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(47 Minute Audio) B. Brian Blair Discusses: The Iron Sheik Smoking Crack On An Airplane, The Clumsiness of Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, The Night Sheik Slapped Him, Pat Patterson's Crush On Him, Firsthand Story of Brutus Beefcake's Parasailing Accident, Pulling Brutus Out Of The Water, Where The Initial "B" Came From, Advice For Linda McMahon's Senate Run, The Political Opponent Who Put Strings On Brian's LJN Action Figure, Jerry Lawler Riding In a Car With No Driver, The Rib That Saw Brian Moon a Restaurant Full of People, Coverage of Brian's Recent Legal Situation, Living With Jesse Ventura, Vince McMahon Sr.'s Loyalty To The NWA, Turning Down Howard Stern, Dusty Rhodes, Bill Watts, Eddie Graham, The Brisco Brothers, and More
Oct 11, 2009 - 2:21 PM


You've heard all the stories.  Now hear from the Bee himself.  That's right.  Former WWF Superstar and Hillsborough County Commissioner  B. Brian Blair joins for a back-breaking and humbling shoot interview you can't miss.

We've welcomed his partner, Jumping Jim Brunzell, to The Club.  Now Brian completes the Killer Bees as he talks about everything from his bid to become County Commissioner again to Iron Sheik's desire to...well, do things to him.  Get the Buzz right now with the Killer Bee right now only on!

In today's 47 Minute Shoot, James Guttman and Brian Blair discuss:

Brian's Recent Legal Issues
Mentoring Children
Running For State Rep
The Legends Luncheon
Gordon Solie
Living Life in a Fishbowl
News Coverage of Politics
The Failing Media
His Father
Linda McMahon's Senate Run
Advice For Linda
Linda and Vince McMahon: The Couple
Linda: The Senator
What Politics Needs
Reducing Debt
Linda McMahon Character Assassination
What You Can and Can't Say
Being Attacked Politically For Wrestling
How It Didn't Work
The Politician Who Tied Strings To Brian's LJN Figure
His Business
Jesse Ventura
Living With Jesse
Thanking Fans
Working Hurt
Touring Australia with Jim Brunzell
Seeing The World
Vicne McMahon's Critics
Hulk Hogan in WWF
Vince McMahon Sr's Loyalty To The NWA
Vince Jr: The Announcer
The Emotional Roller Coaster of Wrestling
Staying Positive
Pat Patterson's Crush On Him
Rubs on The Road
Jerry Lawler Riding In a Car With No Driver
Heat With The Iron Sheik
Clumsy Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff
Wrestlers Who Were Easy To Work With
Today's Stars
"Screwed Up" Iron Sheik
Iron Sheik Smoking Cracking On An Airplane
Losing Respect For Him
Sheik's Issues With WrestleMania 3
Brian Turning Down Howard Stern
World Wrestling Insanity
The Roast Where Sheik Slapped Him
Kid Rock
The '80s Generation
Eddie Graham
Bill Watts
What Today's Stars Are Missing Out On
First Hand Story of Brutus Beefcake's Parasailing Accident
The Horrific Scene
Pulling Brutus Out Of The Water
Beefcake's Face
Vince Being Blamed For Deaths and Drugs
Not Having Kids Until After Wrestling
The Briscos
Dusty Rhodes
The Rib Pat Patterson Played On Him
The Rib That Saw Brian Moon A Restaurant Full of People
His Early Nickname
Where The "B" Initial Came From
The Bible

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