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Worth Your Money? ROH "Glory By Honor XV: Night 2"

By James Bullock Jan 13, 2017 - 10:19 AM print

What has become something of the norm for what used to be one of ROH’s biggest events of the year, Ring of Honor opted to put together a show once based in grandeur with one of the company’s most interesting match concepts where its four champions (prior to the instituting of a Six-Man Tag Team title) teamed against four “all-stars” in an eight-man tag team elimination match. The match, like the event during its inaugural years, is heralded for being one of the best produced all year in ROH. Will the trend continue? It’s time to find out during this review of ROH’s “Glory By Honor XV: Night 2” as we find out if it’s Worth Your Money!

Glory By Honor XV: Night 2; October 15th, 2015; Dearborn, MI

Donovan Dijak w/ Prince Nana vs. Jay White
The much larger Donovan Dijak tried to big boy his opponent off the Code of Honor and initial collar & elbow tie up. Growing tired of Dijak’s cockiness, White threw the first strike of this one with a dropkick that had the big man stumbling. A pair of dropkicks not only put Dijak on his knees, but also knocked him to the floor in preparation for a diving attack. Showing incredible awareness and strength, Dijak turned into the tope while catching White by the throat to choke slam him across the ring’s edge! The attack was focused on the back of White as Dijak unleashed that backbreaker-release swinging slam combo in hopes of setting up his choke slam backbreaker. Whiter countered the intended maneuver by executing a DDT that gave this match the proverbial reset. White got up swinging, landing a trio of running elbow smashes and European uppercuts. Mocking Dijak’s “Feast Your Eyes” pose, White landed the missile dropkick, but couldn’t hold his opponent down for the three count. The running European uppercut series became predictable and ended with White feeling a discus big boot that almost ended this one. Some striking combinations of his own didn’t help Dijak as he was dropkicked in position for another succession of uppercuts topped by the tope on Donovan as he fell to the floor. Dijak took the tope, but didn’t fall until he was dropkicked against the barricades. Prince Nana was screaming for Dijak to move, but Donovan couldn’t avoid the somersault plancha from the top rope to the floor!
White almost lost his advantage when Prince Nana tried to run interference, leading to a strike exchange in the ring’s middle. Lariat-brain buster combo didn’t help White pick up the three count, but did allow him to cinch in the Rings of Saturn. Dijak’s long legs saved him from tapping out. White, not losing his focus, scaled the ropes for a double stomp. Dijak got his hand up to counter with the choke slam, but White was aware enough to counter and uranage slam him. White couldn’t believe it when Dijak kicked out, finding Nana on the apron. White let the distraction get to him as Dijak hoisted him up from behind for Feast Your Eyes. On the way down, White hooked the incoming knee to cradle Dijak for the flash pin.
White barely got to his feet when a furious Dijak exploded with the big boot. Dijak wanted to cave White’s face in as Nana demanded him to do so, but White was able to high tail it to safety.

The All Night Express w/ Caprice Coleman vs. The Tempura Boyz
Of course Caprice Coleman took the microphone to remind everyone The Cabinet members were protesting the Code of Honor while making wrestling “great again.” Unfortunately their opponents didn’t understand, so King just punched Sho in the mouth. Big dropkick from Sho, but King recovered quickly to stop a tag and attain one of his own. A little double team action from The ANX set up King spin kick to the back of Sho’s head. Titus becoming the legal man almost cost his team, but Kenny was running interference to make sure Yo stayed on the apron (or on the floor after getting knocked off the ring’s edge). Some quick movement, Sho countered the roll up to send King into a Yo enzuguri. Yo landed a beautiful super kick to set up his team’s version of the Swiss Sandwich. King saved his partner from another double team, setting up the Big Dawg Splash from Titus on Yo after landing those shotgun knees that gave Rhett a shocking two count. Since Yo decided to kick out, The ANX decided to execute the One Night Stand for a definitive three count.

Angel de Oro vs. Kamaitachi
Kamaitachi didn’t appreciate the cold welcome, forcing fans to cheer for him before opting not to follow the Code of Honor. It was straight lucha action in the early going featuring quick arm drags, failed pinning combinations and counters galore until de Oro dropkicked Kamaitachi to the floor for a tope following the dive feign. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed for the masked man on the floor! Kamaitachi stopped an asai moonsault, executing a crazy sunset bomb to the floor! Angel seemed to be in bad shape and potentially concussed, but refused to stay down and rolled into the ring where Kamaitachi tried to unmask his opponent. The back of de Oro’s head was thumping off the mat over and over again before Kamaitachi put him in camel clutch that was used to nearly unmask his opponent again. Furious was the referee over Kamaitachi’s actions – giving Angel the chance to recover as Kamaitachi was being reprimanded. Knocking his opponent to the floor, Angel utilized the moonsault press to turn the tides in his favor yet again.
A la Super Crazy, Angel sprung back in with another moonsault topped by the lung blower that gave him a two count. Getting shoved to the floor as he scaled the ropes, Angel couldn’t stop Kamaitachi from diving off the top rope to take him down with the super senton splash. Somehow, de Oro got up first. Kamaitachi reentered the ring, meeting Angel in the air. The arm drag from de Oro gave him the chance to take down Kamaitachi with his version of the Sasuke Special as Kamaitachi rolled to the floor. Both men entered the ring on opposite sides, rushing each other for a series of counters that ended with Angel getting unmasked and yanked into a small package … that gave Kamaitachi a near fall!
Though his face wasn’t seen in full and he kicked out before the three count, the stunning turn of events left de Oro prone to a super kick after redressing himself. Kamaitachi hoisted his staggering opponent into the air to hit his Rainbow Dream driver to put Angel’s shoulders to the mat for those precious three seconds.

Before the next match, Kelly Klein came out to confront ring announcer Scarlett Bordeaux because she felt disrespected by Scarlett the night before when she didn’t announce her as the winner. When Scarlett stood up for herself, Klein popped her in the neck before executing a pair of fall away slams.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser
Silas Young took the microphone to express his joy of seeing another woman be put in her place because she was taking a job from a deserving man – not a stupid Detroit man, though, like Chris Sabin or Alex Shelley. It was Shelley, after declaring his appreciation about being home, locking up with Silas Young and finding himself on the wrong end of an unclean break when they ended up against the ropes. Shelley quickly recovered, showing off his “Macho Man”-like clothesline skills that were topped by his testicular clawing ability. Beer City Bruiser tagged in to save his partner, but the speed of not only Shelley, but also the entering Chris Sabin. Blind tags and double teams put Young & Bruiser on the floor in preparation for a running kick off the apron to Young courtesy of Sabin. It seemed everything was going in order for the MCMG when Sabin’s attempt at some hitting & running saw him run right into springboard clothesline from Young after stopping an illegal attack by BCB. Sabin was on the wrong part of town, getting slapped around, forearmed and having his face meet Bruiser’s backside after a running start. Similar to The Tempura Boyz it was some quick maneuvering that allowed Sabin to turn a roll up into a tag.
Shelley was creating miscommunication scenarios for his opponents and a dive from his own partner as the fans cheered in approval. BCB stopped a sure pin off the double team tornado DDT on Silas before saving Young from a modified version of assisted dominator. Things were breaking down as Sabin was floored while Young executed a slingshot double stomp on Shelley as a way to set up the Bruiser’s frog splash. Shelley moved at the last second, but BCB recovered quickly. Sabin was on his feet, saving his partner and leading the charge for a series of double teams on both opponents topped by Skull & Bones on BCB for the three count.
Shelley grabbed the microphone post-match to announce the he was inside Dearborn right now. After talking about the influence his team has played on the world of professional wrestling over the past decade. But to continue innovating, Shelley declared he wanted to find someone like them ready take over the wrestling world and win all the gold possible. Putting over the quality ROH has produced for the last fourteen years, Shelley declared he was making a pinky promise with the fans to deliver the best pro wrestling on the planet for as long as he can.

BJ Whitmer & Damian Martinez vs. Blake Acumen & Jim Beardsley
Kevin Kelly really spoiled this one by dubbing it a “warm-up match”. Beardsley easily got wiped out by Martinez’s flying forearm smash before Whitmer almost broke Blake’s neck courtesy of a German suplex. Both opponents were just decimating Blake until Whitmer put Acumen on the top rope for something. BJ walking into a hurricarana; allowing Jim to tag in. Unfortunately for Beardsley he felt the wrath of “Punishment” and that sit-out choke slam that ended this one in elementary fashion.
Kevin Kelly decided he wanted to have a word with Whitmer after BJ choked out Acumen. Trying to figure out Whitmer’s recent actions, Kelly enticed BJ to explain that an army of darkness would rise up courtesy of Whitmer in the near future.

Adam Page vs. ACH
Page jumped ACH from behind during his entrance, beating him from one end of ringside to the other. When the action finally entered the ring, Page continued the assault that saw ACH’s intended comebacks be halted by high impact strikes such as the leg lariat. Going for the Rite of Passage too early cost Page as ACH countered, kicking him into the ropes and to the floor. Holding his neck – a neck that could’ve been hurt the night before when Kamaitachi dropped him directly on his head – ACH picked up the pace and actually executed a German suplex to gain the two count. Get Over Here didn’t work for ACH, but the release belly to back suplex did for The Bullet Club’s Page. A fan’s comment directed toward Page angered him enough to make “The Hangman” lose his focus and be swept into a pinning combination. Page kicked out, getting super kicked before he could get off of his knees. ACH was looking for that Midnight Star, but collided with nothing but canvas. Page took advantage of the situation, hitting that slingshot somersault clothesline topped by the Rite of Passage for a shockingly quick victory.

Jay Lethal vs. Frankie Kazarian w/ Christopher Daniels
There was an actual following of the Code of Honor as the fans chanted in approval for Lethal. A quick exchange of holds ended this one in a stalemate; leading to the pace picking up and Kazarian feeling the Lethal Combination II. Sticking to strikes, Lethal tried to soften up the neck of his opponent. Countering the Lethal Combination, Kazarian utilized a neck breaker to turn the tides. Things were going on in the crowd as Kazarian tried to squeeze the head of Lethal for an early submission. When that failed, Frankie stuck with the neck breakers. The fans were still with Lethal, giving him the will to fight back and execute that springboard dropkick after stopping a suplex to the floor. Lethal was feeling it was time for the tope, stopping short the first time to avoid being potentially tripped by Daniels before utilizing his patented dive to great success not once, but twice. Things were getting dirty as fists began flying in the ring. The brawl turned into a pinning combination exchange that resulted in Lethal gaining a near fall before having his jaw cracked courtesy of Kazarian’s bicycle kick. The former World champion recovered, landing an enzuguri topped by the wheelbarrow suplex. Calling for the Lethal Injection didn’t help Jay execute his finisher as he got yanked into a lung blower. Lethal was still on his feet and able to stop swinging side Russian leg sweep by pulling off the Lethal Combination. Kazarian kicking out prompted Lethal to go for Hail to the King. “The Heavy Metal Rebel” stopped the flying attack, yanking his opposition into that slingshot ace crusher … to gain a near fall!
Using some smart maneuvering, Lethal countered an Irish whip by sending Kazarian into the path of the referee. Kazarian shoved the referee out of his way, walking right into the Lethal Injection and the three count.

Champions vs. All Stars: Champions (ROH World champion Adam Cole, ROH World Television champion Bobby Fish & ROH World Tag Team champions The Young Bucks) vs. All Stars (The Briscoes, Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana)
After some words from everyone and Bobby Fish opting to stand really far away from his partners, Dalton Castle kicked this one off by declaring he wanted to take on every champion. A little bit of mouthing and posturing gave this one a slow, but heated start. Adam Cole decided he wanted to be the first representative for the Champions, getting surprised by Castle’s flexibility, as well as his shoulder blocking ability. Castle made the first tag of this bout, bringing in Jay Briscoe for some ground & pound action topped by a dropkick. The former World champion was on fire, pitching Cole to the floor to execute a fast tope that had the All-Stars celebrating and Fish doing the honorable thing by not letting his team retaliate. When the action returned inside, Cole countered the Jay Driller with a neck breaker before tagging in Matt Jackson. Mark Briscoe joined the fray, helping his brother execute a double team before Cole ran in to super kick Mark. The Bullet Club opted to keep Fish out of the match while working over the left arm of “The Sussex County Chicken”. After being mocked for being the odd man out on their team, Fish tagged himself in with the hope of working alongside Matt by dropping a double axe handle on Mark.
Unfortunately for Matt, Fish’s aim was off and he collided with his own partner. “The Infamous” didn’t let the misjudgment affect him, but Mark’s uranage suplex did stun the TV champ before Colt Cabana tagged in to big splash Fish. It was all Castle & Cabana dominating Fish while “Boom Boom” feigned super kicks at his ring apron-standing opponents. When The Briscoes got a hold of Fish, the TV titleholder had the chance to fight back. Stopping a frankensteiner, Fish looked to tag out when his partners jumped off the apron. Fish was stuck fighting all of his opponents by himself to shocking success. Force of habit saw Fish turn a back drop over the top rope into a somersault plancha on his own teammates. Fish reentered the ring, ducking a Jay Briscoe lariat to yank him into a small package for the first pin of the match! Jay Briscoe has been eliminated.
As Fish tried to knock down Mark Briscoe, Jay had a tantrum at ringside about the early elimination. Once again, Fish was on his own and unable to fight off everyone. Mark countered the falcon arrow, rolling up the TV champion for another flash pin elimination.
The Bullet Club rushed the ring, attacking their opponents to start a donnybrook. Flying knee strike off the apron by Castle only set off a chain of super kicks from The Bullet Club. It was time for a little Rise of the Terminator action when Mark Briscoe reentered the ring to dropkick Cole in the back. Mark executed a moonsault from the top rope to drop everyone on the floor including his own teammates. It was Adam Cole on the wrong part of town as Bobby Fish joined the commentators. Just when it seemed Cole’s night was coming to an end, Matt Jackson yanked Castle to the floor to execute the apron power bomb! “The Peacock” was now on the receiving end of the punishment after kicking out of Cole’s pin attempt. The Bullet Club was just mocking the situation Castle was stuck in courtesy of triple teams from his opponents. Ducking a right hand, Castle executed the German suplex to finally tag out.
Mark Briscoe was a house of fire, dropping Matt on his head with the fisherman buster before utilizing that rolling DVD on Cole. Mark was looking for the Froggy Bow when he leapt into a pair of super kicks from The Bucks! Mark couldn’t stop Fatality (the stereo super kicks into Cole’s Last Shot), or the three count.
Cabana & Castle went in guns a blazin’, trying to fight off three men at one time. Shoving Cabana to the floor, The Bullet Club wanted to super kick Castle. Dalton ducked to cause a miscommunication and the chance for him to display his suplex ability. Cabana ran in, punching his opponents, only to be super kicked. Stopping a trio of super kicks, Castle knocked The Bucks to the side before sweeping Cole into the Bang-a-Rang to pin the ROH World champion!
Grabbing the microphone, Castle offered The Young Bucks a chance to make this match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. In a shocking twist, The Bucks accepted the offer (even though Colt seemed a little confused over the decision before giving into Castle’s enthusiasm).

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana
Dey was a clubberin’ in Dearborn, Tony! The challengers’ early offense gave way to The Bucks taking control after Nick sent Castle to the floor for a dive while Matt executed his springboard diamond dust. Matt called for the #SuperKickParty, but had to opt for that rope-assisted Swanton double team. Castle was watching in disgust as his partner was being super kicked into oblivion. Getting predictable, Nick’s super kick was turned into a super kick from Cabana before Colt tagged out to a fired up Castle. Flying knee strike after knee strike from Castle as the champions prone to suplexes. Dalton made a big mistake of tagging in Cabana – who was still hurt from those super kicks. Nick knocked Colt to the floor, but “The Peacock” was able to keep the control in his team’s favor until Colt recovered and turned a German suplex by Castle into a pinning combination. Matt saved his brother, leaving Colt in prime position for a super kick on the top rope. “Boom Boom” countered Nick’s frankensteiner with the Chicago Skyline into Castle’s Bang-a-Rang … that gave Dalton a near fall thanks to Matt’s interference!
Matt got hooked in the Billy Goat’s Curse as Castle followed his partner’s lead. Nick made it to the ropes to save the title for his team, helping his brother pitch Castle to the floor and stereo super kick Colt to counter the caperana. Spinning out of the Bang-a-Rang, Nick sent Castle into the super kick from Matt. Unable to stop Matt from hoisting him off the mat, Castle was spiked on his head courtesy of The Bucks’ Meltzer Driver for the three count in favor of the champions for a successful defense.

Is It Worth Your Money: After a solid, yet only mildly memorable first night of “GBH” action, things seemed to be on the upswing if the opening match of “Night 2” was any indication of what was to come from the rest of the show. Unfortunately, White-Dijak set the standard surprisingly high that wasn’t matched for quite a while as the show progressed and produced TV quality bouts and even a couple of shockingly disappointing outings (pretty much every tag bout before the main event in regards to the prior, and Page-ACH when referencing the latter). But like a lot of the shows based around the concept of “Champions vs. All-Stars”, this one could’ve been a one-match event. While very good, this year’s iteration lacked the same type of heat and length that made its predecessors fantastic. There were some great moments in the match including Bobby Fish being the odd man out, Jay Briscoe’s early elimination, and Castle pinning Cole, but it seemed all for naught as it never got a true conclusion and it appeared ROH hot-shot a title match that could’ve been used to boost a later show (or the then-upcoming TV taping). Thankfully the Tag title match had the fans roaring and was the best bout of the show Like the night before, this show is a good one worthy of being seen eventually, but nothing you need to break the bank to witness immediately.
ROH “Glory By Honor XV: Night 2” is a Completionist’s Purchase.

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