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JG's 2/7/05 Raw Insanity: How a Smackdown Batista can be bigger than DX and the Horsemen

James Guttman -Feb 7, 2016

Choose from stars like Big Bully Busick, the Goon, Craig DeGeorge, Sean Mooney, the Bodydonnas, Zeus, Jamison...

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JG's 2/5/07 Raw Insanity: Taker Takes His Mania

James Guttman -Feb 5, 2016

Shiart's revenge came into play during the contest. Well known for being lactose-intolerant...

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JG's 2/4/08 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Encourages Parents To Moon Their Children

James Guttman -Feb 4, 2016

Yo. Where the frig is Undertaker? He was supposed to bring the guacamole dip.

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JG's 1/30/06 Raw Insanity: Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and God

James Guttman -Jan 30, 2016

Are you on crack? Smoke-o el loco coke-o, amigo?

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JG's 1/29/07 Raw Insanity: The Rockers of Thuganomics Win The Tag Titles

James Guttman -Jan 29, 2016

"Wook at me! I'm A Piss. I don't wike to wape my daddy because I'm a widdle bitch."

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JG's 1/21/08 HD Raw Insanity: Chris Jericho Disappoints His Children

James Guttman -Jan 21, 2016

Yes. The third tab just kicked in.

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JG's 1/20/03 Raw Insanity: Introducing Evolution

James Guttman -Jan 20, 2016

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us all to the Dunkin Donuts center. I pictured it looking like Willie Wonka's factory only with a donut theme.

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JG's 1/16/06 Raw Insanity: Tables, Ladders and Flair

James Guttman -Jan 16, 2016

Kurt says he believes they were chanting that at Lita.  She's the one who sucks.  Oh snap.  37?  In a row.

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JG's 1/15/07 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Starts a Storyline Based On How Bad His Shows Are

James Guttman -Jan 15, 2016

Of course, you're free to shoot down any ideas you feel may be dumb or stupid...although you haven't really done that in the last seven years.

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JG's 1/14/08 Raw Insanity: Mr. McMahon Chokes His Leprechaun

James Guttman -Jan 14, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, illegal aliens and unwed mothers, welcome to the 2008 Democratic Debates sponsored by World Wrestling Entertainment...

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JG's 1/10/05 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels vs. Florida's Canadians

James Guttman -Jan 10, 2016

Oh my God! Did I say arsenic? I meant Non Dairy Creamer. Arsenic? Where did that come from?

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JG's 1/8/07 Raw Insanity: Rosie O' Donnell Loves Fudgie The Whale

James Guttman -Jan 8, 2016

So to you, all of you, the wrestling fans, Take it from me, Britney just don't understand...

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JG's 1/6/03 Raw Insanity: Scott Steiner and Triple H Pay Homage To The WBF

James Guttman -Jan 6, 2016

 As Theo Huxtable would say "Jammin’ on the one".

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JG's 1/5/04 Raw Insanity: Teddy Long Presents Rizzle is Wizzle

James Guttman -Jan 5, 2016

Hey D-Von, this guy's name is Dick.

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JG's 1/4/10 Raw vs. Impact Insanity: Bret Tries To Move Past 1997, Hogan Tries To Recreate It

James Guttman -Jan 4, 2016

An Insanity so massive there's actually a third show recapped in it and a virtual remote to skip to the shows you want to read about first. Oh...and the Nasty Boys.  Yeah.  The friggin' Nasty Boys...

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JG's 1/3/05 Raw Insanity: William Regal Plays The Part of Lindsay Lohan

James Guttman -Jan 3, 2016

Anyone can beat up their enemy. It takes real imagination to hold him down and make him truly pay...

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JG's 12/27/04 Raw Insanity: Beating The Clock

James Guttman -Dec 27, 2015

Johnny Ace has made it mandatory that we all take skateboards to and from the arenas. He said that's what professionals should do.

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JG's 12/25/06 Raw Insanity: John Cena's A Horse

James Guttman -Dec 25, 2015

I'm not really a horse. I'm really a broom. To be honest, Diane.  I'm surprised.

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JG's 12/23/02 Raw Insanity: Lance Storm and William Regal Celebrate The Holidays By Losing To The Announce Team

James Guttman -Dec 23, 2015

Says something about society that the old WWF logo on JR's shirt is blurred, but Vince McMahon's exposed ass is clear as bell.

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JG's 12/19/02 Smackdown Insanity: Kurt Angle and The Big Show Rip Brock Lesnar's Clothes Off

James Guttman -Dec 19, 2015

Wow, I've been waiting for 3 months to change the channel from TNN. This is definitely going to be interesting...

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JG's 12/18/06 Raw Insanity: George W. Bush, Kevin Federline, Sylvester Stallone, and Kenny Dykstra

James Guttman -Dec 18, 2015

I don't really make resolutions. I always say that as long as I have my wood and a ho for the year, I'm a happy man...

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JG's 12/17/07 Raw Insanity: JBL Sells Balls On Wallstreet

James Guttman -Dec 17, 2015

Hey ladies. You know what they say. She who smelt it, dealt it. Kelly Kelly knows a true lady never asks such things...

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JG's 12/15/03 Raw Insanity: The Legend Killer Spits Up On Mick Foley's Cheek

James Guttman -Dec 15, 2015

Saddam Hussein! Look at ya! With your stupid little beard. Your silly little lice...

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JG's 12/13/04 Raw Insanity: Hassan Takes Cheap Heat To A New Low

James Guttman -Dec 13, 2015

Looking for the perfect thing to ask Santa for? Want to be the Cerebral Assassin of your neighborhood?

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JG's 12/12/05 Raw Insanity: Kurt Angle Insults the Troops and John Cena Goes Blind

James Guttman -Dec 12, 2015

He knows if you've been naughty or nice.  Either way - he'll squash you!  Finally a Christmas Ornament worthy of Triple H's picture...

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JG's 12/10/07 Raw 15 Year Anniversary Insanity

James Guttman -Dec 10, 2015

This is a song, that uh, there's a lot of Christmas songs out there, but not too many about Monday Night Raw...

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JG's 12/9/02 Raw Insanity: The Magic Confetti Dumpster Brings Shawn Michaels Back To Life

James Guttman -Dec 9, 2015

If we don't get this thing off the ground, "Armageddon" may be more than just a witty name.

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JG's 12/8/03 Raw Insanity: The Rock, The Sock, and Popcorn Farts

James Guttman -Dec 8, 2015

Dude, you gotta...you know, do the thing or whatever. You can't, you know...be like, what? I'm sorry, I forgot what we were talking about.

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JG's 12/6/04 Raw Insanity: Lita Kisses Trish, Hunter Screws Batista, and Jericho Gets Everyone Leid

James Guttman -Dec 6, 2015

Who am I wearing? Well, this is actually a, uh, towel that I stole from a Sheraton in Dallas, I believe.

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JG's 12/5/05 Raw Insanity: Eric Bischoff Escapes From Shawshank

James Guttman -Dec 5, 2015

The Vince hated Rasslin', Despite Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. Only Steph knows the reason...
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JG's 12/4/06 Raw Insanity: The WWE World Full Nelson Championship

James Guttman -Dec 4, 2015

When it comes to World Title reigns, no one gets as wasted as Rob-Van-Dam!

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JG's 12/1/03 Raw Insanity: Mick Foley and Mr. Socko Ride Again

James Guttman -Dec 1, 2015

Yeah. Those were some wild times. We used to film promos in my basement and then my mom would make ravioli.

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JG's 11/28/05 Raw Insanity: Shane McMahon Defends His Sperm

James Guttman -Nov 28, 2015

Here's Joey Styles along with John Coachman along with Jerry Lawler along with Bob McGhee along with Mr. Whipple along with Alf along with Santa and two gerbils.

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JG's 11/26/07 Raw Insanity: Carlito Never Watched Cartoons

James Guttman -Nov 26, 2015

He's fresh. He's young. He's hip. He's deaf. He's off the chair. Word to your mother.

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JG's 11/24/03 Raw Insanity: Are You There God? It's Me, Michaels.

James Guttman -Nov 24, 2015

Raw Roulette featuring the first ever Diva's Cage match.

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JG's 11/22/10 Raw Insanity: Your Awesome New WWE Champion

James Guttman -Nov 22, 2015


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JG's 11/21/05 Raw Insanity: John Cena Hates Ham

James Guttman -Nov 21, 2015

Around 1988, Marty Jannetty turned me on to this amazing game for the Atari 2600. It was called "Mice Mile".

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JG's 11/19/07 Raw Insanity: Mr. Magician Vest Saves_Us.222

James Guttman -Nov 19, 2015

I like your eyeliner. You look pretty.

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JG's 11/18/02 Raw Insanity: Triple H Isn't Here But Still No One Can Stop Talking About Him

James Guttman -Nov 18, 2015

This entire opening segment revolved around Hunter...

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JG's 11/17/03 Raw Insanity: Matt Hardy Version Monday

James Guttman -Nov 17, 2015

Mamas, lock up your mannequins! Hunter's home!

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