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JG's 10/5/09 Raw Insanity: Orton Wishes Cena Into The Cornfield, Miz America, and Look Kids - Big Ben. Parliament.

By James Guttman Oct 5, 2017 - 8:12 AM print

Originally Published October 5, 2009

Linda McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to join us here today for this press conference. (looking down at notes) Chavo Guerrero walks into the guest host's office. He is still rubbing his butt from when Hornswoggle bit it. Carrying a pinata, Chavo asks...oh wait. Hold on.(looking up) I'm sorry. I was reading from the Raw script from tonight. Uh. I seem to have left the index cards with my speech at the office.

Long pause.

Linda: So...uh, I hadn't really memorized it. I know there was some stuff in there about "politics as usual" and a "different kind of senator." Or was it a "different kind of politics?" I don't know. Something along those lines. Just take the words that fit best and that's what I was going to use. Long pause.

Linda: I'll take questions now. Yes. You.

Reporter Stanton: Good afternoon, Mrs. McMahon. Rob Stanton from the Connecticut Times. I have a two part question. First, with the way the polarizing political climate is affecting growingly-disenchanted voters, many are wondering what you bring to the table. What strengths would you be able to bring to Washington in order to stir bipartisan initiatives?

Linda: That's a wonderful question, Rob. I feel that we need a different kind of senator in Washinton. We've been suffering too long under politics as usual.

Reporter Stanton: And my follow-up - is wrestling fake?

Linda: Let's focus on the task at hand. Next question, please. Yes, you.

Reporter Turner: Hey, Mrs. McMahon. Bill Turner - Greenwich Weekly News. Yo. Did the first Ultimate Warrior die in a car crash?

Linda: No.

Reporter Turner: Bus crash?

Linda: No.

Reporter Turner: Oh. But there were two, right? My friend just texted me and said to ask.

Linda: As I said before, my business and politics are two different things. We're not here to talk about WWE Television.  I'd like to focus on my senate run.

Reporter Timbs: Mrs. McMahon, Julia Timbs of the Stamford Gazette. What is your husband doing running around with his pants down in front of so many people?

Linda: Julia, as I just said, I don't want to focus on what you see on WWE TV.

Reporter Timbs: No. I mean right now. Behind you. He's got his pants around his ankles.

Linda spins around to see Vince, with his pants around his ankles, dancing in circles while staring straight down.

Linda: Vince! What the hell are you doing?!

Vince McMahon: Just livening things up. Doing a bit of the ol' Mr. Banana Grabber routine.

Linda: Pull yo' damn pants up! (turning back to the crowd and smiling) Uh...he's a very caring husband. He has big biceps. Next question...

Reporter Turner: Train crash?

Linda: Someone besides you. Yes. Go ahead.

"Reporter Buttercookie:" Oh...Cheery Oh, Miss McMahon. My name is Eugenia Buttercookie from the Britland British Bugle. Your daughter married such a handsome chap with wonderful performing ability. Why is he not your champion?

Linda: Hunter, take the wig off.

"Reporter Buttercookie":(nervously laughing) Ah yes. His name is Hunter. He certainly knows how to get the people excited or, as you say in the States, "take the wig off."

Linda: No. I mean take the damn wig off your head!

Voice from the press pool: Hey! That's the lady that stole my bottle of water!

Triple H removes the wig, takes a swig of water, spits it into a mist that covers the room, and runs out.

Reporter Seal: Mrs. McMahon, I have a question about health care. John Seal from U.S. News and Connecticut Report. What is your current health care plan for your employees?

Linda: Politics as usual and different kind of senator.

Reporter Seal. What?

Linda: Oh. You want more than that? I keep a bowl of cough drops on my desk.

Reporter Seal: What does that have to do with health care?

Linda: They're cherry. Next question, please.

"Reporter Hatcher": Yes. Mrs. McMom. Terri Hatcher from Desperate Housewives Newspaper. Will you be appointing your son, Shane, as Secretary of Defense?

Linda: What the hell?! Is there a friggin' wig sale around here?

Shane McMahon: (looking sad) It's Goldust's wig. I told him I'd fire him if he didn't give it to me.

Linda: Please go. We'll talk about this later.

Shane: OK. Hey, if I jump off the balcony, will you love me?

Linda: That crap works on your dad, not me.

Behind Linda, Vince is still dancing around, staring straight down, with his pants off.

Vince: (looking up from his pants-less dance)Yeah. Go ahead. Jump.

Shane: (running through the crowd up some stairs) OK! GANGWAY!

Linda: Ladies and gentlemen, we have time for just a few more questions. Yes. Go ahead, sir.

Reporter Tween: Mrs. McMahon, Dan Tween from the New England Worker, I don't mean to complain, but the XFL jersey in my gift bag is too small.

Linda: That would be my husband. He put it in there.

Vince: (still dancing, yelling out) All we have left are smalls!

Linda: All we have left are smalls.

Reporter Tween: OK. Also, these WWF ice cream bars seem to have melted all over it.

Linda: Again, that's my husband.

Vince: (yelling out) They're from 1989! We found them in a freezer outside the shed. Tell him not to eat them! Just for looks!

Linda: Don't eat them. They're just for looks. You're welcome.  Who has the next question?

Reporter Turner: Boating accident?

Linda: Why are you still here?! Final question of the day, you. Go ahead.

Reporter Jones: Mrs. McMahon, Jenna Jones from The Connecticut Times, do you genuinely feel you have the experience and knowledge to lead this state to....

Shane from Above: COWABUNGA!

SPLAT!  Shane crushes Jenna Jones, ending her line of questioning.

Vince: Bam! Right on target like we practiced! You may have even killed her! Tally-ho! I love you, Shane-o!

Shane: I love you too dad. I think I broke something. Get me some cough drops!

Linda: Ok. We're done here. Thank you all for your time. I'm going to go cry.

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Well, well, well. Hell of a Sell for Hell in a Cell. Now we're Tagging Nights 'til Bragging Rights. Rhyming is fun. Was Raw? Let's find out....

Raw Theme Plays. You can dance along at home. I'm sure you're incredible.

Look kids. Big Ben. Parliament...

Ben Roethlisberger arrives. He's greeted by a mixed reaction and nifty little football Titantron. The star QB of the No Fun League gets his homeboy slang on as he acknowledges the booing Eagle fans. But he then brings us together by reminding us that we're

all WWE fans. Now I bet you WWE fans want something special tonight! What? No. Not wrestling. The other initial. The E. It's the Big Ben Diva Bowl!

1. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Melina, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Jillian, Natalya, Layla and Michelle McCool

Yup. Divas in football jerseys all clutter up the ring. Again, you can see this whole thing with naked women for only like five bucks...and with shaving cream two towns away from me. Of course, you don't get corny spots like charging tackles and referee Gail Kim throwing yellow flags as she blows her whistle. What? No. It's an actual whistle. Get your mind out of the gutter. What really makes matches like this weird is that the announcing never stays hyped. In fact, Michael Cole drops down to depressing voice levels as he recounts last night's PPV at certain points. It's just weird. I get that things have to slow down, but in a match like this, with so many women involved, there's no reason it shouldn't just be chaos. Mass chaos. No tags. No flags. No garbage. Every diva going nuts. People would go wild for six minutes and then grab a soda. Instead, it's treated more like a normal tag match with a silly costume theme. It ended on a high note when Mickie rolled up Alicia Fox and scored the three count. So many divas in one place, just waiting to get punted. Where's Randy Orton when you need him? Oh wait. Here he is...

I hear voices in my head, they council me. They're underwear. They talk to me!

Dude, what are you singing?

Randy Orton's theme song.

It's not underwear. Why would voices in your head be underwear?

I don't know. Fruit of the Loom guys?

The ladies have wisely bounced their butts from the ring before the Viper can slither up the aisle. When Randy Orton gets the ring to himself, he speaks into the microphone and informs everyone that he is now a six time WWE Champion. (JG Note: Wow. People still count those?) Anyway, while people can call him a cheater and a meanie, he didn't do none of that noise last night. He beat your semi-popular hero character and now he's the WWE Champion. But not only is Orton a champ, he's a psychic. In a few moments, he's sure that John Cena is going to Marine his butt up this aisle and demand a title shot. So, let's make this happen, C-Man. Get up here and let's talk it out, bitch.


John Cena is here and Randy Orton is going to be picking my lotto numbers from now on. Forget Derren Brown. This guy's the real deal. Just as predicted, J.C. swaggers up to the four-sided ring and stands toe-to-toe with the Ace Cowboy Kid.

"You look awful excited. I think I know why. But let me tell you something, John Cena. You will not - will not get a rematch for this title tonight."
- Randy Orton

"With that statement, you have told the WWE Universe what they already know. You do not give a damn about them. But you are a WWE Superstar that strives to be the best. So what I'm out here to do is congratulate you on your win last night at Hell in a Cell. I know there are some that don't agree with that, but Randy Orton walked into the Cell and walked out of the Ceil WWE Champion."

- John Cena

Now while all that's true, there's something special that needs to be pointed out about last night's Hell in a Cell (JG Note: The fact that neither of the two men in it are showing any aftereffects?) That thing is the crowd. The people were hanging on every move. The Orton-Cena Classics are no longer just a rivalry...

"John Cena vs. Randy Orton has become THE rivalry."
- John Cena

The Marine recounts all the great matches the two have had and then asks to do it all one more time.

Yee-haw! Let's give them one more match! One more dance! One more time in the sun!

Yee-haw! Let's give them the "match-of-matches!"

"An Iron Man Match."
- John Cena

Yup. A 60 minute Iron Man Match. The Guy You Can't See tells us that this will be the final day of the epic struggle between you.

"You think I'm stupid? I see what you're trying to do. Let's say I agree. And let's say you happen to win. I don't get a rematch. Why on Earth would I do that?"
- Randy Orton

Ort demands his own terms of the deal. Tell you what, Buzzcut. You want a match. Here's the deal:

You win - you get the belt.

Orton wins - you go away. Anywhere. Smackdown. ECW. Jersey. Whatever. Just get the F out, Wonder Bread.  You're a bad man.  A very bad man.  Randy wishes you into the cornfield.

Johnny ...surprisingly agrees. But that's not good enough. Randall stipulates again.  This time, he orders that this thing has to be no disqualification. Do you agree to that one, Cena?


Why sooooiiiitenly. Big John Thugg is down with that and he's down with kicking your booty with his tutti fruity. We get a handshake and a match is made. When? No idea. They never tell us. It's just this mystery match that's out there in the cosmos. Either way, the people sounded into it and I think this is the best way WWE has sold a single match in a long time. Both guys worked really well here to put over the entire feud and show why they've been able to roll with it for as long as they have.

Commercial Break. Mario and Sonic are facing off on the Wii...in the Olympics. Sad. I always pictured them having a ninja-style sword fight.

Yo. Let me get an All American American.

One hot dog with American Cheese coming up.

Jack Swagger needs to talk less. He weirds his way through a pre-match promo where he promises to not lose another match this year. That means that he either loses the next match or one at the last Raw of the year....or they just forget this whole thing in a week.

2. Jack Swagger pinned Primo Colon after a Gut-Wrenched Powerbomb

I'm not a Primo fan. I don't get it. I feel like he's Pedro Morales 2009. No frills. No things. I know his nationality. That's it. Whatever happened to gimmicks? I thought WWE liked those things. Make him a fireman or a mad scientist or something. Right now, he's just a jobber. That's what he does here. Jackie-boy hits the gut-wrenched powerbomb and scores himself a funky little three count. He's 1-0 in his strange quest to not lose for the rest of 2009.  What about 2010?  Guess he's planning a big losing streak for January.

Commercial Break. DX has a book. That's funny. They've had WWE's for years.

The divas are arguing backstage. Gail Kim still has that lucky whistle...oh wait. It's Santino Marella. Not so lucky. The whistle sounds and Santa does his impression of an echoing NFL referee. He tells the girls not to fight, but kiss. He asks Mickie to make out with Alicia. It doesn't get the pop you'd expect. Instead, it leads to a Licia Slap and an ensuing brawl.  Filler city.

At the announce table, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler announce that the Cena-Orton match will take place at Bragging Rights along with a night-long gimmick featuring Smackdown vs. Raw bouts. At the end of the card, the winners will all square off in a giant tag match! You can call it Smackdown vs. Raw 2010. Wait. No you can't. Scratch that. Video games are a year ahead. No wonder they didn't call the PPV "Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 featuring ECW."

Big Ben is backstage chatting with a fan when a non-fan, The Miz, walks in. Hey, Biggie. Did you hear Jack Swagger out there? He insinuated that Miz lost last night. When pressed for the specifics, Mikey tells the guest host that he was pinned, but he's still awesome. Listen here, Benny Boy, while you're just awesome on two Sundays of your life, The Real Worlder is awesome all the time. Now is your chance to ride on the awesome coattails of The Mizard. Give him a title shot at Kofi Kingston tonight! Benny grants the Ed Grimley Hair Guy the match with one stipulation. If you lose, you have to admit that

..."I'm The Miz and I'm awful."

Commercial Break. Watch the MLB post-season on TBS. Good ol' TBS. That weird station where everything started five minutes after every other normal channel.

3. M.V.P. and Mark Henry defeated Chavo Guerrero and Chris Masters when MVP pinned Chavo

Chavo Guerrero and Chris Masters have no memory. After eating a punch from his Twitterlicious partner, Chris is back by his side for the bout. Cole clarifies as best he can by saying that Guerrero claimed his intentional punch was an accident. The Masterpiece buys it because he's a knucklehead. On the other side of the ring, what's up with Mark Henry? Is he MVP's big brother? Although watching Massive Mark in his new red pajamas is enough to make us all giggle, it still is the best way to get him over as a babyface. That said, why is he a baby face? He should be eating heroes and spitting out their chewed-up bones. As the match plays out, the story of Henry's achy-breaky knee is told. After landing poorly on a splash, he stumbles along, favoring his knee. While Montel holds them off with some sloppy clotheslines, Marky Mark takes a breather. When the match ends unceremoniously with Sexual Chocolate barely able to hit his tackle and stand on his own to celebrate, it seemed like a work that has a slim possibility of being real.

After the bout, The Los Masterpiecos got into a shouting match. This sent Masters over the edge. He tore into Chavito and locked in his Master Lock. That's when Hornswoggle ran in, bit Chris on the leg, and got Guerero free. Chavo capitalizes with a DDT that sends The Masterpiece scurrying. How did the Leprechaun show his new-found buddy that he loves him?

He gives him a crotch chop and runs away.

This is the weirdest company on the face of the planet. I'm amazed it's in English. Usually things like this are in Japanese or Spanish TV and I watch it thinking, "Why is that leprechaun chopping his junk at this wrestler guy?" Now I know. Kinda of wish I didn't.

Commercial Break. This is why Kimbo has the beard...

Look kids. Big Ben. Parliament...

Ben Roethlisberger arrives. Every time he does, I have to find the spelling of his name above on the report and copy and paste it in. Anyway, Roethlisberger (cntrl-C) tries to speak, but he's cut off by Y2Big.

Big Show and Chris Jericho surround Big Ben and call him out on his missing friends. We thought you were going to have your offensive line here tonight. Where are they, Benjamin? Where are your buddies?  Well, Christopher, ask and ye shall receive...

Cue the starting line-up for The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ha ha.


Why are you laughing?

That's what I call my wife's sisters.

The ring fills up with a ton of huge people who will never be on this show again. Jericho, the smallest one in the ring, says he's not afraid of "useless mesomorphs." This isn't a football field. This a WWE ring. No helmets. No pads. No nonsenseSo, huddle up, butter cup. Get a strategy. You're going to need one to stop JericShow.

The football players huddle up.

They then return, get into 3-point stances, and focus on the biggest target in the ring - Big Show's gigantic tan shirt.

Wisely, Show runs from the fray. As he retreats from the ring, we all remember the real reason why we're here....Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

DeGeneration X, also showing no ill-effects of last night's Hell in a Cell, run out to take Y2Big's spot in the ring as quickly as can be. But before they can say a word into the microphone, Jericho points out the spotlight-grabbing ways of the Bret Screwers.

"I should have expected this. A potential Sports Center moment ruined by two miscreants."
- Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho follows up with his trademark promo thing. What's that? He rips into his opponents while plugging their merchandise. After some back and forth with The Game, Jericho is treated to a real challenge. Shawn Michaels grows tired of hearing how great you two are. You want to run down all the great teams you beat? Well there's one you haven't....

"Shawn, do the smart thing, little dog. You got a big bark. Go home, lick your wounds, come back to fight another day."

- Big Show

Chris further drives the point home. Forget your injuries. Forget healing. You two don't want none of this, but more importantly, you don't deserve none of this. No match. No way. No how. Now, the tag champions have to leave....

...not so fast, kids. Before The Big Walls take off, Ben Roethlisberger calls them back. Seems you forget who the guest host is here. It's Ben. He makes the decisions for some insane reason and he's making a match tonight! It's set to be Chris Jericho and Big Show going two on two with....DeGeneration X. And if you're not down with that, we've got two words for ya!

Change Channel?

Commercial Break.

5. Mike The Miz pinned Kofi Kingston to win the WWE United States Championship

Kofi Kingston is just so friggin' happy. He's always grinning and giggling' to himself and whatnot. What's up? Is he high, you think? He does that thing where he slaps himself five. That's something a stoner would do. It looked like he was smiling even at parts where Miz was beating him up. That happened a lot. It seemed to take precedence over winning for Mike. He chose to pummel Double K with punches at some points rather than cover. It came back to haunt him though. Kingston rallied, hit his Trouble in Paradise kick, and sent Mizzy flying from the ring. After exchanging some near falls, the crowd started to really come alive. They stood tall, center-ring, exchanging punches as things come to a close. Certain finishes turn into near-finishes. Then, the predictable loss for Mike Mizanin turns into an unpredictable win. That's right. Mike The Miz pins Kofi Kingston and captures the WWE U.S. Championship. Uh...


Following the stunning win, your new U.S. Champ speaketh...

"You are looking at the new United States Champion because I'm the Miz and I'm...Awesome!"
- The Miz

Commercial Break. Did we have to remake the Stepfather? Seriously? Come on. If it's not John Locke, it's not the stepfather.

Back at the announce table, we get another hard-sell for Bragging Rights. That's what happens when you book a PPV every three weeks.

Hornswoggle doesn't speak English. He speaks troll grunts. At least that's what he's doing with Ben Roethlisberger. Just to make it dumber, we bring in Santino Marella to do a never-ending bit on not being able to pronounce Ben's last name. When Swoggle slaps him, he suddenly can say it clearly. That's the segment. Tee hee. Michael Cole says this...

"That's the craziest thing I can remember!"
- Michael Cole

You know what else is crazy? A puppy covered in maple syrup trying to hula-hoop. That doesn't mean I want to watch it.

...Well actually, I take that back. That would be pretty cool. But you get what I mean.

Commercial Break. If I go to a nice restaurant and at the end of the night, they say "This food isn't our food...it's Pizza Hut! We fooled you!" I would mess somebody up. Throw some chairs and stuff. Go pull your Folgers Challenge nonsense elsewhere.

Next Week Raw Hosts: Nancy O'Dell and Marissa Munoz. I'm not really into Access Hollywood, but my wife is...and many other women who probably will never ever watch Monday Night Raw. So, I guess that's good. That's a good host to have.

6. Shawn Michaels and Triple H defeated Chris Jericho and Big Show when Hunter pinned Jericho

While the story here was that DX was still suffering from injuries at last night's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, it was still a slap to the face of the Cell to have them back in action a day later. They should be half-dead right now. Isn't there a doctor to deny them permission? Isn't there some medical ban that has to stop them from fighting? It makes no sense. Legacy isn't even here tonight after last night and these two are wrestling?  They just worked the main event last night and won in one of the company's most dangerous matches. Now, a day later, they're like, "Hey. Let's throw hands with this big mamaluke and his little Canadian Bacon over here." It makes no sense. Well, actually it does. The idea here isn't that WWE is thinking it's devaluing the Cell. It's WWE thinking they're putting over DeGeneration X. It's not that the Cell is weak. It's that DX is so damn strong. They can wrestle a hundred men in a hundred seconds and still have time to build a sandcastle. They're just so gosh-darned terrific. So while this whole match gets over the toughness of Helmsley and Michaels, but it does nothing for anyone else. Sure it hurts the luster of the Hell in a Cell, but forget that. It does nothing for Jericho and Show. If they lose, they're just losers. If they win, they beat two guys who main evented a brutal HIAC pay show last night. The only ones who can gain anything from this match are the Degenerates. They're also the only ones who have absolutely nothing to lose either. Funny how it works out that way. You may call it a "conspiracy theory," but WWE calls it "business." That's what happened here. Business as usual. Jericho tried to leave. Big Ben showed up to chase him back and one Superkick later, DX goes over. But come on...you knew that when they announced the match.

After the bell, The Steelers celebrate with the DeGens. They all point to their wenises as we fade to black.

All in all...Same old. Same old.

Raw is becoming so overdone, it shouldn't be called Raw anymore. We've hit a scary point. I'm not bored with the show because they're doing anything shockingly bad or bizarre. I'm bored with...well, it all. The whole thing. The format. The layout. The same old thing. It's like two hours  that just repeat every week.

There's no real excitement and many segments, because there's a celeb host rather than a professional, seem like amateur-hour. They're a distraction from the glairing problems that persist to today. From the recycled main events to the forced "comedy," there's plenty to fix.

Santino Marella has been wasted. When he was a heel, he was golden. But what they've done is taken the goose who lays the golden eggs and cut him open to see how much gold they scrape from inside of his him right now. By doing that, they've overexposed the whole thing and, worse yet, Doinked him. You remember, right? Evil clown - ironic in his evil ways. John Wayne Gacey- like. Then, they turn him baby face. Bye bye, irony. Hello circus clown. Same deal. A misunderstood wise-cracking Italian is funny. A trying too-hard wise-cracking Italian clown isn't. I miss the old Santino. I think a lot of fans are too.

The Miz win was well-done, though. By putting the stipulation on it, we all assumed Mike would lose. But he didn't. Moments like that make me think there's still hope.

I already went over all the issues with DX in my rundown of their match, but give me a break. How do they read over the final run-sheets for Raw and not laugh at how ridiculously pushed these two guys are? It's insane. You don't even have to know backstage politics to realize that one of these two is married to someone in the family. That's what happens when you vow to "love, honor, and push the hell out of" your husband until death do you part.

Highlight of the night? A promo for a match that's happening in three weeks. Cena and Orton did great and their Iron Man match is going to prove many people wrong. That said, when the most exciting thing on a Raw is a promo for an upcoming pay-per-view match, we should all be just a little worried.

In case you missed it, today's the four year anniversary of World Wrestling Insanity. I want to thank all of you for making our website everything I wanted it to be and for allowing us all to write about this business for you through the years. It's been awesome and I've had a ball doing it.

By the way, check me out tomorrow on Fight Network Radio (Sirius 98) with John Pollock.

That does it for me. Be Well and Thanks For Sharing My Four Years of Insanity

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May 31, 2018
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May 26, 2018

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