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Worth Your Money? ROH "Glory By Honor XV: Night 1"

By James Bullock Jan 8, 2017 - 4:41 PM print

For the first time since the company’s controversial “Global Wars” pay-per-view, Ring of Honor returned to Chicago Ridge for the first of two nights of “Glory By Honor” action. With “Final Battle” and an upcoming TV in Baltimore looming, it was the perfect time to reunite reDRagon for a battle against their rivals and Bullet Club members ROH World champion Adam Cole & Adam Page. But there’s a chance anarchy could overtake this card. It’s time to review ROH’s “Glory By Honor XV: Night 1” and find out if it’s Worth Your Money!

“Glory By Honor XV: Night 1”; October 14th, 2016; Chicago, IL

Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara vs. The Tempura Boyz
It was Sho and Ferrara starting his one off as Yo nonchalantly watched with his left leg resting on the top rope. Yo’s apparent stretching was a precursor to his partner tagging out as Cheeseburger became the legal man. No amount of stretching could stop Cheeseburger showcasing his agility including a springboard cross body block and a modified version of Poetry in Motion featuring a cheesy elbow drop. The fans were behind ‘Burger, but it was Yo able to take the momentum by sweeping his opposition into a neck breaker. The Boyz were in complete control, unleashing The Kings of Wrestling’s old finisher that gave them a near fall thanks to Ferrara’s interference. Utilizing the enzuguri, Cheeseburger thought he could tag out when Sho ran and tripped Ferrara off the apron. But Will recovered just in time for Cheeseburger to avoid another double team that allowed ‘Burger to tag out. Ferrara was a house of fire, spiking Sho on his head with the tornado DDT before Cheeseburger took the fight to both opponents. Sadly for Cheeseburger, he was kicked and slammed into a German suplex. Things were breaking down as Ferrara almost killed himself trying to execute a tope on Yo. Cheeseburger, on the other hand, kept it simple, connected with the Shotei palm strike on Sho to pick up the three count for his team.

Donovan Dijak w/ Prince Nana vs. Beer City Bruiser w/ Silas Young vs. Damian Martinez w/ BJ Whitmer
No one but Dijak wanted any parts of the Code of Honor, leading to a three-way shoulder block exchange. BCB was the first to take a fall when he double discus big booted. Dey was a clubberin’ until Martinez inadvertently leapt into a flying forearm. Dijak looked to follow up, only to feel the pounce from BCB. Before Bruiser could follow up, Donovan executed a springboard superman punch. Martinez grabbed a hurting Donovan, looking for that sit-out chokeslam when Dijak flipped out of the goozle to use his chokeslam backbreaker. Smartly, Martinez rolled to the floor after kicking out of Dijak’s follow up pin attempt. Dijak followed, leading to another chokeslam battle that was halted by Bruiser somersaulting off the apron to down both opponents. Dijak and Martinez were the first to reenter thanks to Donovan slamming BCB against the barricades. Dijak ran into a leaping stomp from Martinez that was topped by “Punishment” sailing over the top rope to down BCB on the floor! Dijak, fired up, somersaulted off the top rope to down both of his opponents on the floor. Rolling BCB back in, Dijak was looking for something off the top when Martinez grabbed him by the throat again. BCB got up, power bombing Dijak while Donovan yanked Martinez off the top for a tower of doom. As if that wasn’t enough, BCB executed the frog splash to almost crush Dijak … to earn a near fall due to Martinez’s interference!
Martinez decided to fly again, putting Bruiser on his back with the flying spinning heel kick. It was down to Martinez and Dijak again as they battled over the chokeslam. BCB, staggered, walked into a double team chokeslam so the taller men could restart their battle. BCB was stuck underneath both battling opponents as Dijak went for Feast Your Eyes. Bruiser grabbed Dijak’s kneeing leg to stop the maneuver, only for Martinez to hoist the stunned Donovan and chokeslam him atop a prone BCB. Bruiser recovered, blocking the power bomb to suplex sidewalk slam Martinez in position for not one, but three banzai drops. Taking too much time positioning himself for the fourth, BCB was yanked into Feast Your Eyes by a reentering Dijak to put Bruiser’s lights out and pick up the three count to a thunderous ovation.

ROH World Tag Team champion Nick Jackson vs. ACH vs. Angel de Oro vs. Kamaitachi
The incredibly fast opening, lucha-infused sequence featuring de Oro and Kamaitachi transformed into a knife-edge chop exchange. Kamaitachi ran through his opponent soon after, only to be dropkicked out of the ring. Nick Jackson mocked the lucha stars, arm dragging Angel out of the ring. Forgetting there was a fourth man, the Tag Team champion felt a head scissors from ACH. Kamaitachi reentered, only to be dropkicked to the floor again. When Kamaitachi got up, ACH came running off the apron to kick him in the chest. Nick paid ACH back with the first super kick of the bout. As if that wasn’t enough to get the fans on their feet, Nick slung himself over the top rope to hit Angel with the face buster before slipping through the ropes and utilizing an asai moonsault on his ringside-rising opponents. Ode to Brother Nero followed from Nick as he hit the Swanton Bomb on Angel.
With the fans chanting, “Delete!” Nick accentuated the word with a crotch chop. Angel recovered during this moment, diving on ACH & Kamaitachi. Nick followed, only for Kamaitachi to move and position himself atop the ropes to senton splash everyone. Rolling the champ in didn’t end well for Kamaitachi as he was super kicked. Nick and ACH were both thinking super kicks, only to get their legs entangled and super kicked by their opponents. Nick and ACH were back dropped to the floor by their opponents – giving Angel the chance to somersault over the top rope to put Kamaitachi, ACH and Nick Jackson on their backs. Things were breaking down even more as ACH unleashed a flurry of offense on everyone that he intended end the match with his Midnight Star on Kamaitachi. Avoiding the attack, Kamaitachi spun ACH out of a slam and lost his grip. ACH got spiked on his head and knocked out. Kamaitachi just so happened to land atop ACH and picked up a surprising and rather unceremonious pin fall.

Jay Briscoe vs. Dalton Castle
“The Peacock” showcased his strength quickly by hoisting his opponent and rushing him against the turnbuckles. Hearing, “Briscoe’s gonna kill you!” caused Castle to bend himself backwards. Briscoe, impressed with the display, didn’t lose focus and simply kicked Dalton in an early attempt at the Jay Driller. Castle used the ropes to save himself and send Jay to the floor for a dive feign. Once again, Jay easily kicked his way to an advantage before pitching Castle to the floor for a successful tope and a boisterous, “Man up!” chant. The pace quickened so Briscoe’s strikes could hit a little harder including head-butts and running kicks. Slipping behind a haymaker, Castle not only slammed Briscoe courtesy of the waist lock, he also running splashed him four times for an unsuccessful pin. Rallying to his feet, the former World champion unleashed those Delaware jabs and another big boot. For the first time, the fans were starting to get behind Castle fully – giving him the will to avoid another attack on the floor before landing a row of knee strikes including a running version off the apron. Castle took too much time following Briscoe into the ring, feeling an impressive hurricarana topped by the rolling elbow-back drop driver combo … that gave Jay a near fall!
Once again the action spilled to the floor where Briscoe took over while whipping his opponent against the barricades including a groin-first shot. Castle recovered thanks to a grabbing of the nearby barricade, slipping around Briscoe yet again to execute that 619 head scissors. Castle hastily followed with the tope on the floor and a uranage suplex in the ring. Briscoe took a few suplexes, but fired back with strikes including the super kick. Shoving Castle backwards gave Briscoe the chance to block the Bang-a-Rang, smash Castle in the mouth with a forearm and hook him for the Jay Driller. Briscoe dropped Castle on his head, picking up the subsequent three count.

Motor City Machine Guns & Jay White vs. The Cabinet
Of course The Cabinet protested the Code of Honor by taking a kneel. With the crowd behind his opponent, Kenny King tried to run through Jay White early. Picking up the pace, White ducked a clothesline to come off with the forearm. White, finding great success in the flying forearm, White hit the strike both in the ring and out. Rhett Titus became the legal man as Alex Shelley tagged in as well. And like White, Alex had to survive a body colliding into his own; looking to use his speed advantage to down Titus. Muscling Shelley into the wrong part of town, Titus led the charge for Coleman’s offensive strikes to both Shelley and Chris Sabin when the latter tagged in. Big clothesline from Sabin had Coleman’s eyes bulging. Matters were made even worse for Coleman when he got spread eagle against the ring post, double team slammed and dropkicked square between the eyes. The MCMG & White were actually having fun triple teaming Coleman. Titus & King decided to intervene and pull their partner to the floor. Unfortunately for The Cabinet, this gave their opponents a chance to dive on everyone to a big ovation.
White’s inexperience cost him as he tried to get the fans’ adulation by mounting Coleman for some mounted punches in the corner. Titus ran across the apron, providing the distraction so Coleman could snake eye White. On the wrong part of town was White as he felt the trifecta of springboard attacks from his opponents. Even a DDT from White couldn’t save him, but some misdirection did as he flipped out of a double team belly to back suplex that allowed him to tag out to Sabin. Kicking off King, Sabin spiked Titus with the DDT before allowing Shelley to dive off the top to down both men courtesy of a cross body block. The fans were solidly behind White and Sabin as they set up a decapitation knee drop from Shelley. King & Coleman made the save, helping Titus decimate White and give Caprice the chance to hit the Sky Splitter on Jay … to earn a near fall thanks to the interference of Sabin & Shelley!

Things were breaking down, culminating in Titus running into the Motor City Special double team combination. Coleman was alone to take a series of kicks from the Machine Guns topped by White’s Kiwi Crusher. White made the cover, picking up the three count for his team.
But The Cabinet wasn’t done – attacking their victorious opponents from behind and laying them out before taking a kneel on the pile of bodies.

Colt Cabana vs. Mark Briscoe
Though Kevin Kelly reminded everyone of the problems these two men had recently on ROH TV, the opening minutes of this one proved to be rooted in light-heartedness including a crane kick standoff and both men opting to not toss the other over the top with a hip toss. Cabana was the first to get a little insulting with his actions before setting up some of that World of Sport, British style of slip and move. Colt got predictable, getting Uncle Mule Kicked in short order. Placing Cabana on the top rope ended with Mark northern lights superplexing his opponent for two count. Simple kicks and stomps became the strategy of “The Sussex County Chicken”. Colt chopped his way off the mat, coming off the ropes with a big clothesline. Sending shockwaves of pain throughout his body with the Bionic Elbow, Cabana almost splashed his way to victory as the fans rallied behind the hometown boy. Flipping out a back body drop, Mark showcased a little redneck kung fu that actually had the crowd chanting, “Man up!”
Dropkicking Cabana on the floor and rolling him back in, Mark wanted to finish this one off. Instead, Mark jumped into a right hand to the breadbasket. Mark stumbled to his feet, getting swept in position for the Billy Goat’s Curse. Briscoe was aware enough to make it to the ropes, forcing Cabana to pick Mark up. Briscoe countered whatever Colt had in mind via a fisherman buster. Both men were worn as Briscoe made a climb, only to be grabbed and dropped with the Chicago Skyline. Colt quickly made the cover, pinning his fellow former World Tag Team champion.

ROH World Tag Team champion Matt Jackson vs. Jay Lethal
The champ decided to not wait for Lethal to even enter the ring by super kicking him in the back. Barely able to rise, Lethal was dropped yet again by a kick topped by the plancha. Rolling Lethal back in proved to be detrimental as the former World champion hastily kicked Matt back to ringside for not one, but two topes. On the third attempt, Mat slipped in to super kick the running opponent yet again. Jackson followed up with that springboard diamond dust as well as a victory roll face buster … to earn a near fall!
Superplex attempt was blocked by Lethal, putting Matt in prime position for Hail to the King. Matt got his boot up, but Lethal was ready as he landed on his feet. Lethal Combination followed. Lethal quickly climbed the ropes, executing Hail to the King … to gain a near fall!
Kicks and punches were the set up for Lethal Injection, but Jackson was ready. Matt threw the super kick, only to hit the referee! A stunned Lethal was wide open for not only a low blow from Matt, but also stereo super kicks from the interfering Nick Jackson. Before The Bucks could utilize the Meltzer Driver, The Addiction ran out to attack Nick and inadvertently help Jay pin the champ after a Lethal Injection when the referee regained consciousness.
The Addiction took a chance to address the crowd, stating that they were not medically cleared to wrestle and haven’t even been notified as to when they’ll get a title rematch. The Bucks snuck in, super kicking The Addiction … to start an impromptu Tag Team title match!

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Addiction
Dey was a clubberin’ on the floor after The Addiction fell to ringside following stereo super kicks. The Rise of the Terminator didn’t work for The Bucks, or The Addiction as the latter ran into a pair of super kicks and were knocked to the floor in position for Nick’s somersault plancha. The fans were chanting for The Bullet Club as they double team dropkicked both opponents in the ring and out. The Bucks got ahead of themselves, feeling an Arabian moonsault after they attacked Kazarian on the floor. Matt found himself being double teamed for the first time until Daniels dove on Nick. Mocking a downed Matt allowed Daniels to get knocked upside the head as his brother rejoined the fray to execute that rope-assisted Swanton. Nick decided he wanted to remind everyone what happened at “All-Star Extravaganza VIII” by pulling a ladder from underneath the ring, but had to super kick their opponents to stop them from leaving with the ladder. So The Bucks retrieved a table; setting it up by the ring. Daniels saved Kazarian from taking a double team suplex through the table, but not the super kicks. Kazarian was all alone and easy pickings for More Bang For Your Buck when Daniels pulled the referee out of the ring and stopped the Meltzer Driver to help his partner execute the Best Meltzer Ever … to gain a near fall thanks to Nick pulling out the referee!
Nick got up super kicking, but ended up getting caught with Celebrity Rehab … that gave The Addiction a two count!
Daniels called for Nick to be put through the table. Super kicking Daniels, Matt saved his brother and put Kazarian in Nick’s prior position. Daniels pulled a Nick Jackson, stopping a dive that would’ve put his partner through a table; looking to superplex Nick from the top to the floor! Adam Cole and Adam Page ran out to stop the action, shoving Daniels through the table for an Addiction DQ victory!
Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish ran to ringside to kick off the main event!

The Bullet Club (ROH World champion Adam Cole & Adam Page) vs. reDRagon
And just like the prior match, dey was a clubberin’ around ringside in Chicago, Tony! Decapitation knee drop by reDRagon almost took out Page early. Things were turning around for The Bullet Club members when Cole reversed a suplex on the floor. Cole called for a chair, only for Page to get rushed against the barricades by Fish. Using the chair he was about to get bashed with, O’Reilly put Cole in position for the running knee strike off the apron. Page grabbed the chair, cracking O’Reilly in the ribs. Fish brought the fight to Page as “The Hangman” retreated into the ring to officially start the match. The referee stopped Fish’s chair-based intended attack, only for “The Hangman” to low blow Fish from behind as the referee removed the chair from the ring. Blowing kisses between stomps and Irish whips against the turnbuckles, Cole didn’t see Jay Lethal and Silas Young come to the commentators’ table to watch the World champ in action. Lethal insulted Young by saying he’d fight Cole in England, not “The Last Real Man”. Cole & Page had this one in complete control even when it seemed Fish was on the verge of fighting back. The fans rallied behind “The Infamous”, giving the TV champ the energy to suplex Cole into Page before tagging out.
O’Reilly became the legal man, unleashing the Killer Kick Combo before setting up a knee bar. Fighting his way out of the submission and a subsequent brain buster set up, Cole super kicked his way to a tag. Changing direction, Page came off the ropes with the DDT in mind. Flipping out of a belly to back suplex, O’Reilly kneed his way to a tag to Bobby Fish. And “The Infamous” was on fire; almost running through Page with the forearm smash. Rushing Page into the corner, Fish led the charge for the Two-man Smash Machine that was only broken up by Cole. It was Cole and O’Reilly a clubberin’ until the champ felt a little Axe & Smash action. Yanking Fish to the floor, Cole saved his partner from feeling Chasing the Dragon before O’Reilly got super kicked out of midair by Cole. Shooting star press off the apron by Page put Fish in position for not only that slingshot lariat, but also a shining wizard by Cole that cracked his fellow champ in the back of his head. Somehow, Fish kicked out, but was prone to the Rite of Passage. O’Reilly ran in, saving Fish to initiate a dueling fistfight between both teams. All four men were thinking clotheslines and put everyone down.
The World champ was the first to rise, looking to super kick O’Reilly. After getting his strike halted, Cole had to counter a guillotine choke to execute the Last Shot. Bobby Fish and “The Hangman” got up swinging when Fish went for a roundhouse kick. Page ducked, cradling “The Infamous” Fish kicked out, sweeping Page into the knee bar for a submission victory.
And just like the earlier encounter, Page attacked a celebrating Fish from behind to send him careening over the top rope. Lethal slipped into the ring, stopping Cole from cracking O’Reilly in the face with the World title belt as Page and Fish fought through the entrance. Young joined Lethal and O’Reilly to stare down the man who all three might potentially face for the gold.

Is It Worth Your Money: Unlike the last few ROH live events I’ve reviewed this didn’t come out of nowhere to surprise me in its quality to the point I was somewhat in shock as to how this show came together so splendidly. There’s not a single bad match on the card, but it does get a little undesirably rushed by the end as highly anticipated bouts like Lethal-Jackson and the impromptu Tag Team title match just came and went without much to leave a lasting memory. The Triple Threat “hoss” bout and Briscoe-Castle stood out amongst the pack alongside the main event and the six-man tag as the show’s best outings. The Four Corner Survival had all the makings of being something memorable thanks in part to de Oro’s debut, but ACH being dropped on his head quickly put a stop to that match continuing in grand fashion. While one can lament about the high standard that was once set by the “Glory By Honor” name alone being gone, it doesn’t take away from the fact everyone goes out there to put on the best show possible. Unfortunately what came from it was just a good event not meant to advance any storylines, but just provide a bunch of entertaining matches that don’t need to be seen immediately.
ROH “Glory By Honor XV: Night 1” is a Completionist’s Purchase.

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