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JG's 9/6/04 Raw Insanity: Finally Randy Orton Has Come Back...To Texas

By James Guttman Sep 6, 2017 - 8:01 PM print

Originally Published September 6, 2004

Coming soon from WWE Films­... 

Meet the Parent


Starring: Paul Bearer, Lita, Kane, Matt Hardy, Kevin Bacon, and Shawn Michaels as "God"

After being forced into sexual slavery by the Big Red Machine Kane, all seems set for the life of Lita. Despite all the torture, pain, and torment that she must endure, nothing compares to the scariest part of all - meeting his father! Before any white wedding can take place, Lita Focker must meet the Big Red Daddy and pass his series of tests before being deemed worthy to marry his son. Watch the hilarity ensue as she is forced to buy Paul Bearer cookies, clean the coffins in his funeral parlor, and watch tapes of his old matches against Chris Von Erich. It's family fun with a Satanist theme - only from WWE Films.

Dead Men Don't Wear Slacks


Starring: The Undertaker, Sara Taker, Rey Mysterio, Michael Hayes, Kevin Bacon, and the Ultimate Warrior as the suit salesman

You can take the dead out of the character, but you can't put the character in nice clothes ­or something like that. This is the touching story of one man's struggle against wearing anything outside of a t-shirt. Having spent the last 14 years toiling for Vince McMahon's wrestling promotion, Undertaker is faced with a difficult decision. Is the fun of political maneuvering and self promotion worth the price of wearing a button-up shirt? Only time will tell.

The Flair Book Project


Starring: Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Mark Madden, Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Bacon, Vince McMahon, and Triple H as the greatest human being Ric Flair has ever, ever met in his whole life

In 1999, a wrestler was lost in a sea of self doubt. Five years later, his memoirs were discovered in the woods by a former Nitro announcer who was practically sexually assaulted by Tank Abbot. What followed was the chilling account of a man's career. The pain and agony of a jet flyin', kiss-stealin', wheelin', dealin', banana peelin', envelope sealin', faith healin', son-of-a- gynecologist is told in vivid detail. Serves as great companion viewing to Ric Flair's autobiography, "To Be The Man", and Ramona Quimby: Age 8.

Fast Times For Heidenreich


Starring: John Heidenreich, Paul Heyman, Michael Cole, Vince McMahon, Josh Matthews, Kevin Bacon, and Johnny Ace as "Little Johnny"

Speeding through his time on Smackdown at breakneck speed, John Hei-den-reich is well on his way to the undercard. Tune in to watch his exciting and fast journey from Thursday night to Saturday cable. Don't take our word for it. Just listen to this testimonial from Michael Cole. "John Heidenreich, coming soon to a Velocity ring near you."

Barely Famous


Starring: Carmella, Joy, Maria, Christy, John Coachman, the Rock, Jerry Lawler, Ivory, Kevin Bacon, and Steven Richards as the absent-minded Spike TV censor

What do you get when you cross Jerry Springer with bikinis? You get the opportunity for hilarity. In this film, WWE's Raw Diva Contestants are on a mission to shock and excite. Watch their harrowing journey from rubbing Kamala to repeating the word "c-ck" several times on live TV. They need their mouths washed out - both figuratively and literally. If you don't get Cinemax, then this is the type of movie for you. It's all the lude, crude, and sexual innuendo that you'd see in soft core porn, only without all that pesky nudity and sex.

The sad thing is that I'd be more likely to see any of these films than "The Marine." You know what I did see? Monday Night Raw. I saw it Monday Night, hence the name. There were questions left and right. Did Eugene and Triple H finally settle their epic feud inside a steel cage? Was Randy Orton able stop the Big Red challenge of the newly hitched Kane? What bad words did the wanna-divas say in order to make their segment mean anything at all? Is that a glass pipe in your luggage or are you just happy to be here? Lean back, kids. It's time to rewind the clock and talk a little about last night's festivities on Spike Lee TV. It's uncensored, uncut, and uncooked - get it? It's Raw!

Recap showing the evolution of Evolution's explosion.

Raw Theme Plays. Or, as Bruno Sammartino calls it, "that song I've never heard before."

Yes, Mr. Bischoff, I understand you're here to pitch us a new reality show.

Yeah. Listen, you take an average guy. You give him unlimited money, power, and success. Then you rip it all away and force him to age 50 years within 2 years. I call it - "Me."



Eric Bischoff is here and he's ready to rock and roll on Raw. First things first, Easy E is surrounded by a steel cage. Uncle Eric laughs and says he wants to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld. Bischoff tries to do an impression of Seinfeld by saying "What's the deal with the steel cage." For some reason, Jerry Seinfeld sounds like southerner with a speech impediment to Eric, because that's the voice he did. The cage is here for Triple H's match against Eugene. Tonight's the night that the Game takes out Sleazy E's nephew once and for all. It'll be Gene's first and final cage appearance. Just to make things fun, Bisch addresses William Regal in a round about way by doing yet another unintentional funny impression, this time adopting a British accent and warning Willie that if anyone interferes "before, during or after" the match, they will be suspended. (JG Note: My fiance looks up and asks how someone could interfere after a match. Good point.) Bischy switches gears to Edge's groin and how it's torn. Because of this injury, that may force the current champion out of action for four to six weeks, Uncle Eric has no choice but to strip him of the title. After all, he wouldn't be able to defend it in the mandatory 30 days, as specified in the rulebook that WWE only uses on special occasions. Therefore we need to find ourselves a new champion. The crowd boos Edge's stripping, which is weird considering that they boo him every other time they see him. Who can possibly challenge for the vacant title?

This brings out Christian to his generic, no-frills, stock music that sounds no different than 100 other guys with the same opening beat to their entrance. It seems that being back in action for one week means one thing. It means that Mr. Christian deserves that strap. Hand it over, Eric. You know where it belongs. It belongs on the Peepmeister. It looks as though Schoff might give in. I hope there isn't someone that Christian's been feuding with forever who decides to come out and stop this.

Oh look, it's Chris Jericho - someone who has been feuding with Christian forever. Hold up, Assclown. That belt isn't yours. That belt is Jericho's. (JG Note: I sometimes wonder if color forms could stick to Chris Jericho's outfits.) Y2J+4 explains to Eric that he needs to make a match to determine the champion, not just a ruling. Right here tonight, we need Jericho-Christian. Make it happen! ATM Eric likes the sound of that. The only thing he doesn't like is the idea of it happening tonight. Instead it will happen on Sunday at Unforgiven. Chris realized that you might say that, Bisch. So how about if we have a stipulation match and let the crowd decide? Eric poses the decision to the audience. Each man presents their idea.

Eric Bischoff: "What do you people say that this Sunday at pay-per-view for the Intercontinental Title, it's Chris Jericho versus Chris Jericho inside of this fifteen foot high steel cage?"

Christian: "What do you think about at Unforgiven, one-on-one, for the Intercontinental Championship, Christian versus Chris Jericho in a­wait for it­wait for it­no countout match! Listen to them. Listen to them. They're going Boo-yah!"

Chris Jericho: "There's a very, very simple recipe, Eric. You take vacant Intercontinental Title. Suspend it freely. You mix in a large, metal, climbing apparatus. You dump in a big, steaming pile of C.L.B. Then you add a huge helping of freshly squeezed Y2J. You mix it up, you shake it, you bake it. Out comes a tasty little morsel known as the Ladder Match!"

CLB plus Y2J equals­ a ladder match! Why didn't they just make it a TLC match? It would have sounded better with the initials equation. Either way, the Ladder option sounds good and the crowd agrees. Bischy makes it a done deal and we have Canadian Ladders at Unforgiven. After taking care of the situation, Jericho has but one thing left to say. That one thing is a beating upside Christian's head. Y2J+4 locks Sister Christian in the Walls of Jericho, but Tyson Tomko shows up and pulls him to safety. And the downward spiral for the IC Title starts once again.

Still to come: La Resistance, Ric Flair, and Batista versus Tajiri, Rhyno, Chris Benoit, and William Regal. Don't you dare go away. If you do, Jim Ross promises to hurt someone in your family.

Commercial Break. No Mercy is coming to New Jersey this year. WWE says that they haven't held a pay-per-view in Jersey in over three years. Who's to blame? You guessed it - Jon Bon Jovi.

(1) Rhyno, Tajiri, William Regal, & Chris Benoit defeated Ric Flair, Batista, & La Resistance when Benoit forced Rob Conway to submit Jerry Lawler makes me laugh out loud when he says that Rhyno and Tajiri have been chasing the tag titles and "they're like Men on a Mission." I doubt he meant it, but it was funny none-the-less. Altogether, this was a good match. The finish sort of saved things, but for the most part everyone hit the high notes. Flair wrestled a good amount of the match and although he did his hammy fall-on-the-face spots, still kept things moving and was put over by the King on commentary. The finish was the best point with all men in the ring and going wild on one another. Benoit was legal with Rob Conway and began hitting German Suplexes on him. Batista rushes in, but received a German of his own. Flair rushes in and was knocked down. Tajiri sprinted to help and took down Conway. The Crippler ascended to the top rope and landed a Swan Dive Headbutt on Robby C. One Sharpshooter later and Conway had tapped. The Canadian-turned American makes the American-turned Canadian tap and the replays roll.

In case you missed the trashy Diva Search Swearfest last week, here it is. They play these sound effects to cover the curse words that sound like the type of noises they play on American's Funniest Home Videos when someone gets kicked in the balls. In essence, WWE managed to take the only interesting thing that the Raw Diva Search has produced and made it goofy in the recap. Grand.

Commercial Break. Apparently you need to be Amazing to eat a candy bar with M&Ms in it. That's a lot of pressure just to eat a chocolate bar.

Smackdown Rebound: Even Smackdown's announcers hate Smackdown. Makes you giddy to tune in, huh?

Todd Grisham looks lost and confused, but he's standing by with Randy Orton and that's all that matters. Clad in a suit and checking his watch, the Champion tells Grishy to spit out his questions and not worry about the King of Raw Triple H. According to Orton, Hunter is the obvious icon of the show and rides high on his own ego. Orty knows that Hunter wants him to be hurt tonight. After stumbling through some buildup to the worst part of the promo, Randy breaks into an impression of Trips as an ape. He makes "oohs" and "aahs" and rolls his eyes back. As a finishing touch for this poor attempt at being the Rock, he tosses up the People's eyebrow. This was one of the worst promos he could have done. It's impossible to take him seriously and try to see where he's coming from. You can't just be the Rock. What's worse is that he shouldn't want to be the Rock. They're different performers. Treat them as such. We then look at footage from Orton's tussle with the Game last week.

They recap last week's RKO on Triple H only this time around the crowd sounds so much more excited. I wonder how that could be. I must just remember it wrong.

Back to Grish and the People's Legend Killer. Randy explains that Trippy is in the prime of his legendary career, but that the Legend Killer will kill it. According to the Brahma Orton, the three most prominent letters on Raw aren't H-H-H. They are R-K-O. Funny, I always though they were Z-z-z.

Lita thanks makeup lady Jan for using "more red" in her hair. When she turns to leave, Trish Stratus is standing in her way and won't let her pass. What's up, Lita? Strats digs your style. She tells Miss Amy that it was genius to insert Shawn Michaels's name into Kane's open contract. Unfortunately, according to Trish, Leets couldn't stop Kane from inserting himself into her. A bit graphic - but O.K. Miss Congeniality promises her Canadian aggressor that once she pops out her baby, it's on. This leads to Tricia mocking her demon seed, claiming to hear it fester inside. She caps off her evil tirade with a speech about breast feeding, before Mrs. Kane stares her down and walks off in a huff.

Huff, Huff, Huff­...Walk, Walk, Walk

Trish Stratus turns around and is standing face to face with Nidia. Trish delivers the night's best line thus far when she says, "Speaking of ugly babies." Nids goes off on her in Spanish, but it's all for naught. After listening, Strats says that she doesn't speak German. She asks Nidia to speak a language that she can understand. She complies by knocking off her cap and then tossing a drink in T.S's face. Trish is covered in fruit punch and she fights Nidia ­next!

Commercial Break. There's a commercial for North Carolina. Who is this commercial reaching out to? People who didn't know that there was a North Carolina? Is someone watching this and saying "Oh wow! I knew about South Carolina. I should have realized. It's common sense that there would be a North one! Duh!"

(2) Trish Stratus pinned Nidia after a kick to the head Stratus is the queen of this show. Few females can hold a candle to her in terms of charisma. Trish proves that a successful Diva has to be more than just a pretty face in tight clothes. Her interviews, skits, and matches just show what a female member of the roster should do each week. Nidia is ­well, I don't know what Nidia is. I knew what she was when she was Jamie Noble's blind trailer park girlfriend. Now she has scary hair and speaks Spanish. It's pretty frightening really. More frightening was Strats being held on in the corner while Nids climbed the buckle to monkey flip her out. Stratus reached up and tore apart her outfit's top, revealing a white bra (JG Note: Which made the whole thing seem like work). Niddy was shocked and the ref tried to help her close her ish. Taking advantage of the predicament, Trisha hit a kick to her head and scored the pin.

There's fake wallpaper and a fake painting hanging in Eric Bischoff's office as he smiles alongside Triple H. Hunter tells Bisch that tonight is the final night for Eugene. This causes happiness from the man who killed WCW.  He's put together a party to celebrate the destruction of his nephew later tonight. Oh no. Triple puts the breaks on that idea. No celebration tonight. No party. (JG Note: Come on, Eric. You know that Triple H hates being the center of attention.) Tonight ain't about Gene. Tonight's a preview trailer for Randy Orton's pain on Sunday. Gene-o is incidental. Next Monday, Hunty is coming out with the title on his waist. Then, Bischoff, you can set up a party. Helmsley walks off and Eric says "Game On." He says it melodramatically in that way that makes you realize how cheesy wrestling can be sometimes. No one does that. No one screams out a cheesy catch phrase when someone goes out for a real fight. It doesn't happen. Game on! Car! Game on! Car!

Jim Ross says that he isn't encouraging anyone to change the channel, but next match could be brutal. It's enough encouragement to change the channel for me.

No Commercial Break because J.R. told me to change the channel during the break, so I did. Channel 5 (FOX 5 in New York) tells me that it's 10PM and asks if I know where my children are. I wasn't aware I had any. Apparently Channel 5 knows some things that I don't know. If I ever get a phone call to hear a surprise on Maury, I'm not going.

(3) Triple H defeated Eugene inside of a steel cage I'm back on channel 41 (Spike TV) for this match. How could I miss Eugene's first cage match? The initial moments featured Gene being apprehensive of Triple H and his power. Realizing that he's boxed in, Dinsmore goes buck. He whales away on Hunter with punches in the corner and lets out a primal scream. The action goes back and forth for a little while, but takes a dramatic turn when the Game gains momentum. From that point on, it was bed time for Nicky D. Dinsmore found himself beaten ridiculous. Hunter smashed his face into the cage like a cabbage in one of those old '80s cage match promos. After bloodying his foe, Helmsley continued to pound, tearing into the wound. The announcers screamed in horror and the crowd reacted big. Geney regained his composure and tried to escape, but was pulled back in and really beaten. Hunter tossed him from one side of the cage to the next. Dinsmore stumbled around and was finally Pedigreed. Even Jim Ross was thankful for that. H-Man goes to leave, but stops. He turns back to the bloody fallen Eugene, stands on the top rope, hooks his arm between his own calves, and leaps to the ground. It appears that Helmsley has broken the screamy Genie's arm as he finally exits the cage. Good set up and good match. It did great stuff for Triple H. Unfortunately, it made Eugene look like a bitch. Take the good with the bad I suppose.

Hunter isn't done. He comes back to the ring as Dinsy is being helped from the cage. Pushing away medics, the Game slams the cage door onto Dinsmore's shoulder. Everyone is surprised and shocked at this showing of evil by the Cerebral Assassin.

Commercial Break. CSI is on Spike TV every night at 7. I feel like CSI is on Spike TV all the time. It's as if Spike TV only has CSI, MXC, Real TV, and WWE. The rest of the time it's either static or infomercials.

Edge is with the Coach and he's mad. How could Eric Bischoff strip him of the Intercontinental Title? Who's to say that he wouldn't return. Now we'll never know. Funny how the 30 day rule is only used when it's convenient. Good call, Edgeman. I'm with you. Not a big fan of the long stringy hair, but I'm with you.

Extreme close-up for Kane as he leans over his stuttering bride Lita. Listen, woman, the Big Red Machine isn't happy with you signing Shawn Michaels to the Monster's open contract. Remember why the Republican delegate is out of action? It's because Kane gave him chair around the collar and crushed his throat with steel seat. We rewatch the footage for the first time in a while, which is a bit strange. The visual itself was worth replaying during HBK's absence. I forgot how intense it was. That's not good. Anywho, Kane-o will do to Randy Orton tonight what he will do to Shawn at Unforgiven. He demands that his wife join him at ringside to witness the carnage. After all, as his life partner, she's as responsible for Shawn's pain as he is.

(4) Tyson Tomko pinned Chris Jericho after a neck breaker Uh, Tomko over Jericho? Whatever works I guess. The only reason you can't really be excited about this upset is because Tyson has very little going on character-wise these days and seems to be forever in that sidekick role. This win over Y2J seems less like the start of something big and more like a random upset in an otherwise uninspiring direction for the Tom-man. Christian came to ringside with a ladder during the contest and interjected himself, serving to advance his conflict with Jericho (JG Note: A conflict that feels like it's been going on for 20 years). Tyson secured the upset when he capitalized on the CLB's interference and nailed Fozzy with a neck breaker. He got the 1,2,3 and joined Christian in beating the King of Bling Bling within an inch of his shiny life.

Commercial Break. Crack is my anti-drug. Oh wait. That doesn't work.

Stacy Kiebler is standing center ring with $250,000 in cash. Teasing the prostitute spin on all this, Kiebs wonders what the Raw Diva Search Contestants will do to earn it. (JG Note: Hell, these girls would have to give 500,000 lap dances to earn that type of money.) Before we find out who's bounced by your votes this week, lets give these jezebels a chance to do something fun. Let's have an arm wrestling contest. The winner gets to throw Texas Chili on the three others. My head hurts.

Amy vs. Christy Winner is Christy. Stacy Kiebler announces the winner as Amy, proving that even those that get paid to be a part of this don't care.

Joy vs. Carmella Winner is Carmella. It was as enthralling for me to watch as it was for you to read.

Carmella vs. Christy Christy wins! Christy wins! By God, Christy wins!

As a prize, she throws chili on the other chickies. Instead of dumping it on their heads, she sort of underhand tosses it into their stomachs, taking the one good part of an otherwise boring segment and making it boring. Thanks, Christy. Stacy lets everyone get all chilied up and then announces that Amy is out of here. Amy, we hardly knew you. Actually, we didn't know you at all. Good luck and may Shawn Michaels bless you.

Commercial Break. Preferred RX promises to save me time and money. Those aren't my main two priorities when it comes to medical coverage. I'm usually more worried about, I don't know, getting well, maybe?

Get ready because Mr. Benjamin is coming back to WWE. You might remember him as Shelton Benjamin. Actually, you probably don't remember him at all since WWE hasn't mentioned him since he disappeared.

Hey man, I told you to cue Randy Orton for his match! Who the hell is this? I ask for the World Champion and you bring me this old, Rod-Stewart looking guy with bandanas on his knees?

Oh, my bad. You said "Randy Orton." I thought you said "Ricky Morton."



The World Champion Randy Orton pops out of the curtain to his new music and with well time pyro. The crowd reacts well - not great - but well.

Hello, Miss Lita. I was sent to tell you and Kane that it's time for the main event.

Please! Don't hurt Matt! Don't hurt him!

I, uh, I wasn't going to hurt Matt Hardy. I was just sent to call you out for your match.

Please! I'll sleep with you. Just, please, don't hurt him!

I already told you. I was sent here­.ah, what the hell. Lay down and drop 'em.



(4) World Champion Randy Orton defeated Kane in a steel cage Orton is definitely not receiving the type of reaction he should as a World Champion. As a new baby face, his response is ok. As an upper mid-carder, it's good. As the brand new Heavyweight Titleholder, it's not. You read things about how WWE's big plan involves not changing Randy at all. They want to keep him true to what brought him to the dance. Unfortunately, he came to the dance as a heel! How can you take a guy who made his mark as a bad guy and try to make the same act work as a baby face? I know, I know, Steve Austin, right? Stone Cold was an ass-kicking heel that became an ass-kicking hero. Orton was an arrogant heel that's trying to become an arrogant hero. How the hell does that work? It's like having a bad guy who's gimmick is that he does philanthropy work. They could call him the Charitable Villain. Makes a hell of a lot of sense. You want proof of the insanity? Shortly after this match got underway, Ort nailed Kane with a low blow and was disqualified. The ref rang the bell and ended the match until Triple H came out and called for the cage to lower. Eric Bischoff showed up and echoed the sentiment. Lower that cage and roll the adverts. We'll be back with more.

Commercial Break. Jared is still pimpin' Subway. I can honestly say that I've never eaten Subway because I felt that it would make Jared happy.

After the break, things still look bad for the Champ. Kane is smashing his face about the cage and Hunter is mocking him from the outside. Rather unexciting, Jerry Lawler brings the mood up with some trivia. He wonders the last time we saw two cage matches on Raw. (JG Note: Good call, King. See how well he can focus when there's no one with breasts in the ring?) Orton didn't get too great of a reaction for his comebacks and seemed a bit more like a heel fighting another heel. As Triple H shouted words of encouragement, Jim Ross said that Helmsley would love to see Randy defeated tonight. It was curious considering that Hunter has a title match Sunday. How come sometimes a challenger at a pay-per-view protects his champion opponent in order to insure that the match takes place, but sometimes he doesn't? It seems that it should be pretty uniform. You can blame the finish of this one on the cameraman because it appears that Kane is going to choke slam the Champ, but from off-camera Randy Orton makes a chair appear out of thin air and hits the monster with it. Seriously, it was like David Blaine stuff. He then RKO's the Monster and prepares to leave. The Game attempts to stop Ort's escape, but the Legend Killer kicks the door and send the Cerebral Assassin crashing to the ground. Randall comes tumbling after - thgus winning the contest.

After the official word, Batista and Ric Flair show up and make their presence felt. All three Evolvers rush in and attempt to take down young Randall. However Mr. RKO overcomes the odds and begins swinging at them with a chair. Fending off the Evolved Trio, Randy stands tall. Then­ Kane sits up. Orton's eyes widen over how he's outnumbered. To counteract, the heroic champion runs away. Seriously, he runs away. Cowboy Bob's kid jumps over the top of the cage and runs up the ramp. He's yellow, now cheer. Fade to black.

All in all­ Raw, as a show, was good tonight. Long-term planning wasn't, but the show as a whole was enjoyable to watch and did its job as far as selling Sunday's show.

Triple H looked great as a merciless villain in his match with Eugene. Unfortunately, Gene ended up looking like a little girl. That's the trade-off you get for making someone seem superhuman. You need to make someone else look super weak. The real question is "who needed it more?" Could Trips have been credible without destroying Eugene? Could Eugene stay credible after being squashed like a jaywalking turtle? Either way, the match itself was good. The future for Dinsmore isn't as good.

Edge is stripped of the Intercontinental Title and thus his heel switch looks stalled. The boos for the title taking were unexpected, as was the E-Man's anger with Eric Bischoff. At least there's enough time between now and his return to figure out if they want him to be a hero or villain. Let's hope they can. They've been dragging their feet long enough on that turn.

Trish Stratus is one of the best things WWE has going right now. Her snippy bad girl gimmick is a breath of fresh air in a smog of generic divas. With the Raw Diva Search coming to an end, they should feature Strats more now. By showing off someone who's done well in the female division, it gives an aura of meaning to the Diva Search­even when there isn't any.

Oh Randy Orton. How blah. To keep the idiosyncrasies that made someone a great heel after he turns baby face seems insane. What's the point? Why cheer this guy? Because Evolution hates him? So what? Most of Evolution hates Bret Hart. That doesn't make me a Bret Hart fan. Unless they can give Orton something to bond with to the audience, it's worthless. With John Layfield already in the desperately-seeking-acceptance Champion role on Smackdown, why have another one? Both World Champions are constantly trying to improve themselves in the eyes of fans. Whoo-hoo. Fun, huh? Also, the intentional disqualification and run-away did nothing for the Legend Killer's legend.

Storyline advancement, character development - both horrible tonight. Flow of segments, well done matches - both served well. I was entertained for two hours though. Sometimes that's all that matters. At the end of the day, that's part of the goal. So I'll just say that the show itself was good and shut up.

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Jun 14, 2018
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Jun 11, 2018
JG's 6/5/06 Raw Insanity: Shane-O-Mac Trips On Preggo Powder
Jun 5, 2018
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May 31, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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May 27, 2018
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May 26, 2018
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May 22, 2018
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May 19, 2018
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May 8, 2018
JG's 5/5/03 Raw Insanity: The Stone Cold Beer Bash From Halifax
May 5, 2018
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May 4, 2018
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May 1, 2018
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Apr 27, 2018
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Apr 23, 2018
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Apr 19, 2018

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