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Worth Your Money? ROH "Manhattan Mayhem VI"

By James Bullock Oct 11, 2017 - 7:36 AM print

After returning to the Hammerstein Ballroom for the first time in over two years, Ring of Honor ended 2016 in historic fashion. On the proverbial eve of the company’s “15th Anniversary” pay-per-view, ROH returned to the site of classic matches, World title changes, and historic debuts & returns respectively under the banner of a show usually synonymous with all of those activities. It’s time to review ROH’s “Manhattan Mayhem VI” to find out if it’s Worth Your Money!

“ Manhattan Mayhem VI”; March 4th, 2017; New York, NY

Christopher Daniels was here with a packed house chanting his moniker. Of course one of ROH’s founding father scheduled to wrestle for the ROH World Championship a week later. Of course Daniels’ promo couldn’t end with him just wrapping it up and leaving because The Kingdom decided to interrupt the segment. Matt Taven, with a microphone in hand, reminded everyone that The Kingdom’s “Purple Reign Tour” began here. Believing Daniels was past his prime in an organization built on young talent, Taven asked for Daniels to retire. Instead, Taven got insulted and TK O’Ryan decided to try to jump “The General” for an impromptu opening contest.

Christopher Daniels vs. Vinny Marseglia
Vinny Marseglia interfered almost immediately as the referee tried to force Taven out of the ring by tripping Daniels. When the stunned former Tag Team champion came off the mat, O’Ryan exploded with a yakuza kick that left Daniels prone to whatever he wanted including some mounted punches. Marseglia got involved again, showing his punching power when Taven jumped onto the apron to distract the referee again. The fans were rallying behind Daniels and giving him the will to fight back as stopped TK’s climb up the ropes with iconoclasm. Daniels followed up with the blue thunder bomb, only for Marseglia to break up the pin while Taven gained the ref’s attention. Ducking a bicycle kick, Daniels caused Vinny to hit his own partner before “The General” knocked Marseglia and Taven to the floor. Catching O’Ryan with the uranage, Daniels put the Six-Man champion down for the three count with his Best Moonsault Ever.

Colt Cabana vs. Dalton Castle w/ The Boys
As much as Cabana didn’t appreciate The Boys being at ringside Castle didn’t like Colt going after his Boys. When they finally collided in the ring, Cabana was stopped by the peacock pose. Colt responded by slapping the taste out of his opponent’s mouth; to which Dalton retaliated by dropping him with the double leg takedown. Cabana tried to leave the ring, but got tossed back in courtesy of The Boys for the first suplex of the evening. Castle wanted to follow up with his 619 hurricarana, but got whipped against the barricades instead. The fans were chanting for Castle, but Cabana had him cornered and choking on Colt’s boot. Using his booty, Colt knocked the wind out of Castle as the fans booed in disapproval. Elbow after elbow from Cabana worked until it got predictable and Castle caught him coming in with the overhead suplex. The pace quickened and Cabana found himself at a disadvantage as he was being kneed over and over again leading up to that dead-lift German suplex. Turning a pinning predicament against Dalton, Colt executed his Flying Apple when Castle kicked out and fell into the corner. As if that wasn’t enough, Cabana cinched in the Billy Goat’s Curse. The Boys jumped onto the apron in hopes of fanning Castle to freedom. The strategy worked as Cabana let go off the hold to knock them down. Cabana had to attack The Boys again when they saved Castle from the Chicago Skyline by shoving them off the apron. Cabana, still on the middle rope after letting go of Castle, couldn’t stop himself being yanked into the Bang-a-Rang for a “Peacock” pin fall.

ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt
No Code of Honor before they tied up that saw the challenger actually get the better of “The Villain”. Dutt picked up the pace, landing not one, but two hurricaranas that sent Scurll to the floor for another hurricarana that had the fans going wild. Missing a springboard attack in the ring, Dutt got caught by the arm and almost had his shoulder separated. Rolling to the floor for haven was Dutt, but got kicked in the mouth instead. The focus became Dutt’s left arm and how the champ could twist it in disgusting fashion. Letting Dutt rise proved to be detrimental to Scurll’s success as Sonjay fought back with strikes and pinning combinations. The downward spiral against the middle turnbuckle worked for Sonjay as did the moonsault from inside to the outside on Scurll as the champ tried to leave the ring. Scurll was fighting from behind, taking a hurricarana off the top rope as well as a moonsault press when Scurll kicked out of his follow up pin. Dutt seemed to be breaking out all the big moves including some not of his own including Jimmy Rave’s Greetings from Ghana. Like his challenger, “The Villain” refused to go down easy, countering a suplex with the brain buster … to gain a near fall!
The fans were mixed as they loved the champ, but Dutt was impressing like never before in ROH. The opponents let loose, using the ropes to not only keep them up after taking a big shot, but also propelling to catch their opposition on the rebound. Scurll was the first to get up, setting up for the Chicken Wing, but taking a super kick instead. Dutt quickly executed a standing shooting star press … that gave him a near fall!
Dutt climbed the ropes, using the Aerostar-like splash in hopes of finishing off Scurll. Scurll not only got his knees up, but also caught the staggering Dutt with some finger dislocation action. Dutt rose in pain, witnessing “The Villain” coming his way. Dutt sidestepped the champ, going for a tornado DDT when Scurll had to stop himself from running into the referee. Scurll countered the DDT attempt with the Chicken Wing to gain a submission victory.

Will Ospreay vs. Dragon Lee
Rather than take to the sky immediately, the pair tried to outmaneuver one another on the canvas. But it didn’t take long before the pace quickened and both men were flipping out of maneuver such as the head scissors before landing the superhero pose and following the Code of Honor in a show of mutual respect. Ospreay was the first to land a strike, but it was Lee who proved to be the first to insult his opponent by spitting on him when he felt Will’s knife-edge chop was rather wimpy. Ospreay made Lee pay, kicking him to the floor for a shooting star press off the apron that brought the crowd to its feet. Forearming Lee in position for a running dropkick in the corner didn’t end in a pin for “The Aerial Assassin”. Will decided he wanted to switch up his game plan make the masked man submit, but Lee was having none of that as he came off the ropes with a dropkick topped by the whiplash German suplex that left Ospreay rolling to the floor for haven. Will couldn’t avoid the somersault plancha from Lee – giving the fans a reason to chant for Dragon. Showing incredible strength, Lee executed not one, but two northern lights suplexes to set up the brain buster … that gave Dragon a near fall!
Lee wanted to impress again by jumping over the top rope to hurricarana Ospreay on the floor. Will flipped out of the maneuver, landing on his feet behind Lee. When Lee turned around and rushed Ospreay with the big boot in mind, Will used the apron to flip out of the way and pitched his opposition into the ring. Before Will could follow, Lee kicked him to ringside so he could finally execute that slingshot hurricarana to the floor! The crowd was rightfully going wild as Lee rolled Ospreay into the ring for a dead-lift German suplex that ended in a two count. Trying to whip Ospreay into the ropes cost Lee as Will propelled off the ropes with a spin kick that allowed “The Aerial Assassin” to splash Dragon not once, but twice. Meeting Will on the top rope didn’t help Lee as he was tripped and positioned for that turnbuckle-assisted super kick … that ended in a near fall for Ospreay!
Dey got up a clubberin’ in da Bawlroom, Tony! Lee tried to stop Will’s follow up tilt-a-whirl maneuver, but got sent to the apron and eventually the turnbuckles courtesy of a wheelbarrow suplex. When Ospreay tried to execute another suplex, Lee reversed it to send Ospreay against the turnbuckles upside down. Like Lee earlier, Ospreay met Dragon on the top rope. Lee stopped a potential superplex by putting Ospreay in the tree of woe to execute the Ghetto Stomp … for the two count!
Lee took too much time following up, allowing Ospreay to recover and turn Lee’s attempt at Desnucadora (the suplex bomb) into Stundog Millionaire. Rather than go for the pin, Ospreay went crazy with attacks until he felt Lee was prone to that OsCutter when Lee caught him in midair to put “The Aerial Assassin” down with Desnucadora for the three count. What a match!

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Lio Rush & Jay White
The champs didn’t take kindly to their Super Kick title belts being taken & tossed aside, nor being pitched the floor for stereo dives. Both Nick & Matt were the receiving end of several attacks until a too sweet eye poke on Rush allowed them to turn the tides with a series of double teams that ended with Matt setting up his brother’s springboard dropkick to send White to the floor. Rush recovered, kicking Nick backwards from his apron-standing position; only to be yanked in position for a doomsday super kick! As if that wasn’t enough, the titleholders apron bombed White before doing the same on Rush where Lio landed across both the ring’s edge and his own partner. Reentering the ring, The Bucks gave the appreciative fans some Rise of the Terminator action to wipe out both opponents. It was all Bucks in the ring as White found himself isolated. Ducking a haymaker, White caused Matt to hit his own brother. In a great show of awareness, White continued to avoid strikes from Matt, hit Nick, and stay vertical as Rush slowly made his way to their corner. Going for the tag the first time failed for White thanks to Nick, but not the second as Lio came in like a house of fire, or, more appropriately, a heat-seeking missile after sending his opponents to the floor.
The frog splash missed for Rush, but not a double team cannonball in the corner on both Bucks thanks to an assist from White. Nick took it upon himself bring White & Rush to the #SuperKickParty, actually knocking Lio out of the ring into the clutches of Matt who promptly pitched Rush back onto the apron so he could get super kicked again as the ropes proved to be the only thing holding him up. The Bucks had that doomsday super kick in mind again, but White was there to save his partner, drill Matt and help Rush execute the frog splash … to a gain a near fall!
White got up with a plan in mind: to show The Bucks a real #SuperKickParty. The fans were not pleased as Nick was being super kicked over and over again until Matt ran in to super kick his challengers. Rush was the recipient of a turnbuckle bomb into a cornered White before feeling the Swanton. White saved his partner again, but eventually got sent to the floor and dove on as Matt hooked Rush in prime position for the Meltzer Driver. Rush couldn’t kick out and White couldn’t stop the three count that allowed The Young Bucks to retain.
The lights went out as some piano music started playing. When the lights returned, The Hardys stood in the middle of the ring in front of The Young Bucks. According to Broken Matt, their Expedition For Gold had brought them to the “honorable ring” with a challenge: to fight for the Tag Team title right now!

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Hardys
A “Delete/Suck it” exchange broke out before dey got the clubberin’, Tony! Matt Jackson found himself alone after Jeff dove on Nick at ringside. Poetry in Motion worked wonderfully as did Matt Hardy drumming Matt Jackson’s head with the top turnbuckle. Slipping into the ring, Nick super kicked his brother to freedom from feeling splash mountain. Jeff entered, taking a super kick immediately after going for the head scissors. The fans were going wild as “The Bucks of Youth” tried to finish off Jeff. Instead, the champions felt Whisper in the Wind. Entering was Matt with the intent of deleting the competition, but it was the challengers who were taken to the #SuperKickParty. Scaling opposite ends of the ring with The Hardys in prime position, The Bucks came off the top with stereo 450 splashes … to earn a pair of near falls!
Jeff got up bleeding from the mouth; having to duck, dodged and back body drop his way to a tag so Matt could literally bite his way to an advantage. Side Effect connected for Matt Hardy, but he could immediately follow up thanks to Nick. The turnbuckle bomb into Nick’s kick put out Matt Hardy; only to be topped by the Twist of Fate-Swanton Bomb double team combo … that gave them a near fall thanks to Jeff’s interference!
The champions wanted More Bang For Your Buck on Matt Hardy when Jeff ran across the apron to shove Nick off the top rope. Nick went crashing through the timekeeper’s table to a big ovation only topped by the Twist of Fate on Matt Jackson. The sole Jackson in the ring couldn’t avoid “Brother Nero’s” Swanton Bomb … that gave Jeff Hardy the three count! New champions!
Matt Hardy grabbed the microphone amidst, “F*** TNA!” chants, Matt Hardy stated he & “Brother Nero” were now existing on the honorable plain. To treat the fans, “Brother Nero” sang to the crowd before heading to the back to fix his potentially busted lip.

World title Top Contender Honor Royale: The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Coast to Coast vs. Cheeseburger vs. Will Ferrara vs. Beer City Bruiser vs. War Machine vs. Chris Sabin vs. The Tempura Boyz vs. The Rebellion (Kenny King, Caprice Coleman & Rhett Titus) vs. Damien Martinez vs. Silas Young
This over-the-top rope battle royal saw War Machine dominate early by taking out TK O’Ryan (what a terrible night for him). There was some typical battle royal fighting with tag team partners helping each other throughout. One impressive moment was Rowe stacking five bodies to slam Hanson onto. On the other side of the ring, Young & BCB tossed out Ferrara for the second elimination. In a shocking alliance, Silas & Bruiser joined forces with Cheeseburger temporarily. Capoeira kick from King allowed him to eliminate Leon St. Giovanni before LSG’s partner in Shaheem Ali unceremoniously pitched him over as well. Ali couldn’t stop the Titus dropkick or careening over the top rope for a trio of eliminations. Coleman, who hadn’t entered the ring, helped King add injury to injury by wearing out Ali. Suddenly, LSG somersaulted off the top rope to wipe out everyone on the floor before grabbing Caprice to formally introduce him to the match. In Caprice’s path was none other than “Punishment” Martinez. Rather than run in fear, Coleman tried to shake the fear of God into the big man. Apparently, Coleman believed Martinez was now a Rebellion member ready to strike down everyone. Instead, Martinez tossed Coleman into elimination. Infuriated was Titus, attacking Martinez before his attention was attained by The Tempura Boyz who promptly back dropped him to the floor to get rid of the entire Rebellion.
Sabin was The Boyz’s next target, but got caught between a rock & a hard place as they ran into War Machine. To a chorus of boos, Hanson & Rowe threw Sho & Yo out of the ring for a double elimination. Martinez confronted Hanson, looking to choke slam the big man to the floor. Hanson stopped the attack, dragging Martinez over the top rope for another forced exit. Martinez pulled a Hulk Hogan, helping eliminate someone after being eliminated before choke slamming “War Beard” across the ring’s edge. The alliance between Young & BCB and Cheeseburger imploded when Cheeseburger suddenly didn’t want to triple team someone – in this case Sabin. Ray Rowe saved Cheeseburger from a two-on-one situation, only for a hurt Cheeseburger to hit Rowe with the Shotei to send him flying over the top rope for the full elimination of War Machine. A stunned Cheeseburger turned around, getting grabbed and press slammed to ringside by Young & Bruiser. Thankfully for Cheeseburger, War Machine was there to catch him. Not upset, Rowe & Hanson politely pitched him back into the ring to save him from elimination and allowed Cheeseburger to Lou These press a stunned Bruiser. The fans were going wild as Cheeseburger prepared the Shotei on Young. Instead, Young almost took the intended attacker’s head off with the springboard clothesline to send Cheeseburger flying over the top rope. As BCB & Young celebrated, Sabin snuck up behind them to push them over the top for a double elimination.
It was down to The Kingdom’s Taven & Marseglia and Sabin as the champions wore out the Machine Gun until Sabin caused Vinny to hit his own partner and eventually vice versa. Low blow by Vinny stunned Sabin long enough for Marseglia to start a running assault in the corner. Sabin ducked the flying forearm, trying to back drop Vinny over the top. Taven joined Sabin, sending Marseglia & Sabin into elimination to win this one and earn a future World title shot.

The Bullet Club (Cody, Hangman Page & Frankie Kazarian) vs. The Briscoes & Jay Lethal
Lethal wanted a piece of Cody immediately, but “The American Nightmare” opted to give Kazarian the first strike. Frankie felt the Lethal Combination II, almost getting pinned immediately. Instead of going for another pin attempt, Lethal dove through the ropes to take out Cody at ringside. The Briscoes took the lead, wearing out Page before dey started a clubberin’ at ringside, Tony! Page saved Frankie from taking a Doomsday Device off the stage before Kazarian reentered the ring to fight Lethal again. The strategy didn’t work as Lethal took control and let Mark & Jay showcase their double-teaming ability topped by single, heavy strikes. Kazarian kicked his way to a tag; giving Lethal the chance to legally hit Cody. But Lethal was on the wrong part of town and prone to a double team by Hangman & Cody. Flipping off the fans after the illegal activity, Cody got the crowd riled up & chanting, “Goldust’s better!” Lethal survived the onslaught, catching Page with Lethal Combination before he could tag in Mark Briscoe for a Redneck Kung Fu showcase.
Diving on a retreating Kazarian was Jay as Mark executed the brain buster on Cody. Rolling out of the ring, Cody couldn’t avoid the Lethal tope or the Delaware’s Edge when pitched into the ring. Jay Briscoe wanted a piece of Hangman Page, daring him to hang him right now. With the noose around his neck, Briscoe was lighting Page up until they both caught each other with rolling elbows. It was Lethal and Cody going at it after their partners tagged out; leading to Cody countering Lethal Injection with Cross Rhodes … to gain a near fall!
Cody wanted to use the Doomsday Device to finish off Lethal, but the former World champ was ready and blocked it. But Lethal couldn’t block the slingshot somersault clothesline from Page that set off a chain of moves that culminated with Jay using the superplex on Cody to set up Mark’s Froggy Bow and Lethal’s Hail to the King … that gave them a near fall thanks to Kaz & Page’s interference!
Shoving Lethal to the floor, Cody was able to help his partner in Page hit that running shooting star press off the apron. Bodies were flying to the floor including Cody’s; giving Mark the idea to do the same. Kazarian slipped behind the running Mark, cradling him with a fistful of pants to hold his opponent down for the three count.

ROH World Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs. Bobby Fish
The challenger refused to follow the Code of Honor, but had no problems with trying to corner Cole early. The champ was one step ahead of Fish in every way; avoiding roundhouse kicks, landing shoulder blocks and doing his patented pose. Cole eventually got caught trying to lure Bobby into a test of strength feign for the cheap shot kick. Not only did Fish catch the incoming leg, but he also landed several knees aimed at his opponent’s hamstrings. It was vintage Fish early by landing both the flying forearm smash and his hilo before rushing the champ as he used the ropes to pull himself up. Cole was ready, back dropping and kicking “The Infamous” to ringside for an Irish whip that bounced Fish’s body off the barricades. Cole’s penchant for saying his own name got the better of him as Fish rushed the posing titleholder to slam him against the barricades as well. Ringside proved to be Cole’s best friend as he shoved Fish off the top rope, to the floor when the challenger scaled the ropes. Fish, though hurt, was ready for stereotypical Adam Cole by countering that rear chin lock with the crossface. The champion had enough leverage to free himself and knock Fish down for an offensive front based around Irish whips against the turnbuckles. And, once again, it was Cole posing that cost him as he was caught running and tossed across the ring courtesy of a German suplex.
The challenger was on fire, landing everything from knees to an exploder suplex against the turnbuckles. Adding insult to injury, Fish fish-hooked the champ while setting up the knee stomp off a surfboard attempt. Fish was taking his sweet time making Cole feel the pain of leg kicks, inadvertently giving The Bullet Club member a chance to recover and stop a running attack with the shining wizard. The momentum had greatly changed in Cole’s favor, giving him the belief he could execute the Panama Sunrise. Fish stopped the modified Canadian Destroyer by Alabama slamming Cole into the turnbuckles. Adam Cole was out of it, but still have enough to kick out of the pin following the falcon arrow. When Cole kicked out, Fish converted the failed pin into a cross arm bar. Unlike the last time Cole was trapped in the hold in the Hammerstein, Cole made it to the ropes to save himself. “The Infamous” got up with the flying head-butt in mind, but flew directly into a super kick! Unfortunately for Cole, his leg gave him too much trouble to allow him to follow up immediately. The fans were split down the middle as Cole – who was unsuccessful with the pin – placed Fish on the top for a super Panama Sunrise. Bobby countered, doing the deal with a super falcon arrow … to earn a near fall!
Both got up thinking kicks, with a trio of super kicks countering the challenger’s roundhouse kick aimed at the champ’s head being enough to put Fish in a prone position … or so Cole thought as “The Infamous” swept the champ into the heel hook. Cole clawed his way to the ropes, tripping Fish into a figure four leg lock attempt. Fish was ready, countering with the knee bar. Unfortunately for Fish, Cole was still standing and able to drop down as “The Infamous” was pressed against the mat shoulders first. Cole quickly hooked the tights out of the referee’s view, picking up the three count.

An infuriated Fish found himself confronted by The Bullet Club and their celebration. It was a four-on-one beating and Christopher Daniels – who was at the commentators’ table for the main event – just sat there talking about Fish needing help. Instead of Daniels being Fish’s savior, The Briscoes ran out to almost even the odds. But with a table in the ring and an extra man to help keep the odds in their favor, The Bullet Club stood tall with the intent of putting Fish through the table. The crowd suddenly went wild as the camera pulled back to reveal the arrival of Bully Ray! Ray slipped into the ring, choke slamming Cole through the table to a big ovation! The Bullet Club scurried out of the ring as Ray helped Fish & The Briscoes to their feet prior to grabbing a microphone to give his emotional thoughts on what was before him. Ray talked about the offers presented to him by various companies including the one from Ring of Honor. According to Ray, ROH invoked the spirit of ECW – a spirit he wanted to feel once again. Instead of just visiting, Bully wanted to test himself against the best of the best. Asking the fans whether or not he should sign with ROH, Bully Ray decided it was time to join the ROH roster.

Is It Worth Your Money: As stated at the beginning of this review, the Hammerstein Ballroom has played host to a variety of things when it comes to ROH shows from title changes to debuts; and this event was no different as Bully Ray debuted, The Hardys returned to win the World Tag Team Championship in shocking fashion, and there were some high quality bouts including the TV title match that almost stole the show until Lee and Ospreay entered the ring to deliver the Match of the Night. Unfortunately Lee vs. Ospreay couldn’t take the show to new heights from an in-ring perspective, but everything else was consistently strong – even the battle royal was surprisingly fun. There was some questionable booking tied to this show including TK O’Ryan being used as a sacrificial lamb to give Daniels some momentum for the week later, but it didn’t take away from the entire experience. While not as strong as some of its predecessors (probably ranking somewhere between “V” & “III”), the latest “Manhattan Mayhem” definitely is worth your time.
ROH “Manhattan Mayhem VI” is Worth Your Money.

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