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ROH TV Episode 284: Good Guys Finish Last

By James Bullock Mar 1, 2017 - 7:48 PM print

Last week: Christopher Daniels became the number one contender for ROH’s “15th Anniversary” by winning the Decade of Excellence Tournament; last defeating Jay Briscoe.

ROH TV Episode 284
Pittsburgh, PA

“The Almighty” Christopher Daniels cut a pre-taped promo declaring himself destined to win the ROH World title after years of destiny stating otherwise.

If that wasn’t enough Daniels for your liking, “The General” came to the ring after the viewing audience was greeted by Ian Riccaboni & Bobby Fish. Daniels took the microphone to give the crowd a history lesson about him main eventing the company’s first event fifteen years ago. Though he felt destined then to become the face of ROH by winning its top prize, it was never to be … until now. But whom will Daniels fight because Fish will take on World champion Adam Cole on March 4th? The champ’s music hit to bring out Cole talking slowly to allow Daniels’ aging ears to hear the fact Cole will not lose the title ever again. Daniels was getting fired up, so Cole proposed a match to happen right now. Before Cole could reveal his partner, Hangman Page exited the crowd to attack Daniels from behind. It was a two-on-one situation for a little too long for Fish’s liking before Frankie Kazarian finally made the save and

The Bullet Club (ROH World champion Adam Cole & Hangman Page) vs. The Addiction
Dey’s a clubberin’ at the bell, Tony! Frankie sent Page to the floor before flying over the top to wipe out Hangman. Once again, Fish noted how Frankie allowed Daniels to get a mudhole stomped into him before the plancha instead of saving him (Ian alluded to some rumor Silas Young has started about dissension in The Addiction ranks). Taking the fight to the floor cost Kazarian as he was knocked down and Daniels left alone to be super kicked by Page before the commercial break.
Once again it was Daniels getting stomped by The Bullet Club. Wasting time to pose cost Cole as he wasn’t able to attack him in the corner and took a STO for his trouble before “The General” tagged out. Frankie was on fire, knocking both opponents around including an overhead belly to belly suplex on Page that sent him careening into the turnbuckles and Cole feeling a slingshot ace crusher topped by a double team that ended with him being power bombed by Daniels after “The Almighty” became the legal man yet again. Cole recovered, only to take the uranage slam in preparation for Daniels’ Best Moonsault Ever. Cole got his boot up, knocking the number two contender loopy and prone to a cradle that saw Cole pin his potential future challenger.
Frankie Kazarian was verbalizing his friend’s current position that he only has one more shot and can’t be losing to Cole like that again. Bobby Fish stood up to declare that fans will be talking about how he beat someone not deserving to be the king of Ring of Honor; and he’ll prove that on March 4th.

Backstage was The Addiction where Kazarian told his partner Cole is in his friend’s head. Kazarian guilt tripped Daniels by stating “The General” wasn’t the only one who has something on the line with Daniels’ title opportunity.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round: John Skyler vs. Sean Carr
In a pair of pre-taped promos, “The Southern Savior” Skyler called his opponents stepping-stones while Carr stated he was TV destined and will come out on top. Skyler used the wristlock to work in a headlock. The exchange that came from it resulted in several pinning combination attempts ended by Skyler kneeing his opponent in the stomach. Carr recovered, tripping John and executing a standing moonsault press. Carr couldn’t keep the momentum going as he was taken down by not only a discus lariat, but also the tiger bomb. Carr kicked out, though still on the defense. Letting his opponent get up resulted in Skyler taking a super kick that put him on the floor and in prime position for the tope. The fans were into Carr after the impressive dive. His attempt at hitting a maneuver on the apron didn’t end well for Carr as he was speared on both the apron and in the ring. Carr stopped whatever Skyler had in mind for a follow up, executing a leaping code breaker topped by the moonsault that gave him a two count. With Skyler on the ropes, Carr wanted to superplex his opponent. Instead, Carr got yanked off the top rope with Skyler’s version of the Finlay roll dubbed “Southern Salvation” that allowed “The Southern Savior” to pick up the first pin in this year’s tournament.

The Kingdom was backstage to take about how rebellions have never toppled The Kingdom - so it’s fitting that The Kingdom will take on The Rebellion next week. And, according to Matt Taven, after they get through The Rebellion it’s Dalton Castle & The Boys next to feel the pain on the champs’ “Purple Reign Tour”.

The Tempura Boyz came out for a match with The Motor City Machine Guns, yet Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley were nowhere to be found. The fans weren’t pleased as Riccaboni informed the viewing audience that The Machine Guns had been attacked. The show went to break after a run-down of the March 4th “Manhattan Mayhem VI” event including promos from ROH World champion Adam Cole, his opponent Bobby Fish, and a potential spoiler in regards to tonight’s main event by noting Marty Scurll will defend the Television Championship against a returning Sonjay Dutt.

ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll defends against Donovan Dijak
No Code of Honor from the champ, but a near fall at his expense as he got knocked to the floor and also felt that slingshot elbow drop when pitched back into the ring. Having to claw his way out of Feast Your Eyes didn’t help Scurll too much as he was being slung and splashed around the ring before the show head to a commercial break.
The show returned and the champ was stuck at ringside being chopped. Ducking a big boot, Scurll thought he had Dijak in a bad position when he jumped into the big man’s clutches. The champ fought his way out of a bad position, sending Dijak face first against the steel ring post before executing a tornado DDT on the floor! The challenger found himself in a bad way as “The Villain’s” offense honed in on the head & neck of Dijak. The fans were pro-Scurll, and for good reason as there was this odd moment where Donovan demanded the Code of Honor after avoiding a running attack on the apron; only to have his arm kicked and his face super kicked. Going after that arm, Scurll had Dijak rolling in pain after getting his arm stomped and potentially hyper extended. The champ’s attempt at showcasing his strength worked against him as he was pitched across the ring courtesy of a release suplex. Scurll recovered, but the power advantage was all Dijak’s as “The Villain” felt that release-spinning slam. Chopping his way out of the Choke Breaker, Scurll super kicked Dijak’s legs from underneath him. Rather than follow up immediately, Scurll posed and left himself prone to a sit-out power bomb as future title challenger Lio Rush watched from the ramp as the show entered another commercial.
The show returned and Dijak was showing some fighting spirit until he took a brain buster that gave the champ a two count. The crowd was roaring as Scurll questioned what he’d have to do to win. Telegraphing the Chicken Wing almost cost Scurll, but the champ was able to super kick his way out of a Choke Breaker attempt to execute the piledriver that somehow ended in a one count. Dijak got up swinging, blocking the Chicken Wing to finally execute Feast Your Eyes … that gave him a near fall!
Both men were on their knees as Dijak demanded a following of the Code of Honor. Scurll took his change, dislocating Dijak’s fingers. The challenger responded with the Choke Breaker before scaling the ropes. Scurll was able to avoid a corkscrew moonsault, cinching in the Chicken Wing on his prone challenger. Donovan was blocking it for all it worth, only to have his good hand and its fingers dislocated so he could no longer block the submission’s crossface portion to finally submit the big man.
Lio Rush ran to the ring to confront the man he’ll potentially face for the gold at the “15th Anniversary”. Scurll made Rush pay by feigning to leave before laying him out with the title belt. Scurll had the Chicken Wing in mind when The Rebellion made the save. The Machine Guns hobbled from the back alongside Jay White to make sure The Rebellion weren’t here to hurt as the show came to a close.

Overall: With ROH gearing up for its version of March Madness featuring two big events that could see a pair of monumental title changes. But before all that ROH TV saw some interesting twists in the dynamics of not only the matches themselves, but also The Addiction. How this could affect the overall next few weeks of title matches will be very interesting. Also kudos to Bobby Fish for being a one-man promotion machine for his title match as the recap can’t do Fish’s passionate words justice. From an in-ring perspective nothing topped the main event. It’s really disappointing this is Dijak’s final ROH match potentially ever as he showcased just how interesting a talent he is once again against one of the best acquisitions ROH has gained in the last year or two. There were some odd moments about this episode including the Machine Guns beat down that no one saw (or even the immediate aftermath to keep some intrigue as to who could be the culprit) and the lack of build in regards to the Top Prospect Tournament and the competitors involved (though Skyler and Carr did a good job pulling the people into their match). The worst part of the show had to be the big spoiler in regards to the TV title match (something that could’ve easily been avoided by placing the promotional video after the main event instead of before). Thankfully the good greatly outweighs the bad and definitely gets one hyped for the big events ROH has lined up in the coming weeks.

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