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By James Bullock Feb 14, 2017 - 11:59 AM print

Last week: The Young Bucks successfully defended the ROH World Tag Team Championship against The Tempura Boyz before Donovan Dijak became the number one contender to the ROH World Television Championship.

ROH TV Episode 282
Atlanta, GA

Hangman Page vs. Matt Sells
Poor Sells didn’t even get his name fully called before Page ran through him with a big boot. Kicking Sells to the floor, Hangman pitched him abdomen first against the steel ring post. As if that wasn’t enough, Page’s somersault slingshot clothesline set the stage for Rite of Passage and the subsequent three count. Page never even took off his entrance vest during this thrashing.
Grabbing his infamous noose, Page apparently had plans of hanging the lad when The Young Bucks came out to stereo super kick Sells instead. The Bullet Club wanted to come out in full force as the ROH World champion Adam Cole and Cody made their entrances. Cody, after getting a hero’s welcome from his hometown crowd. Cody, apparently happy to be here, questioned why the fans didn’t give him that kind of response in the past. Cody turned the tables, stating Atlanta was a scummy town that was beneath his family from day one. Cody changed his focus, calling out “The Doorman” Jay Lethal. Lethal didn’t take kindly to Cody’s words, but stopped short of entering the ring with this five-on-one situation standing in front of him. Cody mocked Lethal, stating ROH management knew Cody could beat him before offering to open the ropes for him. Approaching Lethal, Cody spit on him. This understandably infuriated Lethal and Jay decided to bring the fight. Thankfully for Lethal, Jay White, Bobby Fish, & The Motor City Machine Guns were ready to help as the show entered a commercial break.

The Bullet Club (ROH World champion Adam Cole & Cody) vs. Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal
The show returned with referee Todd Sinclair signaling for the bell to start the main event right now! The Bullet Club tried to rush their opponents, but it didn’t turn out too well as Cole got kicked to floor and Fish left Cody to the clutches of Lethal. Fish was able to nearly avoid The Bullet Club trap on the floor after tagging in, but the Cole super kick landed flush (with a great camera angle to see the landing). Showing incredible strength, Cody used a delayed vertical suplex to slam his own partner across Fish’s prone body in the ring. Cody told Kevin Kelly to watch his next attack. Cody seemed to be taking a page out of his brother’s playbook by dropping down for the apparent uppercut when he simply used the too sweet to gesture eye poke Fish before the commercial break.
The Bullet Club was still in control with Cole posing until Lethal ran in to knife-edge chop him illegally. Cody & Cole took advantage of the situation by illegally choking Fish behind the ref’s back. Cole’s attempt at the Panama Sunrise ended with him taking a northern lights suplex against the turnbuckles courtesy of “The Infamous”. Double tag and Lethal was on fire. Ducking the clothesline, Lethal executed a cutter on Cody while shouting, “Screw you!” Cole broke up Lethal’s pin on Cody, only for the former World champion to catch Cole with Lethal Injection. Lethal went for the pin, but the referee reminded Jay that Cody was the legal man. Frustrated, Lethal tagged out so the pair could double team Cody. “The American Nightmare” dropkicked Lethal to the floor, but felt a Fish Samoan drop on the rebound. Blind tag by Cole allowed him to kick Fish in the back of his head. Jay reentered with the Lethal Injection on Cole before Cody almost took Lethal’s head off with the lariat. All four opponents were down as the show entered another commercial break.
The show returned with Lethal saving Fish from taking Cross Rhodes before Cody was knocked to the floor for a patented tope. Jawing at Fish, Cole left himself open to be swept into a knee bar. Lethal stopped Cody from saving his partner, giving Fish the chance to submit the World champ heading into “Manhattan Mayhem VI” next month.

Backstage, Dalton Castle asked his Boys if they were ready to battle The Rebellion in the new main event. The Boys showed their mean faces to prove they are ready to go.

At ringside was Kevin Kelly to ask Mark Briscoe his thoughts on next week’s Decade of Excellence Tournament finale featuring Jay Briscoe taking on Christopher Daniels. Mark remembered how crazy his brother got the two times he lost the gold, but he’s never seen his big brother train like this and declares Jay will win it all. On the opposite end of the spectrum was Frankie Kazarian in a pre-taped prom where he stated how fearful he was about his best friend Christopher Daniels facing his last chance to earn an opportunity at the ROH World Championship due to age alone. For Daniels, according to Kazarian, this is the beginning of his final stand and whether or not it’s as the ROH World champion is up to “The General”.

Mark Briscoe vs. Sal Rinauro
For those who don’t remember, Sal is actually a former ROH World Tag Team champion from over a decade ago. Unfortunately for Sal, his dancing didn’t allow him to retain a solid advantage as he was sent to the floor and kicked in the face in preparation for that running blockbuster off the apron. Sal rallied a comeback by spitting on him to cause a chase. Moonsault kick-Michinoku driver didn’t end this one in Sal’s favor. Mark quickly recovered, executing the Uncle Mule Kick to set up not only his fisherman buster, but also the Froggy Bow to end this one.

When the show returned, Bobby Fish was a part of a sit-down interview where he looked back on the legacy of reDRagon. According to Fish, he and O’Reilly opted to achieve singles success amicably. Fish, happy to break preconceived notions about who and what he’s about. To close out this apparent multi-part segment, Fish claimed the TV title will always be the number-two belt unless he’s holding it.

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. The Rebellion
Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser joined the commentators’ table. In a pre-match promo, Castle declared that the green tea-drinking trio featuring himself and The Boys begin their journey toward winning the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship tonight. Kenny King tried to have a little bit of fun at Castle’s expense, but took a pair of waistlock slams for his trouble. Boy 1 became the legal man after Rhett Titus tagged in. Castle had to help his partners, slamming Titus before doing the same with The Boys atop a prone Titus. King ran in, knocking down both Boys. Boy 2 tried to take flight, but got kicked out of midair for his trouble. Colt Cabana decided to make a beer run, bringing a six-pack to BCB to bribe his way back to announcing before the commercial.
The show returned and Boy 2 was found himself on the wrong part of town getting assaulted by all three members of The Rebellion. An enzuguri almost allowed Boy 2 to tag out, but The Rebellion stopped that intention by knocking Castle and Boy 1 off the apron. Once again it was King’s mockery of his opponents getting the better of him as his attempted suplex was turned into a DDT against him. Boy 2 tagged out to Castle as Caprice Coleman became the legal man. Ducking a clothesline, Castle came off the ropes with one of his own before he took all three opponents to Suplex City. The Rebellion took out The Boys on the floor before knocking down Castle. Stopping the One Night Stand didn’t help Castle & The Boys pick up the win immediately, but gave Castle enough momentum to take the fight to both Coleman & King. Sidestepping a running knee in the corner, Coleman dumped Castle over the top rope. Boy 2 came sailing off the top rope, only to get caught and slammed by King. Coleman’s Sky Splitter and Titus’ Big Dawg Splash followed, leading to a pin on Boy 2 that saw The Kingdom give the winners a round of applause from the top of the entrance.

Overall: Like the days of WCW “Saturday Night” or WWF “Saturday Night’s Main Event” when Hogan’s match would happen during the opening minutes, this week’s episode of ROH TV saw what would’ve been the show’s second half take over the show’s majority and leave the matches with little to no build anchoring the rest. Fish & Lethal vs. The Bullet Club was a fantastic match given a good amount of time after another wonderful promo from Cody that proves that there’s no villain better than him in the company right now (no offense to Marty Scurll). Fish tapping out Cole also adds a level of intrigue heading into their big non-PPV match in less than a month. Though it had a solid second half (mostly thanks to the six-man tag & the Kazarian/Fish promos, and not the rather paint-it-by-the-numbers Mark Briscoe match), the show suffered from giving the fans too much too early; resulting in some lifeless responses to bout that obviously didn’t have the same appeal of what occurred during the episode’s first half. The match you’d expect to be the show’s best was just that and is really the only piece of required viewing from this showcase in format experimentation that didn’t pan out as well as one would’ve hoped.

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