The Young Bucks) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Himuro Takahashi, BUSHI, EVIL & SANADA)!

They are two of most prominent factions in not only New Japan, but also the entire world as both groups have accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time. This match will feature men who have held the IWGP Heavyweight, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight, IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team, NEVER Openweight Six-Man championships in New Japan, as well as the ROH World, World Tag Team, World Six Man and World Television titles. Add that to the fact there have been multiple non-title clashes featuring variations of each contingent including this very same one last year during ROH’s “War of the Worlds UK” tour. On that night it was Tetsuya Naito pulling out the victory courtesy of Destino on Adam Page. Since that night, LIJ have found themselves growing stronger as a unit while their opponents that evening suffering from quarrels between intended leaders Cody and Kenny Omega that culminated in a clash won by the former ROH World champion. This will be a great test in regards to Cody’s claims that The Bullet Club is fine, if not better than ever under his leadership. Page wants to get be back in New Japan title contention, as does Marty Scurll, the recently upgraded Young Bucks as they enter the Heavyweight Tag Team division, and Cody reasserting himself as a challenger to the IWGP Heavyweight title. Add that to the fact very few units have a grand win over The Bullet Club in a ROH ring and “The Biz Cliz” wants to change that statistic. They had a must-see match less than a year ago and this one should be no different no matter the winner.

Chris Lerusso vs. Colin Delaney

Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana vs. The Addiction

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about the real reason why fans hate Roman Reigns and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/33_Mins_Honor_Nation_Reigning_Hatred.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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