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JG's 9/11/06 Raw Insanity: McMahonia Runs Wild In MSG

By James Guttman Sep 11, 2017 - 8:14 PM print

Originally Published September 11, 2006

Dear Mr. McDaddy,

I've spoken to the writing team about your desire to find material that will be deemed 'offensive' to a mainstream audience. As you mentioned, the more disgusted that the 'plebeians' become with our low threshold of good taste, the more they'll tune in. While we're happy with the way the Steve Irwin joke came across (much like we did with John Cena's John Ritter joke many years ago), we were let down by the response to Cryme Tyme. It seems that some people even liked it. Can you believe it? Back to the drawing board. One of our writers suggested we let JBL lynch one of them during the next vignette. I thought it was a good idea. If you're uncomfortable with the violence involved in a lynching, we could always do the 'ol' tar and feather skit' we've been kicking around since the late '90s.

Anyway, here are the new offensive ideas we've come up with. I think you'll find them all very exciting.

Love and Screeches,


#1 - John Cena vs. John Mark Karr - WrestleMania 23

We've always done well with crossover celebrity appearances. From Mr. T to Donnie Wahlberg to Rhonda Shearer, our guest celebs have done nothing but generate ratings. This is another case where we can use the mainstream press to help push our shows.

Although he said he murdered JonBenet Ramsey, John Mark Karr's DNA did not match what was found at the crime scene. That means that he didn't do it. So he's not really a killer. He's just a nut job. We could always use more nut jobs on the roster. Why not? They're fun and easy to write for. We feud them with Kane and have them lick a diva. It's writing 101.

So here's the deal. We bring in Karr for WrestleMania to face...John Cena! I'll tell you, daddy, if we can't get the people to cheer for Cena against John Mark Karr, then we should just fire him. In fact, we should just shoot him in the face on TV. ( See Suggestion #3)

Now, let's say that the fans do boo John Cena at WM23, which will probably happen. That's fine. We'll just turn Karr baby face. You don't get much more offensive than that. Right? WRONG!

Who's John Mark Karr's natural opponent? You guessed it. His DNA! That's why we yank out the ol' maskerino and stick Pierre Outlette in it. From there, we introduce Karr's next major feud against'

Doctor Nasty America a.k.a. D.N.A.

Making things better, it opens up the doors for tons of celebrity crossovers including:

Oh yeah. You like that. You do.

#2 - Base an entire feud around Eddie Guerrero's Memory


#3 - Shoot Val Venis in the face on TV

Goodbye, Ladies

Simple.  To The Point. Effective. Blow his head off. Blam.

Val Venis has demonstrated his willingness to help the company succeed. This would be the perfect test for that.

To maximize the effect this could have on a National TV audience, certain things can be tweaked.

First, after he's shot, you can have Viscera come out and hump the pieces of blown apart head that that are spattered about.

Also, the shooting itself can be altered to suit your offensive needs. Rather than doing it yourself, which may be fun for you but not the most offensive move, you can have it done by someone else. Possible candidates include:

Saddam Hussein
Dominic Mysterio
Muhammad Hassan
O.J. Simpson
Dick Cheney
Jimmy Snuka

#4 - Turn Eddie Guerrero's widow heel


#5 - Segregate Raw and Smackdown.

Smackdown is pretty much our African American show at this point. It's on UPN (or CW, whatever the hell that is). So it made sense to put Teddy Long as GM. He looks like Sherman Helmsley and all that.

Here's what we propose. Completely segregate both brands. Have only white wrestlers on Raw and black wrestlers on Smackdown. Latinos, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Asians or any other ethnicities can work ECW...or Heat...or get fired. We don't care.

To maximize the offensive nature of this, we think it will be a good idea to never mention the segregation on air. Unlike Survivor, which touted their separation of tribes based on ethnicity in order to do a 'social experiment,' we can just pretend like it's not happening. People will ask, 'Why are there 700 wrestlers on Raw and they're all white while there's like four people on the Smackdown brand and they're all black?' We can just shrug our shoulders and say, 'Stop reading into things, you smart mark. Move out of your parents' basement.' When they say we didn't answer their question, we can just show them a photo of what we did to Val Venis. Then they'll shut up.

***Note - Triple H has requested that he be the only one to reference the segregation. He'd like to refer to Smackdown as 'Blackdown' during his promos and then laugh like a little girl. We told him that shouldn't be a problem.


#6 - Use Eddie Guerrero's catchphrase to sell Shopzone merchandise.


#7 - Advertise dead wrestlers for pay-per-views.

Old School vs. Weird School

Obviously people will buy the show to see what we're up to. When they do, we'll be like "We apologize, ladies and gentlemen, but Frank Gotch will not be here tonight for his scheduled match with Eugene because he's dead. Duh." Then we can toss in Randy Orton or something.

Some people think that this approach will make us lose fans, but studies show that 78% of our viewing audience will continue to buy the shows every month if we do this trick. It's how WCW stayed alive for so long.

#8 - Marty Masturbation 'The Child Molesting Terrorist'

How's that for a gimmick? Huh? Marty Masturbation 'The Child Molesting Terrorist' will be one of our most 'cutting-edge' characters to date. Sound good? Wait. It gets better.

Wait for it.

...he's a good guy.

Oh yeah. We put his face on T-Shirts and sell tons of merchandise to anyone who will buy it. We can have Marty juggle a bag of walnuts when he comes to the ring. His merch can proudly display his slogan -

'Hey Kids! Juggle Your Nuts or I'll Kill The Infidels!'


We also think it might be a good idea to contact the Teen Choice Awards people and ask if they'd like John Cena to present an award at their next show. When they accept, we'll just wait until right before airtime and swap in Marty. It won't get much more offensive than that. You're welcome!

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You offended? Good, that means they got your attention.  Even without Pit-Pat, WWE is ready to rock your socks and grab your blocks, so to speak. We're geared up for a night of unrelenting fun in the Big Apple. Will Triple H and Shawn Michaels wage war yet again against their sworn enemies, Vincent and Shane McMahon? What does Trish Stratus have to say to her legion of fans now that she's on her way to becoming one of the hottest retirees at the home? Will she ask for Metamucil and bran? Can The Highlanders take the tag team titles from The Spirit Squad or will Johnny, Mikey, Willis, Arnold, and Pearl keep the gold strapped around their ambiguously gay waists? Finally, what will John Cena have in store for his R-Rated enemy Edge as their unholy battles for respect wage on? One thing's certain. It'll be hawd. Like from the street, yo. So, grab your railroad tickets, step over the guy sleeping in Penn Station, and head on up to the house that McMahon built. Why? 'Cause tonight, the man who built it is gonna headline it. Vince, Hunter, Monday, USA, Raw, Now!

Moment of Silence in honor of 9/11 followed by Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem. Nicely done on WWE's part. It was a classy way to acknowledge the date and show reverence to those lost.

We immediately jump into Ric Flair's intro and, for what seems like the 40th week in a row, WWE skips the Raw theme. The Nature Boy is clad in his Pepto Bismal Phyllis Diller robe as he awaits his foe.

Hey, man. I think Rikishi has like some sort of face rash.

That's Umaga.

Oh is it? Damn. I never heard of that before. Is it contagious?

1) Umaga defeated Ric Flair via disqualification

Flair wore his Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 trunks for this one and went right to work on the massive Samoan Bulldozer. It was a very quick way to start the show and, in many ways, was better than they've done in weeks. Unfortunately (JG Note: or Fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this match was quick too. Before it seemed to even begin, Ric grabbed a steel chair and smashed Maggie in the mush with it. The ref called for the bell and Jamala let out a primal scream.

Shaken by his inability to scramble the brains of Armando's monster, The Nature Boy backed off, but was stalked around the ring. Finally, Maga caught up the Horseman on the outside and flattened him with a Samoan Drop on the hard padded floor. He then rolled the former 16 time champion into the ring and prepared to lower the boom. Little did he know, there was a Big Red Boom awaiting him.


Kane is here! By God! It's Kane! Through Hell, Fire, and the Lower East Side, the Big Red Machine is eager to show the Bulldozer who the real monster is. The two 'super heavyweights' lock up and it appears that Umy has the upper hand. He uses chairs and fists to drive his point home, but fails to factor in the no-sell, sit-up move that the Bearer Family is famous for. The Katie Vick-lover sits up suddenly and gets the surprise advantage on his foe. Kane-o knocks Umama from the squared circle and stands tall. Before he does the arm motion to signal his pyro, Big Red hoists up the ring steps and propels them over the top rope'right into Umaga's tattooed kisser. Splat. Nice face, deek.

Vince McMahon and his boy wonder are out walking along Madison Square Garden's Walk of Fame. Shane offers to show his dad the most famous name inducted along the walk. Who is it? Why, it's "The McMahon Family Name."  In a square, blocked off by velvet rope, The McMahon Honorary Tile sits proudly. With an evil look in his eye, VKM tells his son that he has a feeling DX will be the ones who get 'walked all over tonight.' He doesn't mention whether or not he'll tie them up with velvet ropes, though. I guess we'll just have to wait and be surprised.

Still to come: Vinnie Mac vs. His Grandbaby Daddy. But first, it's Nitro, Edge, and Orton against Cena, Jeff Hardy, and Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Commercial Break. Gatorade keeps race drivers hydrated. Better than beer, I guess.

Hell in a Cell Moment: Cactus Jack vs. Triple H. Awww...this was Mick Foley's first last match. Sniff. Memories.

The NYPD Emerald Society is out next with a team of bagpipers. I feel stupid because my first thought is that they're here to introduce Roddy Piper. Then I realized they were here to introduce the Highlanders.

... who then introduced Roddy Piper. I don't feel stupid anymore. I feel psychic. I'm gonna go play the lotto now. I think I'll choose 4,8,15,16, 23, 42.  Nice.

Hot Rod is indeed in the house and he's wearing his dimpled black leather jacket. Roddy isn't here simply to wear his bad ass coat. He's here to tell us about magazines he reads. Case in point - WWE Magazine. Seems that the Rowdy Scottsman picked up the latest edition that features the 50 baddest guys in WWE history. Who's #1? Roddy Piper - that's who! (JG Note: #2 is Sivi Afi.) After giving away the ending to WWE Magazine's newest issue, Piper decided to do what we all do for fun. He gets into a slap contest with the Highlanders.

They all take turns slapping each other and laughing. It was so much slap-happy fun that the Canadian Scottsman From Oregon was moved to say this:

'I haven't had this much fun since I beat up Mr. T!'
- Roddy Piper, 9:18pm

This brings out the Spirit Squad, who don't seem to be pleased with the night's festivities. They mock the Landers and their new Bagpipe Buddy. You boys are wearin' skirts! Ha! Fargin' skirts! To this RP responds that the Spirit Squad talk big considering that they 'voluntarily had their testicles removed and replaced by pom-poms.' Wow. I didn't read about that on WWE.com. Obviously, this upsets the boys with cotton balls. That's why when the Rowdy one offered to team up with Rory and Robbie McAillister tonight in a six-man tag against the S.S., they didn't hesitate. You're on, skirt face! The Green World Order is gonna cheer your ass into the middle of next week. Rah! Rah! Booyah!

2) Rowdy Roddy Piper and The Highlanders defeated The Spirit Squad after a Slingshot Scot Drop

Roddy Piper isn't in good shape at all, but then again he doesn't have to be. He's retired. He can get chubby or grow his hair long or spend the day throwing pudding at the wall. It's his life now. If he keeps to special appearances like this and doesn't try to make another extended comeback like when he feuded with Zach Gowan, he can look however he wants. He kept the kilt and shirt on for this one. The contest served its purpose and got a nice reaction from the crowd. It's always easier to go into a comedy match knowing it's a comedy match. The crowd reacts better and as long as it's positioned correctly on the card, it doesn't do any harm. This was like that. Plus, the addition of Roddy to the mix changes the dynamic and creates a light hearted tag match combined with a legendary name at Madison Square Garden. All of that makes for a more exciting contest. The finish to this one was well done too. Ken Doane was knocked from the ring like an autograph seeker on the freeway. With the leader of the Squad down and out, Johnny was easy prey for a Slingshot Scot Drop and a Piper pin.

Backstage, Todd 'T-Money' Grisham is joined by Johnny Nitro and Melina. Nitro is so angry that he doesn't even want to talk about his match tonight. He wants to talk about the rudeness of Jeff Hardy last week. Screw dat guy! He wants to imply that watching paint dry is more fun than watching a Melina/Johnny promo? Eff you, punk! Melina is upset as well. She uses the opportunity for mic time to downgrade Mick Foley. Yuck. What a big ball of goo! He kept talking about 'stuff that happened 12 years ago!' She calls him boring while her boyfriend gives Mick advice for dealing with his next 'crush.' While all this is going on, Jeff Hardy is off in the background, setting up a canvas with some paint on it. The Intercontinental Champion sees this act of disrespect and pushes the Hardy Boy.. Irate, he destroys the artwork and drives Jeffery into a frenzy. He yells, 'That's my painting!' With that, he pushes the former N of MNM down and tosses paint at him, covering his entire body in color. First yellow. Then blue. Together, they make green. (JG Note: I'm James Guttman and that's One To Grow On.) I think this segment could be summed up best by Mike Darukie on the first Jerky Boys album - 'What do you say we get together and paint each other up?'

Still to Come: Paintiphile, Poopaphile, and Dust Bunny Head take on The R-Rated WWE Champion, The R-Rated Intercontinental Champion, and the guy we all plug into the 'shit in the duffel bag' jokes.

Commercial Break. This Sunday, prepare for Unforgiven. Can't afford it? Don't want to afford it? Hate TVs? Whatever the reason for missing it, you can catch up all the real time coverage right here at WorldWrestlingInsanity.com. Also, I'll be up at ClubWWI.com with my thoughts on the show after it happens.

Hell in a Cell Moment - Bad Blood 1997. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker. This was before Shawn found God. From the looks of it, when he finally did find him, God ripped out a huge chunk of hair from Shawn's head.

The WWE Champion Edge is here with his R-Rated Spinny Belt. Canada's Horniest Athlete makes an announcement. Tonight will be John Cena's final match on Raw. After the big pay-per-view, John will be heading back to Smackdown. Adam Copeland wrote a song about it. Like to hear it go'

'We're heading to Toronto for a little home cookin,
Where the people are like New Yorkers, only much more better lookin'
And after this Sunday, I'll have no more cares,
Once I beat John Cena with Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.
Cause I will grab the title and my career will soar
While Cena chokes worse that the Yankees in 2004
Then Cena goes to Smackdown going from facing me to King Booker
Which is like going from the lovely Lita to a New York City Hooker.
I don't lose TLCs, So I've got nothing to fear.
So tune in next week on Raw cause the champ will be here! Awww yeah!'
- Edge, 9:45pm

'What am I supposed to say to that? You're the man, dawg?'
- Jim Ross, 9:45pm

3) John Cena, Carlito, and Jeff Hardy defeated Randy Orton, Edge, and Johnny Nitro when Cena forced Nitro to submit

Johnny Nitro is still covered in paint. It's pretty silly, but nothing new. At WrestleMania 3, Tito Santana stripped Slick's clothes off of him and he came out three matches later still wearing a shredded suit. You mean to tell me the Doctor of Style didn't even bother to bring a change of clothes?! Huh?! That's insane! That's'uh, sorry. Got off on a rant there. The task at hand is the six man tag between three of Raw's top tier feuds. The one weird thing here that really stuck out was seeing Randy Orton vs. John Cena. For so long, this was considered to be WWE's dream match in waiting. People thought that by the time they embarked on a feud with one another, they'd be the next generation of WWE's main event and give us an all new Rock-Austin. Hee hee. Nope. As for the match itself, it was OK. Jeff Hardy found a way to botch two moves in four minutes. That was cool, I suppose.  One of those moves was a clothesline over the top rope on Orton that could partially be blamed on the Legend Killer as well. Hardy's follow-up move was all his own fault though. He went for a rope flip on Randy to the outside and ended up landing on his head or something. I'm not really sure where he hit because the camera was shaking in a way that implied they knew he had botched it and were looking to throw us off. Anyway, The Charismatic Enigma was in pretty bad shape following it. He did eventually rebound and hit a Whisper in the Wind on the WWE Champ, though. So, that's good. The crowd even got into the act on this one. In typical Madison Square Fashion, a dual chant broke out. One half chanted 'Let's Go Cena' while the other chanted back, 'Cena sucks!' Their loud reaction added more to contest than it would have had without it. Lawler and Ross acknowledge the battling audience and mention how Raw is the longest running cable broadcast. Speaking of running long, this was an extended match. The type of thing that you pack a lunch for. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. These six guys did their thing and lead up to a good finish. Ort tried to hit Cena with the RKO, but was attacked and backcracked by Carlito. With Mr. R.K.O. down for the count, Johnny C. was able to lock Johnny N. in his STFU and score a tapity, tap, tap.

Still to come: Trish Stratus' final match on Raw and the two men in Stephanie's life have themselves a Garden Party.

Commercial Break. 'Nobody Beats Aaron's.' Uh oh. I know a man named 'The Wiz who may beg to differ.

Hell in a Cell Moment - Judgment Day 2002. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H. Hunter defeats Y2J with a Pedigree atop the cage.

Anthony Michael Hall is at ringside. He's starring in the USA Show 'The Dead Zone.' Every show or movie that Anthony Michael Hall makes should be called 'Not Pretty in Pink or the Breakfast Club.'

Cryme Tyme Video. JTG and Shad Gaspard train for Endurance this week. How? By mugging a chubby 'white boy' who has wandered into the hood on his way back 'from Banana Republic.' This week was a little more humorous than last week's at least. The token white guy was on his cell phone saying that he hasn't seen a Starbucks in five blocks, when suddenly he's jumped by the Tymers. After punking out homeboy, the announcer laughs about his 'chubby ass' as Shad and his partner count their cheddar. Bling bling.

Vince McMahon is wearing a performance fleece and he's giving shout outs to everyone in his family. He tells his son, Shane, that his match tonight against Triple H will be for his grandsons, Declan and Kennedy. It'll be for his granddaughter, Aurora Rose. It will make Shane-o proud. It will make his daughter Stephanie proud'wait. The McDaddy stops and says, 'She may have mixed emotions.' Hell, it'll make his granddaddy Jess proud. It'll make his father Vincent J. proud. It'll make his Uncle Foo-Foo happy. It'll make his Aunt Cookie and Cousin Coolata happy too! Hell's yeah! Everyone's gonna have fun tonight! Know why? Cause it's more than a match. It's a quest. It's a quest for fun. I'm gonna have fun and you're gonna have fun. We're all gonna have so much f*cking fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles. You'll be whistling 'Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah' out of you're asses! I gotta be crazy! I'm on a pilgrimage to see a moose. Praise Marty Moose!

Retro NY Commercial Break.

4) Super Crazy pinned Chris Masters after a head scissors

Rematch time for Chris Masters, who was shocked and upset last week after facing Super Crazy. Debuting on Raw in stunning fashion, the former Mexicooler surprised everyone, including the Masterpiece. Lighting won't strike twice, though. This week, Chris is ready for him'but it doesn't matter. He gets pinned again. This time, it's a head scissors that's his undoing. Uno, dos, tres once again and Masters is upset once again.

Making of 'The Marine' starring John Cena. Fans everywhere hope the movie takes off and propels John's movie career. Why? Because if it does, maybe he'll disappear like the Rock did.

Commercial Break. ECW - Tomorrow night at 10pm. Our own Matt Dawgs was there for the taping tonight. You can get the full results by clicking here.

Smackdown Rebound: Finley beat up Batista. They were fighting over which one of them was older.

5) Trish Stratus pinned Mickie James after the Stratusfaction

Trish was wearing an LCD Belt Buckle that had a scrolling marquee with '100% Stratusfaction' on it. It was actually pretty cool. Too bad she didn't discover it until her final match on Raw, eh? For the most part, this one didn't get the type of reaction you'd hope to see. While it might be an honor to have you final Raw match happen at MSG, there's also a part of you that would rather not see it happen. The NYC crowd is notorious for liking what they like and not what they think they should like. Sometimes it makes for some exciting stuff and sometimes it makes for this. The contest was what it was and in the end, Strats scored the predictable victory with a Stratusfaction. Even Lita's distraction couldn't stop her. Trisha simply kicked her off the apron and went about her business. After the bell, T.S. hugged Mickie in an out-of-character moment and then took the microphone. She gave a heartfelt thank you to the crowd from joining her on this wild and crazy journey. Bad crowd or not, the moment was pretty cool for those viewing at home. Stratus has been a great asset to the WWE's Female Division and it'll be quite different without her around.

Hell in a Cell - Bad Blood 2003. Triple H vs. Kevin Nash. J.R. says it's 'the most satanic, evil structure ever created.' Ouch. No biggie, though. Kev's been called worse.

Commercial Break. Mini Me is doing Geico commercials. It's the one where they hire a celebrity to help a real person tell their car story. I was kind of disappointed. After seeing him on The Surreal Life, I was hoping he would turn to the Geico customer and pee on him. Now that would be a commercial.

This week in Wrestling: WWE presented Smackdown from Houston two days after 9/11/01.

Backstage in the parking area, DeGeneration X are walking along when they're suddenly stopped by'Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Seriously. What? I'm not kidding. They really were. Whatever. Believe me or not. Anyway, a scuffle ensued and the DeGenerates quickly found themselves outnumbered. With Shane McMahon and Big Show running in to help out, Hunter and Michaels were beaten like government mules (JG Note: Or redheaded stepchildren, depending on where you grew up.) Shawn ate a Cobra Clutch Bomb on the hood of limousine, but the most damaging assault happened on The Game. Shane-o holds the limo door wide open while Lance holds his head in place. Little Mac violently slams it and, in turn, smashes ear of The Cerebral Assassin. The spot, while obviously worked, still was effective in accomplishing what it was meant to accomplish. Sideburns crumbles to the ground as the unnaturally humungous Mr. McMahon walks into the scene and informs his son-in-law that tonight's match will be 'No Holds Barred.' Hey'doesn't he mean Extreme Rules? No. Texas Death? No. Chicago Street Fight? No. Just No Holds Barred, huh? OK. That's cool with me. I like Zeus.

Commercial Break. The Rock says that characters are welcome. It doesn't matter if characters are welcome!

Mr. McMahon is the first one out for the main event. He's wearing a red tank top and he's just way too big for his own good. It's just insane. It's beyond insane. There comes a point where you cross a line. Once you do, it becomes obvious simply through sight to tell that you're not accomplishing your goals naturally. Too big is too big. My grandpa used to give me sesame treats and Werther's originals. This grandpa in the red tank top can bench press a motorboat.

We all await the introduction of Hunter Hearst Helmsley. His music eventually hits and the crowd doesn't react too strongly. The Game finally stumbles out and his ear is all sorts of fyocked up. Looking like the cop in Reservoir Dogs, Triple H bleeds his way up the ramp and ignores the doctor's orders. Screw healing. Screw hearing. It's awn.

5) Vince McMahon pinned Triple H after a sledgehammer to the head.

Much of the opening was spent with Vince beating upon Hunter's gamy head. The half-dead son-in-law struggled to keep his balance, but was knocked down by Vinnie Mac's continuous head butts. J.R. referred to the match as 'historic' as it was Vince's first MSG appearance. The audience didn't seem to care all that much about history. They were quiet at times and even had small 'boring' chants here and there. The King covered for the lack of enthusiasm by claiming that the crowd was 'stunned silent.' The general guess was that they didn't expect to see the former Evolution leader get beaten up so badly. Badly or not, Trippie made a comeback even after getting Pedigreed. When he did, Jim Ross, obviously still thinking about biting some good ol' barbeque from his new website, offered this warning:

'If the Game's heart is beating, he's gonna come back and bite your ass!'
- Jim Ross, 11:03pm

Note to Self: Don't go near Triple H when his heart is beating.

Mr. McMahon kept swinging, but the Game stopped selling. He absorbed the shots and suddenly seemed to regain his balance. ( Pedro Sanchez Note : They must have been magic punches or something.) His return was short-lived though. Shane McMahon ran in and took him down. That too didn't last long as Shawn Michaels was right behind him. He followed Sonny Boy to the ring and took him out. Just as you thought DX had won the battle, Big Show arrived to do his damnedest. He slammed down Shawn with a power bomb and all looked dark for the Green and Black Attack.

Hunter regained his composure and retrieved his trusty sledgehammer. The McMahons didn't let him get away with it though. They knocked him to the ground beat him and his buddy with weapons. After smashing the Dxers to bits, VKM puts his daughter's hubby down with a solid sledgehammer to the head. What a finisher! What a maneuver! What a shocker - Vince McMahon wins in his Madison Square Garden debut.

Jim Ross says, ' Human beings go to prison for the kind of treatment that McMahons and Big Show have given to DX!

Hey! He's right. They do! Wait a minute. I never thought about it like that.  Why don't The McMahons go to pris 'Fade to Black.

All in all...Another pretty good week for Raw.

Raw's been on a definite upswing lately. In fact, the entire company seems to be improving in some areas. Sure, there's still plenty of crap to get around. Once you do, you notice the good things that are happening.

The tag division is clicking again somewhat. Cade and Murdoch get TV time. Cryme Tyme gets a drawn out introduction. The Highlanders and Sprit Squad get to have a genuine feud. Things like that all add up to a better tag division. Whether or not it stays that way is different. All we know is that it is what it is for now.

Trish Stratus leaving WWE doesn't have that big of an impact. With so many people 'retiring,' only to return every five minutes, the days of retirement meaning teardrops and sad songs are over. Hell, I remember the first time one of my favorites retired. It happened at WrestleMania 3. He fought Adrian Adonis. I was 10. Long story short - he wrestled tonight.

The six man match ate up a lot of time, but was good for what it was. It was an old fashioned 'Garden Party' of sorts and echoed the old school approach to MSG. Growing up, they'd book tag matches or six-men. They'd let it go on for a while so everyone could brawl everywhere. This was one of those types. With three of the top feuds in one match, they leave themselves room for a number of innovative things.

The ending was what it was. I wish Triple H would put over guys younger than him instead of guys older than him. It would make more sense. Then again, Raw's main event slot is like the Olive Garden. When you're here, you're family.

That's it for me, guys. Big thanks to Matt Dawgs for his ECW Taping Results. Today was also Matt's birthday. The Angry Young Man is now 28 and one year closer to having to change one of the three words in his nickname.

Also, be sure to check out Orlando Jordan's first post WWE Interview on ClubWWI.com. O.J. talks for 42 minutes about his WWE release, being openly bisexual in professional wrestling, JBL, and much more. Club Members can also access audio reports from Dr. Tom Prichard, Mike Rickard, Canadian Bulldog, ZAH, Uncle Ralph and others. Plus, I have my own post-show reports from TNA and ECW. Also, the entire Radio Free Insanity archives featuring shoot interviews with everyone from Samoa Joe to Bobby Heenan. Speaking of the Brain, you can also hear his full one hour interview over at the Club too. What are you waiting for? Sign up now. Your Ipod will thank you.

Quick note, guys. I'm now fully moved into my new place and able to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I covered it well enough so that it didn't effect the site. Moving is rough. Not only that, but we also had a glitch with our email system so if you sent an email in the last few weeks and didn't' get a response, you might want to resend it. Sorry about that. The timing is just perfect, right? I think Vince sent his gremlins into our server to eat some wires.

See you all during the week! Be Well and thanks for sharing my Insanity!

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