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(37 Mins) Daniel Puder: "The only reason I think I won (Tough Enough) over Miz was because of the Kurt Angle thing."
Feb 14, 2012 - 4:37 PM


Wrestling has seen its fair share of controversial stars claiming to be "Tough Enough" or worth a million dollars.  But only one man is all three and he's about to be unleashed.  WWE's only Million Dollar Tough Enough Winner, Daniel Puder joins James Guttman for a rare 37 minute shoot interview on that is sure to rattle some cages.  It's true.  It's damn true.
To this day, Tough Enough 4 winner Daniel Puder remains one of the industry's most mysterious and controversial stars.  From his immediate locker room heat as the instant "millionaire" winner of Tough Enough over future champ The Miz to the day he nearly broke Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle arm in front of a live crowd to his time in Ring of Honor, Puder isn't sugarcoating anything. It's a straight shooting style that fans and haters alike have come to expect from the former WWE, ROH, and MMA star.  Hear it all right now only on ...!

In an ALL NEW 37 Minute Shoot, James Guttman and Daniel Puder discuss:

The Reasons For Bullying
Branching Out
Helping Children
Tough Enough Heat
Respect and Dislike
Al Snow Quote
Setting Up The Ring
Getting Beat Up By Bob Holly
The Million Dollar Contract
Expecting To Be In WWE Long Term
Losing Respect
Promises Of More Money
Mark Henry's Contract
Bike Racing
Growing Up Unathletic
6th Grade vs Now
8th Grade Wrestling
Training in Jr High
Ping Pong For Two Weeks
Overweight Kids
His Resume
Dad Groups
Parents Spending Three Minutes With Their Kids Per Day
Walking Around With Your Kids
Grandma Knockout
Watching As a Kid
Ric Flair
The Miz
Just Running Into Miz Recently
Hard Worker
What Miz Is
Miz Cockiness
The Structure of a tough Enough
The Schedule of The Tough Enough Crew
Why The Practices Were Hard
Bill DeMott's Pinky Punishment
Justice Smith
Enjoying The Trainer
Guys Not Training
Coaches Not Coaching
Looking At What Everyone Else Does
Hogan and Steamboat
Life After WWE
The Kurt Angle Fight
Puder's Training Connection To Angle
What Went Through His Mind
What He Should Have Done Instead
The Aftermath
After Daniel Won
Turning Heel
His Reaction
Figuring Whatever
Working For Ring of Honor
WWE Wanting Dependent People
UFC vs. Manny Pacquiao
The Company
Captive Audiences
His Relationship With Them
Attention Seekers
TNA Approaching Him
The Deal They Offered
Not Needing TNA
TNA and WWE Begging Him
Bigger Than WWE
What a Puder Return Means
Stepping Back
Wanting To Work With A Reputable Company
Cycle of Abuse
"Why can't we all treat each other well?"
The Hogan Family

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