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JG's 7/14/03 Raw Insanity: Kane Isn't Burned, But J.R. Is

By James Guttman Jul 14, 2018 - 4:21 PM print

Originally Published July 14, 2003

Jim Ross isn't here tonight. He's standing by in Connecticut with a Kane interview. You know what that means, right? It means the Coach. I miss the old days. The days when the announce crew never changed and everyone was always there. (JG Note: Insert dream sequence-type fade-out here.)


Gorilla Monsoon: Welcome everyone to Raw. I'm Gorilla Monsoon.

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan: And I'm your host, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan.

Gorilla: You know, Brain, we have a jam-packed line-up tonight. A good buddy of yours, Test, is in action.

Brain: Oh, now I'm allowed to speak?

Gorilla: All you do every week is complain, Brain. You sit there with that ridiculous Weasel Collar on like a goldbricker.

Brain: I beg your pardon.

Gorilla: You heard me. You know who else is here this week, Brain? The new Intercontinental Champion Booker T.

Brain: I love him, with that crazy Mohawk and everything. I pity the fool.

Gorilla: Oh you're starting early this week. You know, all I have to do is make a phone call and I can have you tossed out of here.

Brain: Don't you threaten me. I'm the host.

Gorilla: No, you're a goof. You're like that other fountain of misinformation, Chris Jericho. Could you believe the gall of Y2J right here last week? Insulting the crowd like that?

Brain: Monsoon, you're so concerned about the humanoids. Jericho was just telling it like it is. He's a big star. He's the King of Bling Bling.

Monsoon: You two are meant for each other. You lie and he swears to it.

Brain: Ooo, I'm gonna tell him you said that.

Monsoon: (laughing) Go ahead, Brain. You want me to hand you the phone? Go ahead, call him.

Brain: I'm not paying for a call to Canada.

Monsoon: You mean Florida.

Brain: Wasn't she the mother on Good Times?

Monsoon: (rolling his eyes) Folks, the Brain's in rare form this week. But we have a great show set up for you. One Bill Goldberg is here. The Heavyweight Champion of the World Triple H is on hand as well. Then from there we have Kane and Steve Austin. This is going to be a wild two hours. The fans are literally jam-packed to the rafters and S.R.O. signs went out early. Let's go to Jonathan Coachman and Lord Alfred Hayes.

Brain: (waving the phone receiver in the air) Hello? Hello? This thing doesn't work.


 You know the best part of that opening? I can skip the whole "what questions do we have" section. So, buckle up, we're jumping right in. Cue the montage, we're set for Raw.

Montage of Kane losing his mask, hair and mind.

The Walls were all broken and that can only mean one thing, Chris Jericho. Y2J is here for the Highlight Reel and he's all decked out like Janice from the Muppet Show Band. The King of Bling Bling seems to have gotten out of Montreal in one piece just in time for his critically acclaimed talk show. It's a good thing too as tonight is special. For the last few weeks Raw has become total chaos! Competitors fear for their safety. We need to stop all of these senseless attacks! Even Fozzyface himself was afraid to come here tonight until he heard from his close personal friend (JG Note: What a difference a few years makes), Eric Bischoff!

I'm ba-ack and puked on my sweater…

Easy E is in the house and he's wearing a Weasel Collar from his beat down by Kane. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla thanks Eric for his appearance despite his pain. Uncle Eric extols his own virtues by claiming that the doctors told him to take eight weeks off, but he needed to come back for the good of his show. Showing his famous compassion, Bisch has ordered that Kane be banned from the building tonight. However, he wouldn't want to leave the Undertaker's kid brother off the show entirely. No, no. Jim Ross is in Stamford with the Big Bald Machine and he's going to get to the bottom of all his issues. If anyone can handle the situation, it's JR. (JG Note: Oh yes, Jim Ross's sit-down interviews always end so well. No Mandible Claws or anything.) We talk of how out of control Kane is. But you people don't know the half of it. Eric has unaired footage of Kane-o ripping people apart. Check this out.

Geritol 5000 Following last week's segment that saw Kane toss a camera man, he was confronted by Rob Van Dam. RVD tries to reach out to his former buddy but finds himself grabbed by the throat and tossed through a "wall." Crazy how the hallway continues on the other side of the wall. It's almost like they don't even need a wall there at all. You know, like it's fake or something. Weird.

Both CJ and EB agree that this type of action is unacceptable. What right does that Big Burnt Dentist have beating people up and destroying cardboard walls? We need to stop this, Eric. We need to stop this now. The last thing we want is for Chris Jericho to be injured prior to facing Shawn Michaels next week. In fact, Chris speaks for the entire Raw Roster when he says…

What? Eh eh! You summa bitch. Hell son. You think you're something special with your stupid little microphone. Whoop ass. DTA. 3:16. Here's to ya. Toss me a Steveweiser and in closing, that's the bottom line.

Bischoff's life business partner, Steve Austin hits the scene with a look of determination. He begins by tossing the Highlight furniture to and fro. He dismisses Jericho in order to focus on Bisch. How could you send Kane off to Stamford with Good old Barbie Q? Ol' Stone Cold was fixing to deal with this Kane sitch right here in this ring. In fact, we were gonna open up a can of Whoop Ass on the Big Red Guy.

"Oh great. You're gonna kick his ass and what's that gonna accomplish, huh? You thought about that? What's that gonna do, make him even angrier so he hurts more innocent people? Is that what you wanna accomplish. Think about it, Steve. Think about it. The pain, the drama, the injuries, all of it - RVD's, Rico's, Tommy Dreamer's, mine - it's all on your shoulders, Steve Austin and if you really think about it, you've ruined Kane's life. Because he was fine. He was hot. He was a tag team champion. He was successful in this business until you stuck your nose in his and convinced him to be a monster again. Steve Austin, all of this is on your head. Face it."
- Eric Bischoff, 9:12PM

Oh really, Eric? Well tell ya what, since you kept Kane out of the arena, thereby taking away Stone Cold's ass kicking target, you can sub. How about if the Ringmaster kicks your butt? ATM Eric backs down and the Bionic Redneck gives him a reprieve by pointing to how pathetic he is. But just as the Hollywood Blonde steps towards the exit, Y2J steps in.

He goads Stunning Steve as he attempts to skidaddle. Fozzy asks that Steve does everyone a favor and leave not just the ring, but the company. You see, Austin, you're over your head and what's worse, No one wants you here. (JG Note: Is that his thing? Does he just tell people that no one likes them?) Before you ruin everyone else's life like you did Kane, just take off. Jericho then attempts to squeeze a bit more from last week's phrase of the night as he calls Stone Cold a "sanctimonious son of a bitch." Stunning Steve Stuns him. If I was Jericho I'd quit doing a talk show. It always ends with him beat up.

Still to come tonight, all three of those Damn Dudleys take on Triple H and the Triple H Dancers. Also Christian and Booker T continue to monopolize the Intercontinental Belt and Molly Holly fights the new girl with the Title. Plus Jim Ross and Kane's Stamford Tea Party.

Commercial Break. They have finally corrected the advertised card for the August 31st Nassau Coliseum show. Up until last week, Roddy Piper was still being promised. This is, of course, outdated as it's no longer 1986.

Recap of Test beating down Stacy Kiebler. My girlfriend expresses how it doesn’t seem so appalling when you consider that Stacy was only out of action for a week.

(1) Kevin Nash, Trish Stratus & Scott Steiner defeated Test, Victoria & Steven Richards when Nash pinned Richards Strange to be able to say that Trish Stratus is the best worker on her team. Best sign of the night - "I'm laughing at you Kane." Trish stayed in for most of the match and did her Matrix-like back bridge. The only thing I don't get is how the crowd boos when Test hits Stratus with a shoulder block, but when Nash clotheslines Victoria they cheer. Pretty forgettable contest that seemed to be done to further Test's character. He played a great cowardly heel and took a hike as Nash entered the fray. He watched Right to Richards take a Powerbomb from the comfort of the ramp to end the match. All in all, this one served it's purpose.

Eric Bischoff and Chris Jericho are discussing the evil deeds of Stone Cold. Easy E says that a General Manager should never put his hands on a competitor. That's something that he would never do. (JG Note: Didn't Eric break a cinderblock over Jim Ross's head?) When the Bisch states that this type of action goes against company policy, it gives the King of Bling Bling and idea. Jericho runs off to dream of Popsicles and Hair Bands. We watch a…

Commercial Break. Must….dial…down…the….center!

Oh look, it's Lance Storm and he's still doing the whole "boring" thing. This time around he has another prepared statement and it has to do with the fans. He demands they stop chanting boring at him.

Cue Maven Now the crowd really starts chanting boring.

(2) Maven pinned Lance Storm with a roll-up Sloppy match but seemed to work Lance's character a bit. At one point, the Stormy One was so frustrated with the chants that he tore off his elbow pads and beat down the Mavenator with ruthless aggression. A couple of blown spots, including a massacred hiptoss, took away from what could have been a good match. Just as it appears that DJ Lance Fresh is getting some respect again, he jobs. Oh, I get the Lance Storm gimmick now. No I don't.

Jim Ross is in Connecticut and he's getting ready to sit and talk to Kane. Not get beat up, talk. Just talk.

Pssst…Sylvan. Hey, Sylvan. I heard some things. I heard some things.

As La Resistance comes out, Lawler asks Coach if he's ever eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters. Touché', Jerry.

The Ambiguously French Duo step into the ring and inform us all that it's Bastille Day. (JG Note: To all you Bastilles out there, happy birthday.) In honor of this great holiday, they will butcher the French anthem straight through the…

Commercial Break. Burger King now offers the Great American Burger. I hope it's a better idea than their last one, the Crappy American Burger.

Robbie Renee Dupree and Sylvan Grenier are still belting out the tunes when suddenly…

You see this blood? You see it?! This is my best friend's blood.

Bubba, it's been a week. Cut the crap and go through the curtain.




The Three Duds hit the ring and clean house. After disposing of the Tag Champs, Coach informs us that this wasn't a scheduled match. What was La Resistance's agenda, to sing for the entire show? How long did they plan on singing if no one came out to attack them? Showing even less respect for America than the heels, the Dudleys belt out a butchered version of the National Anthem, With a Spike holding the Stars and Bars, the Boys show their patriotism. Bubba Ray Dudley may be Sgt Slaughter's son. Their version of the anthem was worse than Roseanne Barr's rendition.

Up next, The Game leads Evolution into battle against We Want Tables.

Commercial Break. Coming soon, Spy Kids 3D. I hate 3D movies. I can't help but reach out and swipe at these holograms in front of my plastic glasses. Then I get all paranoid that I look stupid.

(3) Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair & Randy Orton) defeated Spike, D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley in a six man elimination match Coachman tells us that Ric Flair has been "talking a long time and backing it up even longer." My girlfriend asks me how can you back up something you haven't said yet? Hmmm. Flair spent a good amount of the opening in the ring with the Duds and even managed to slip in a middle finger and F-Bomb. I wasn't a big fan of Ric's classic overselling "take a few steps and flop on your face" bump following a Spike Dudley slap. It just seemed silly. After Randy Orton was tagged in, he nailed Spike TV with a spectacular standing dropkick. Things progressed with the heels working on the Runt of the Litter before Randy took him out after the RKO or is it RCA? R2D2?

This brings us to three on two. After some back and forth that saw the Duds nail Ort with a Doomsday Device, Ric Flair found himself on the receiving end of a "Wassup" prompting Lawler to cry that Dusty Rhodes just turned over in his grave. (JG Note: That old gag.) The Boys then hit Cowboy Bob's Tattooed kid with a 3D and appear to have him eliminated before Trips grabs and uses the French Flag to knock out D-Von. It made him nostalgic for his WCW Jean Paul Levesque days. Three seconds later and Reverend D-Von is bounced. Oh…Testify!

Now we're down to Evolution versus Bloody Hand Dudley. Despite losing his partner to a three count, Bubba calls for him to return and retrieve the tables. But Little Naitch Charles Robinson and Jack Doan rush out and send him packing. I guess Bubba Ray can't use the table now since only his half brother has the amazing power to get them from under the ring. Don't think too hard about that. In fact, clear your mind and watch the match-intermission aka the…

Commercial Break. Lara Croft is back and this time she's real. While I personally don't get overheated over pixels, I don't think it's strange that some video game hardcores are in love with Lara Croft. It's the ones that get hot for Sonic the Hedgehog that worry me.

We return from the break and Drama Queen Dudley is holding his own against DeEvolution X. It's a great closing to a pretty solid match with BB placing the Gamy One on a table but getting distracted and allowing Slick Ric to knock him from the top rope. Following a Triple H Pedigree, Randy covers his Table-loving opponent and scores the win. Not a big fan of jobbing the entire Dudley clan in one match without Evolution dropping one member, but it was a solid performance. Bubba and D-Von can always bounce back from a loss and Spike, well he's just used to it by now.

Jerry the King and Johnny the Schmuck review the monstrous rampage of Kane.

Hey Eric Bischoff. Heerrrreeeee's Robby! What the dillio, Bisch? Kane's in Connecticut? Why is he hiding his from Rob Van Dam? After the footage we've seen earlier, RVD has revenge on his mind. Mellow out, Robby V, Uncle Eric will make all your dreams come true next week. Right here on Raw, you get your former tag partner one on one. The Whole Dam Show agrees. He sprays some ozium and takes off.

Commercial Break. Buy a Gamecube and get a free copy of "Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker." I swear to God, at first I misheard at first and thought they said "Legend of Zelda - the Wind Breaker." I had to rewind it. For a second I was like, "I didn't know that Zelda used that as a weapon."

Lance Storm, Test, La Resistance, Steven Richards, Victoria and Christian are crowded around Chris Jericho backstage. Y2J has a clipboard in hand and seems to have an agenda. When Rico, Jackie Gayda and Tommy Dreamer join them, Jericho is pleased. It's the very people he was waiting for. (JG Note: They should all scream "Tommy's a good guy! Get him!") The King of the World has a petition here that explains how the Raw General Manager Steve Austin is at fault for Kane's actions. Why couldn't he leave well enough alone and let Kane just continue to flounder? Put your John Hancocks on this baby and let's fax the ish over to Linda McMahon. No more Austin! Rico and Tommy comply. Business is about to pick up.

We are the Nation…of Teddy Long!

Let Theodore Long holla at ya, Playa! Long is happy to announce that both he and Rodney Mack have signed the Chris Jericho Call to Action Campaign to remove Stone Cold. Teddy offers to replace the GM, but he's too busy with Playas Incorporated. Long then touts his frizzle who's off the hizzle, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and tells us how he kept Marion Berry supplied with cigarettes when he did hard time. He leads the backstage monitor watching heels in a chant of "Hell No, Stone Cold" as we go to a…

Commercial Break. I'm going to buy me some Reeboks and attack office workers just like Terry Tate. Don't you watch the news? You're supposed to copy everything you see on TV and then use it as a defense in court.

Recap of Rosey and Rodney Mack having a mid-card meltdown.

(4) Rodney Mack pinned Rosy with a roll-up This is just a horrible mid-card feud. Rosy has no character at all and Rodney isn't established enough yet to make the crowd care. Then again, maybe we weren't supposed to care as this match was about as short as Rosy's win last week over Hurricane. Short and forgettable.

Stand Back! There's a Hurricane coming through! (JG Note: We should call Helms "Claudette.")

As Rowdy Rodney faces the ramp, Hurricane lurks behind on the top turnbuckle. When Mack Man turns, he's taken down. Following his trouncing of the Macky, Helms and Rosy stare each other down from across the ring. I'm sure they have plenty to talk about. (JG Note: "Hi, I lose matches in under a minute too.") I felt like covering my ears for this entire segment and screaming "Don't care! Don't care!" This mini-angle is going nowhere fast.

Jericho and Evolution are backstage. Hey guys, you wanna sign my petition? The stable agrees. For some reason I kept picturing Triple H crossing out everyone else's name and putting his at the top.

Commercial Break. EA Sports - It's In the Game. No wonder Triple H always looks like he's got something up his ass.

Hey, Christian. We're thinking of changing your music. We want you to have something, you know, really generic.

(5) WWE Intercontinental Champion Booker T pinned Christian after a Scissor Kick The start of this one wasn't anything special. It's like the IC strap is the exclusive property of these two. The crowd reacted pretty poorly to this one at first but regained steam as it progressed. Following a ref-bump, NWO Nick Patrick ran in to as a replacement. Christian rolled T up and held the ropes for leverage. He got the three count and for the second week in a row we had a new Champion just as things got Dusty.

The two officials begin to argue over the decision causing Stone Cold Buttinski to come down the aisle with a Zebra of his own. He restarts the match and sends the other refs packing. I wish Danny Davis was here. He'd knock everyone out with a megaphone.

This one takes all of a minute and change to conclude as One Time Intercontinental Champion hits the UnAmerican with a Scissors Kick for the win. This one definitely built towards the end but would it kill them to use someone else in this storyline - at least a little? Also, why are the rules so strictly enforced in IC matches when everyone else's cheating is ignored?

Following the bell, the Peep's Champion gets to his feet and begins to argue with referee Jack Doan. He shoves the official, who pushes back. (JG Note: "That'll cost him so money, Brain.") Edge's little brother then loses his mind and viciously attacks the official. He pounds Doan to the ground and puts the boots to him before being jumped by Steve Austin. The Hands-On GM brutalizes the former IC Champion and leaves him down and out with a Stunner. Stone Cold: 2 - Active Roster: 0.

Eric Bischoff is backstage when his cell phone rings. (JG Note: Am I the only one surprised that he doesn't have the song "Margaritaville" as his ring tone?) Who's on the other end? Why it's Lindy Mac herself, Linda McMahon. The Mac Mommy says something that brings a smile to Easy E's face. She must have promised him some donuts and old copies of SWANK.

Commercial Break. Burger King lets us know that the fire's ready. Are you making fun of me? You said you wouldn't make fun of me!

Jim Ross is kickin' it old school in Connecticut when he's approached by Towel Face Kane. The Big (slightly) Red Machine has a present for the announcer wrapped in a big red box. Hey, my birthday's Saturday. I wish Kane bought me a present.

Little Known Gail Kim Fact of the Week: Her sister is "Lil."

(6) WWE Women's Champion Gail Kim pinned Molly Holly with a Hurricanrana Molly Holly was sporting a Betty Rubble shirt and actually looked like a cross between Betty and Ramona Quimby, age 8. Not too sure on what the point of this one was, but if it did serve any purpose it showcased two different names wrestling for a title. (JG Note: Intercontinental Title, I'm looking in your direction). Fairly decent match that saw Molly Rubble attempt to "Bam Bam" Gail with a clothesline but miss and find herself pinned with a Hurricanrana.

We're back in Stamford and Kane is opening the present he gave to Jim Ross. Oh Kane, you know JR. He gets so embarrassed opening gifts in front of people. Oh look! It's a gasoline can! Thank you so much. What? You say that if Jimmy makes fun of you you're going to set him on fire? Well, maybe this isn't such a great gift after all. Jim Ross pees himself as we watch a…

Commercial Break. Hype for Jericho versus Michaels next week. I like when they give a reason to care about the next show.

The Big Red Machine and the Big Round Okie are sitting on some very familiar leather couches back in Titan Country. Jimmy Jam assures the Dentist that he is not here to make fun of him. Quite the contrary. Her respects Kane. (JG Note: Being threatened with arson also sways JR away from any thought of teasing this guy.) He intros a montage of Kane's recent history on the program. Considering that I don't see any monitors, I assume that Ross and Kane close their eyes and imagine it.

The Ross Reporter asks Kane for his reaction to the video.

Kane: Anger, hatred.

Ross asks why that is and the Towel lover tells us that he was normal until a fire transformed him into a monster. Now Rob Van Dam and Stone Cold want to expose that monster to the world. He thought they were his friends. Why would they want to humiliate him? What kind of friend is that, JR?

Now things get interesting. James Ross taps into what we're all thinking and asks the Monster about his supposed "burns." Not to be a negative Nelly, but you don't look all that burnt to anyone, Yankum. What's the story, Percy Junior? All we see is a bald guy in fiery spandex. You ain't burnt. (JG Note: You ain't fat, you ain't nothing! You ain't nothing!)

What are you saying, Jim? Are you saying the same thing that all the doctors said when he was a kid? Are you saying his burns are superficial? You see, Sooner, UniBomb was told that he's loco in la cabessa. The doctors wanted him to seek psychological counseling. They told him he was normal. Well he's not! He's no more normal than Michaels Jackson's mask wearing children. Kano has burns all over his face. See? Look! Why can't you see?! Oh JR, why can't you see!? All the doctors wanted to do was laugh at him when he took off his mask. That's why he hurt them! Can't you see?

Rossy sees alright, Vicklover. He sees a man that needs help. You need help, Kane. Big Red Help. Oh, you wanna help JR? You wanna settle this ish? How do you propose you help Kane?

JR can relate. He knows what it's like to be picked on. Don't you remember when he was forced to defend himself against insensitivity? Sure you do. After his bout with Bell's Palsy when he turned heel and brought you in as the fake Diesel? Oh, wait. We're supposed to forget that. Never mind. Anyway, Ross feels that all you can do is say "Screw it. I am who I am." Ignore the critics (JG Note: You know, the internet.) and be proud of you. Be yourself Kane. You're good enough, you're smart enough and doggone it people like you.

Oh, ok Jimmy. You speak for the people? You back them up? Well that settles it. The people are liars! You just want him to show his face so you can laugh! You wanna make fun of him like Austin and Van Dam! The Kanester knows that when he leaves you're going to be cracking wise ass remarks on him. The mere thought of this enrages the Monster and forces him to stand and confront his interviewer. JR quivers until…

Steve Austin's music hits and he comes to the ring. Watching his "best friend" and Kane on the Tron, Steve tries to ease the situation. Let's settle all this the easy way. Let Ross and Austin help you. Kane questions this. The only way to help him is to feel his pain yourself.

With that, the Bald Bull jerks Ross to his feet and lays him out with a punch. He looks around while Stone Cold calls for this to end and retrieves the gasoline. After dousing Ross with the liquid and beating down some production guys, Kane takes out a book of matches (JG Note: Hey Eric, you have any matches? Why does this say "Pam's Cat House" on it?) and lights the prone JR on fire. Sick, sick, sick. Obviously over the top and not believable, this angle was well done for what it was and the image of Ross burning along his back as the room goes up in flames will be shown for years to come. After half a minute, the crew put Ross out with an extinguisher and call for medical attention. Sick, sick, sick.

As the Rattlesnake looks in shock, Eric Bischoff comes from the curtain. How does it feel, Stone Cold? This is all on you! It's your fault and no one else's. Guess what? Easy E has great news (JG Note: He just saved a bundle on his car insurance). Next week, Linda McMahon will be here to fire your ass! Uncle Eric damns the Bionic Redneck to hell as we fade to black.

All in all… A great show. To me the true standard of a fine episode of Raw is the knowledge that I will probably save the VHS tape and pop out the little tab so I don't tape over it. Tonight's show was definitely a keeper.

WWE did a great job of turning some past segments and giving them new meaning. Rather than just use the beatings of Rico and Dreamer to advance Kane, they used it also to advance the "Impeach Austin" storyline as well. It made many of the moments that we've sat through mean more than we originally thought and all that time doesn't seem so wasted now. The booking of tonight's show featured a genuine effort that the writers haven't demonstrated in a while.

They did an amazing job with Kane's interview and really gave you a new light to view him in. For once they decided to tackle a problem (Kane's non-burns) rather than just ignore it and play the "suspend disbelief" card. Was the ending cheesy? In some ways, yes. But that doesn't mean it wasn't memorable. Considering that Kane once threw a lightening bolt and set a camera man on fire, this seemed very realistic.

The rest of the show may have lacked some good performances, but the overall focus on a final direction helped to make this a historic night for the show and the character of Kane. For the first time since 2001, Kane makes sense.

Before I go, I just want to let everyone know a few things. First, I won't be reviewing Raw next week as I'll be away for my birthday. (JG Note: You hear that, Bisch. You got a one week reprieve.) But I'll be around between now and then with some more Takes. Also, this coming week's copy of the Torch newsletter will feature my premiere contribution to the written sheet. There won't be any Amazon links in it though. I suppose you can just put your finger on certain words and say "Click" but nothing would happen and that would just be stupid. Feel free to drop me a line, but be warned. If you make fun of my Raw report, I'll set you on fire. Be Well!

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Aug 3, 2018
JG's 7/30/07 Raw Insanity: Carlito Spits In The Face Of Stars Of The Marine
Jul 30, 2018
JG's 7/27/09 Raw Insanity: Shaquille O'Neil Went To Leprechaun School
Jul 27, 2018
JG's 7/25/05 Raw Insanity: Carlito Pins The WWE Champion...Seriously
Jul 25, 2018
JG's 7/24/06 Raw Insanity: The Debut of Mr. McPhone
Jul 24, 2018
JG's 7/23/07 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Kicks Dusty Rhodes In The Head
Jul 23, 2018
JG's 7/21/08 Raw Insanity: John Cena Accidentally Punches Batista On Purpose
Jul 21, 2018
JG's 7/20/10 NXT Insanity: McGillibuddies Make Michael Cole Want To Throw Up
Jul 20, 2018
JG's 7/14/03 Raw Insanity: Kane Isn't Burned, But J.R. Is
Jul 14, 2018
JG's 7/13/10 NXT Insanity: Nextivus For The Rest of Us
Jul 13, 2018
JG's 7/12/04 Raw Insanity: Kane's a Woman
Jul 12, 2018
JG's 7/11/05 Raw Insanity: Poor Man's Pillman V1
Jul 11, 2018
JG's 7/6/09 Raw Insanity: Ted DiBiase Breaks The Fifth Commandment
Jul 6, 2018
JG's 7/4/05 Raw Insanity: Chavo Guerrero becomes White
Jul 4, 2018
JG's 7/2/07 Raw Insanity: Has Anyone Seen Daniel Beck?
Jul 2, 2018
JG's 6/19/06 Raw Insanity: Vince Pumps Chickens
Jun 19, 2018
JG's 6/18/07 Raw Insanity: Mick Foley Gets A Samoan Bulldozing
Jun 18, 2018
JG's 6/15/09 Raw Insanity: Donald Trump Will Buy Anything
Jun 15, 2018
JG's 6/14/04 Raw Insanity: Hunter is Eugene's Best Friend
Jun 14, 2018

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