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Worth Your Money? ROH "Field of Honor '16"

By James Bullock Dec 27, 2016 - 11:48 AM print

Following the company’s “Death Before Dishonor XIV” pay-per-view and subsequent TV taping, it was time for the new ROH World champion and Bullet Club member Adam Cole to defend his championship for the first time in his second reign. Just like the inaugural event, Cole will step into the ring with three of the world’s best in hopes of dethroning him almost immediately. But the World title wouldn’t be the only championship on the line, as the IWGP Intercontinental title would see its first defense on American soil, the ROH TV and, potentially, the ROH World Tag Team Championships. It’s time to review ROH’s return to Brooklyn to tell you if ROH’s “Field of Honor” is Worth Your Money!

“Field of Honor”; August 27th, 2016; Brooklyn, NY

Kushida vs. Dalton Castle w/ The Boys
This was a rematch from this year’s “War of the World Tour” that saw the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion take the victory. Castle seemed riled up and ready to showcase his grappling skills against the titleholder. As the crowd chanted, “Fan up!” Castle found himself being outmaneuvered and even outperformed thanks to some hip swiveling and peacock posing. The pace quickened, only for Kushida to run into a pose as well. So Kushida decided he needed to be fanned off. It was a battle of who owned The Boys until Kushida got kicked and tossed onto the field. When Kushida reentered, he informed Castle that he couldn’t see him before landing a dropkick. Scaling the ropes, Kushida got caught with a running knee that put the champion in position for some abuse on the field. The back of Kushida became Castle’s focus. Hitting the ropes, Castle ran into the capo kick.
Falling to the outside, “The Peacock” had to avoid a dive that ended with The Boys getting taken down. Castle reentered the ring, trying to sail through the ropes, but took out his own seconds. This left Castle prone to a somersault plancha that brought the crowd to its feet in support of the New Japan star. Castle had to use the ropes to save himself when the action returned inside to avoid submitting in the cross arm bar. Getting his knees up, Castle stopped a moonsault from connecting. It was time to take the champ to Suplex City, only for Kushida to cut the trip short by connecting with that homerun haymaker. Castle was in a bad position; his arm weakened and Kushida making a comeback. Going for the Hoverboard Lock, Kushida inadvertently put himself in position for the delayed German suplex … to give Castle a near fall!
Castle had the Bang-a-Rang in mind, but Kushida wasn’t having it while looking for the Hoverboard Lock yet again. Castle countered by turning the attack into a cradle. Kicking out, yet not letting go of his grip, Kushida converted the failed pin attempt against his opponent by tying him up with a modified small package to pick up the three count.

ROH World Television Championship: Bobby Fish (c) vs. EVIL
No Code of Honor or even a tie up as EVIL threw the first strike topped by an eye rake-shoulder block combination. Fish fought back, landing a dropkick that allowed him to let off a pair of strikes. EVIL couldn’t counter an early attempt at the heel hook, but the nearness of the ropes helped him not only get free, but also make it to the floor. EVIL got out of Fish’s grip, sending the champ face first into the steel ring post before bashing him with a chair in the abdomen. As if that wasn’t enough, EVIL put the chair around Fish’s head before ramming him into the steel ring post! EVIL, having been reprimanded by the referee, mixed holds and illegal tactics like using the rear chin lock to fish hook the champ’s nose to keep control of this one.
The fans were getting behind the champion as EVIL sent Fish onto the apron. Avoiding a haymaker, Fish cinched in a sleeper to leg sweep his opponent and turn this thing around. Knee after knee allowed Fish to exploder suplex EVIL against the turnbuckles to earn a two count. Firing back with forearms allowed EVIL to gain some distance and prepare the lariat. “The Infamous” countered with a Samoan drop, only to take a belly to back suplex seconds later. Fish, showing great heart, found his way off the mat to execute a dragon screw leg whip. And just when it seemed EVIL was about to go down he stopped another leg whip to hit the fisherman buster. EVIL couldn’t follow up with a lateral press, allowing Fish to get up when the challenger did to initiate a strike exchange. Dragon suplex-lariat combo landed for EVIL … that gave him a near fall!
EVIL followed up with a fireman’s carry bomb, but it didn’t end the match either. Another lariat was EVIL’s plan of attack, only for him to run into a flying elbow. Fish did the deal, executing a falcon arrow topped by the heel hook to attain the submission victory.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Michael Elgin (c) vs. Donovan Dijak
Stern collar & elbow tie up ended in a stalemate and Elgin showcasing his stronger base that allowed him to shoulder block his challenger off of his feet. Prince Nana was not pleased with Elgin’s delayed vertical suplex, let alone the delay almost lasting a minute. Rather than go for the pin immediately, Elgin executed a slingshot splash to earn a two count. Kicking the fighting Dijak in the back of his head, the champion got a running start for something big. The challenger caught him, swinging him around with the release slam that allowed Donovan to perform a twisting senton splash to give him his first two count of this match.
Once again it was the suplex that turned the tides in Elgin’s favor. It seemed like the champion had this one going his way as he clubbed his challenger with forearms and rolling elbows. The delayed superplex from the apron cost “Big Mike” as Dijak not only stopped the attack, he also knocked Elgin in position for a springboard elbow drop that gave him a two count. Giving Elgin a taste of his own medicine, Donovan power bombed the champion for another two count. Fighting through Feast Your Eyes, Elgin was looking for the lariat that connected for “Unbreakable”, as did the Kawada-style power bomb. The fans were behind “Big Mike” as Dijak kicked out and fought through he Elgin Bomb Combo to execute a sit-out power bomb that allowed him to put Elgin’s shoulders to the mat for two seconds. Dey was a clubberin’ when dey got to a knee, Tony! A trio of big boots including a discus version gave Dijak the chance to hit his choke slam backbreaker that was topped by a moonsault … to give him a near fall!
Rolling onto the apron as the fans chanted in his favor, “Unbreakable” was met with clubbing forearms before Donovan got a running start for something. Elgin stopped him with the Death Valley driver on the apron. With Dijak reentering the ring and Elgin on the climb, Prince Nana jumped onto the apron. The minor distraction to Elgin allowed Dijak to slam the champ off the top rope. But Elgin refused to go down that easily as Donovan scaled the ropes himself. Grabbing the climbing challenger from behind, Elgin was able to German superplex Dijak across the ring. As if that wasn’t enough, the champion unleashed his Elgin Bomb Combo to put Dijak’s shoulders to the mat for the three count.

(Gauntlet Match): Toru Yano & Gedo vs. Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali
The winning teams would earn an immediate title match. The CHAOS contingent of Yano & Gedo was all kinds of fired up and disrespectful as the match began. Ali wanted no parts of the fun, clubbing Yano from behind before Gedo took Shaheem to the floor to claw him in the eyes. As the referee tried to restore some order, Yano removed the top turnbuckle pad to illegally assault the temporarily blinded Ali. Catching the incoming Gedo, Ali slammed his way to a tag. LSG came off the ropes, connecting with the springboard elbow that was topped by a rolling clothesline. Yano saved his partner, as did Shaheem when the New Japan stars tried to double team Leon. The double team action picked up, almost concluding this one with Shaheem splashing his opponent for a LSG pin attempt. But Yano had other plans in mind, executing the low blow as Ali was pulled to the floor. LSG couldn’t stop the cradle or the three count.

(Gauntlet Match): Toru Yano & Gedo vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara w/ Joey Daddiego
Apparently the ROH Dojo grads have now formed a trio as Daddiego just so happened to be in Cheeseburger & Ferrara’s corner. Like the team just eliminated, Ferrara & Cheeseburger took the fight to Yano to stop his antics. Gedo’s interference didn’t end well, causing them to take a powder. It turned out to be a diversion as they beat Cheeseburger & Ferrara on the field. Order was finally restored and Cheeseburger found himself on the wrong part of town. Kicking & punching, Cheeseburger rolled his way to a tag. Ferrara came careening off the ropes to plant Gedo with the downward spiral. Yano and Gedo’s ability to distract the referee and low blow opponents helped them as the double low blow from Yano dropped both opponents and gave Gedo the chance to super kick and pin Cheeseburger.

(Gauntlet Match): Toru Yano & Gedo vs. The All Night Express
No Code of Honor from The Cabinet members, but a lot of right hands. Yano stopped short on the Irish whip, sending Titus to floor and King into a right hand from Gedo. All four men were a clubberin’ until Titus dropkicked Gedo into King’s Royal Flush for the quick victory.

(Gauntlet Match): The All Night Express vs. War Machine
And dey was a clubberin’ immediately, Tony! War Machine dropped their opponents with ease until Titus avoided the double team slam. Blind tag from King saw him drop Ray Rowe with the clothesline after Rowe couldn’t slam his own partner across the missing Rhett. As if that wasn’t enough, Titus whipped Ray into King’s spin kick that almost dropped him on his head. Avoiding a counterstrike, King executed the spine buster. A double team attempt failed for The ANX, resulting in a Superman punch that allowed Rowe to tag out. Never-ending was the plan as Hanson just kept clotheslining his cornered opponents. Placing both men on the top rope, Hanson hammered his opposition until they were in position for a pair of broncobusters, both standing and in the corner. Titus got drilled, but King moved at the last second. King wanted to spring off the top rope, but slipped and busted his knee hard. King fought through the pain, only to get caught in position for the Fallout and the subsequent three count.

(Gauntlet Match): War Machine vs. The Briscoes
The fans were going wild for Dem Boys. For the first time in this Gauntlet series, the Code of Honor was followed and a brawl on the filed broke out. Mark was the first to fall onto the turf, but also the first man to reenter the ring alongside Rowe. Superman punch connected for Rowe against Mark, as did some snake eyes action across the apron. Hanson and Jay Briscoe found themselves doing battle in the ring soon after, only to end up outside yet again when Jay caught his opponent with the cactus clothesline. Big suplex on the field by Jay on Hanson was topped by Rowe executing a backbreaker on the apron to Mark. Rowe went to help his partner, slamming Hanson across Jay’s prone body after giving Jay a body slam.
It was Mark and Hanson squaring off as the now legal men in the ring, resulting in a big boot from Hanson to stop the redneck kung fu. Hanson found Mark on the field, so he dove on top of him courtesy of a tope. With the fans split, Rowe and Jay took the fight to the ring where they traded the hardest of forearms, big boots and head-butts. Hanson had to save his partner, taking Jay down with the cartwheel clothesline. Uranage by Mark on Hanson didn’t allow The Briscoes to turn this match around as Rowe kneed Mark in position for Hanson’s springboard clothesline that ended with Mark taking a German suplex from Rowe. Kicking Rowe in the mouth, Jay knocked Rowe down after Mark countered the Fallout by landing an enzuguri on Hanson after “War Beard” scaled the ropes. Rowe couldn’t avoid Froggy Bow or the three count that followed.

ROH World Tag Team Championship (Gauntlet Match): The Addiction (c) vs. The Briscoes
The champions ran to ringside, clobbering their challengers from behind. Dem Boys fought through the sneak attack, sending Christopher Daniels to the floor so they could isolate Frankie Kazarian. Yanking Mark to the floor, Daniels set up a double team that turned out to be a modified version of Total Elimination. Forearming his way to Mark, Jay was clipped from behind by an interfering Daniels. They were stomping a mudhole into the former ROH World champion, nor did Daniels’ caperana. The fans rallied behind Jay and gave him the will to fight through a clothesline that saw Mark tag in to unleash strikes just like his brother. Pitching both champions to the floor, “The Sussex County Chicken” executed a moonsault to take out his opponents. Daniels found himself stuck with Mark in the ring, feeling the Delaware’s Edge double team … that gave Mark a two count thanks to Kazarian’s interference!
Kazarian dove in, spiking Jay with that slingshot DDT. Jay recovered, stopping Celebrity Rehab soon after to hit the Jay Driller on Daniels to set up the Froggy Bow … that gave Mark another near fall due to Kazarian pulling the referee out of the ring!
Suddenly, The Young Bucks came to the ring to super kick Kazarian. “The Heavy Metal Rebel” ducked, causing them to hit the referee. The Briscoes joined The Bucks to quadruple super kick Kazarian. Daniels decided to end this union by shoving Mark into The Bucks. The Buck responded with a super kick to Mark. Jay double clotheslined The Bucks just as another referee was coming out. Pitching Jay to the floor, Daniels & Kazarian utilized Celebrity Rehab to pin Mark to a loud chorus of boos.

The Bullet Club (Young Bucks, Adam Page & Yujiro Takahashi) vs. Motor City Machine Guns, Lio Rush & ACH
It was Matt Jackson and Lio Rush starting this one off with the crowd solidly behind The Bullet Club. When it seemed the initial tie up was going in Rush’s favor, Matt used a “too sweet” eye poke to stun the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament winner. But Lio fired back, dropkicking not only Matt, but also his interfering brother. Adam Page and Chris Sabin tagged in and tried to prove who was the immovable object in this battle. Sabin won the battle, knocking down Page before tagging out to Alex Shelley. Nick Jackson made himself the legal man, but found himself on the wrong part of town for a triple time that saw the Guns holding him in position for a double stomp from Rush while ACH had his feet up underneath the descending Jackson for another stomp after the initial collision. Quadruple team dropkick on Nick gave the fans something else to voice their “awe” about. Takahashi had gotten sick of this, knocking all of his opponents to the field so Page and Matt could double team super kick ACH while Nick somersaulted over the top to wipe out his remaining opponents to the crowd’s enjoyment. Rush was forced into the legal man position, feeling a Young Bucks double team power bomb-enzuguri combo.
Rush eventually fought his way out of the Bullet Club’s corner, only to be slammed against the mat face first by Page. Nick had some fun with the situation by feigning a running attack to “too sweet” eye poke Rush. Matt topped his brother’s actions with some “suck it” punches. Rush made Matt pay for his fooling around when Lio started throwing strikes before causing some miscommunication collisions between his opponents prior to tagging out to ACH. And ACH was fired up, taking out all four opponents, doing matrix-like rolls to avoid attacks, and even executing the lumbar check! The Bucks felt the double team offense of the Guns as Rush did some dives to the outside. Page was alone, getting kicked in the face until Takahashi saved him. Unfortunately for Yujiro, he couldn’t save himself from the Guns’ double team attack. Nick ran in, throwing super kicks. Matt joined his brother, unable to hit Rush until Lio made his way onto the apron for something. Rush joined the Guns and Page on the field, being taken down by a flying Nick and ACH. The Bullet Club just ran roughshod from there as Page countered a flying Sabin with the super kick to put him in position for the Rite of Passage. Before dropping Sabin on his head, Page held him upside down long enough for The Bucks to double super kick Chris into the maneuver for added effect and the subsequent three count.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Katsuyori Shibata
Bobby Fish joined the commentators to watch his partner and friend take on a man he bested the week prior. The early grappling exchange soon devolved into a brawl where O’Reilly was able to use some ground & pound to set up an early attempt at the Armageddon arm bar. Shibata easily countered, resulting in a stalemate that was soon broken when Katsuyori landed his first kick of the match aimed at Kyle’s back. Shibata’s reverse triangle choke didn’t end in victory for him, but did allow Shibata to focus on the previously injured left shoulder of his opponent. O’Reilly fired himself up, executing the Killer Kick Combo to set up the suplex into a knee bar. O’Reilly wanted to chop Shibata down, but “The Wrestler” was motioning that he wasn’t mentally, let alone physically rattled by Kyle’s strikes. Firing back with kicks of his own, Shibata was able to kick Kyle in position for a dropkick in the corner that was topped by the suplex Katsuyori converted into an arm bar. O’Reilly not only refused to give up, he was using the nearness of the ropes to save himself.
Things started transforming from a grappling contest into strike exchange. Avoiding a haymaker kick, O’Reilly was able to cinch in a standing arm triangle. While the submission didn’t end this one, it did weaken Shibata’s base enough for Kyle to unleash some stunning kicks. Kyle’s penchant for striking got the better of him as he was not only put in the sleeper, but also took a pair of German suplexes that put both men down and had the crowd chanting, “R-O-H!” and “This is awesome!” O’Reilly and Shibata were going for the knockout blow, and it seemed O’Reilly succeeded with the brain buster topped by the PK and another brain buster … that only gave him a near fall!
O’Reilly converted the kick out into an omoplata, but Shibata refused to submit. The referee had not choice but to stop the match to avoid Katsuyori from getting his arm broken as Kyle hyper-extended the arm to the point of severe damage. The crowd seemed underwhelmed by the end.

ROH World Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
Cole and Naito refused to start this one off with Lethal or Tanahashi, so the fan favorite challengers tagged in their unwilling opponents so they could fight each other. It was more about who had the better catchphrase and posing abilities than wrestling in the early onset of this one. The opponents tagged out, allowing Tanahashi and Lethal lock up. It was noting but clean action from the two, though Tanahashi was having some fun playing his air guitar. Lethal took a chance to hit Cole, then Naito off the Irish whip prior to dropkicking Tanahashi to the field. This gave the former World champion a chance to dive on all of his opponents on three different sides of the ring. Lethal put Tanahashi in the figure four leg lock when the action returned inside, causing Cole to come in and break up the submission. Lethal slapped the champ when he left the ring, with the referee claiming it was a tag. Cole and Tanahashi clashed, with the latter putting the champion in a rear chin lock. Naito took his chance, tagging himself in courtesy of Tanahashi. Cole fought through Tetsuya’s methodical offense, hitting that over-the-knee neck breaker for the first near fall of this one. Setting up the super kick, Cole got blind tagged by Lethal; angering the champ to the point he knocked Jay off the apron.
Naito took advantage of Cole’s underhanded attack, dropkicking Lethal and isolating Jay on the wrong part of town. Knocking Tanahashi off the apron, Naito set up a super kick on Lethal from Cole. Lethal ducked, only for Naito to stop the strike from hitting him. Holding Cole’s leg, Naito inadvertently left the champ open to a Lethal super kick that was topped by Jay knocking Tetsuya down. Tanahashi tagged in and became a house of fire with his offense including a senton splash on Naito and Cole after slamming them on top of each other. Cole was down and prone to High Fly Flow when Naito shook the ropes. Tanahashi collapsed to the field as Naito hit the pumphandle sidewalk slam to gain a two count. Lethal tagged himself in when Cole elbowed his way out of Naito’s grip, blocking the Panama Sunrise by Cole to hit the ace crusher … to earn a near fall thanks to his other challengers breaking up the pin!
A pair of kicks from Lethal downed Tanahashi, only for Jay to feel Naito’s tornado DDT. When Tetsuya got to a knee, Cole came off the ropes to drill him with the shining wizard. Cole couldn’t avoid Hiroshi’s slingblade clothesline to put everyone down. Naito and Lethal were the first two up, with Tetsuya setting up the superplex. Cole stopped it by super kicking the back of Naito’s leg. The champ and Lethal were a clubberin’ on da top, only for Lethal to knock Cole down for Hail to the King. Cole moved as Tanahashi came off the top with High Fly Flow. Lethal Injection on Tanahashi was the precursor to Lethal going for his finisher on Cole. The champ grabbed the referee as Naito cracked Lethal in the back with the World title belt. When Naito threw the belt down in hopes of grabbing Lethal, Cole super kicked Naito onto his head. Lethal was stunned and easy prey for Cole’s Last Shot and the subsequent three count.

Is It Worth Your Money: ROH’s return to the MCU Ballpark is an interesting one in terms of a review as every match other than the Gauntlet series and the opener were shown on ROH TV about a month after the show concluded. But thanks to the power of editing, matches like the IC title bout and O’Reilly-Shibata were greatly hindered and came across a lot better here than on TV; making the overall event better as there were more standout matches than what was perceived when the matches aired for free. But that doesn’t take away from the fact a good amount of what makes up this show is something you’ve seen if you keep up with ROH TV. This is, easily, the best all-around “Field of Honor” event ROH (and New Japan) has produced since its inception two years ago, but the overall quality will vary depending on your viewing habit. For those who haven’t seen the special episodes, this is a treat and deserving of your time. If you’re on the opposite end of the viewership spectrum this is still a recommended buy in the near future. Overall –
ROH “Field of Honor 2016” is Worth Your Money.

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