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ROH TV Episode 288: Dreams Come True

By James Bullock Mar 29, 2017 - 6:30 AM print

Last week: The undefeated streak of Jay White was ended at the hands of Jay Briscoe in a thrilling main event.

ROH TV Episode 288
Las Vegas, NV

The Addiction was here for a celebration of Christopher Daniels for becoming the new ROH World champion. After taking a shot of appletini, Daniels took the microphone to recount the evening that saw The Addiction trick The Bullet Club that resulted in him becoming the new champ. But that’s not all that happened as Kazarian became the number one contender for the TV title. After Kazarian claimed he and Daniels would dominate the ROH world, Dalton Castle’s music hit to bring out the main that has the first shot at Daniels at “Supercard of Honor XI”. Instead of immediately hearing what Castle had to say, the show went to a commercial break.
The show returned with all three men discussing the greatness of appletinis. The beverage – the drink of champions according to the champ – astounded Castle. When The Addiction didn’t have a third glass to share with “The Peacock”, The Boys came running out to help their mentor celebrate the situation … and the situation to come as Castle proclaimed himself as the future ROH World champion. Before this situation could get intense, The Bullet Club’s Adam Cole & The Young Bucks stepped onto the stage to comment on the situation unfolding in front of everyone. Cole promised to make The Addiction pay for screwing him out of the title before laughing at Castle believing he could win the title. Kazarian, noticing Cole was dressed to wrestle, offered a six-man tag team encounter featuring The Bullet Club versus The Addiction & Dalton Castle. Cole gladly accepted.

Marty Scurll stood with his Television Championship to state yet again that there isn’t any real competition for “The Villain”. Kenny King interrupted Scurll’s leaving to remind the champ of the same men Scurll has beaten recently have also fallen to King. So why not fight the former ROH World Tag Team champ? Scurll accepted the challenge for next week.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Hardys (c) vs. The Briscoes
It was Jeff Hardy and Mark Briscoe starting this one off with the master of Redneck Kung Fu startling the champ early. Rushing Mark into the corner, Jeff was able to slam the challenger’s face into the top turnbuckle to set up a pair of vintage Hardys double team maneuvers including the somersault senton-fist drop combo. Poetry in Motion only helped The Briscoes turn the tides as Jeff was tossed into his brother. The action moved the floor courtesy of Jay Briscoe and his tope that put Matt in prime position for that Cactus Jack elbow from Mark as the show headed into a commercial break.
The show returned with the challengers in control by grounding Jeff Hardy. Jay came in like a freight train, almost running through Jeff to camel clutch his opposition. When Matt ran in, Jay gave up on the submission and just started using those European uppercuts. It was time for some Briscoe double team action, but they felt the Whisper in the Wind instead. Matt wanted the tag and that’s exactly what he got. As the fans chanted, “Delete!” with each successful strike from the champ, Matt Hardy had the Twist of Fate in mind. Mark fought through the attack, but still took a DDT. Matt had to push Mark across the ring to stop a potential tag before using that clothesline-bulldog out of the corner combination. Leg drop after leg drop from Matt allowed them to keep the momentum in their favor before the commercial break.
The show returned with Mark and Jeff wiping each other out with clotheslines. Jay and Matt got the tags to start a fistfight that deteriorated into Matt biting Jay. The former World champion was bleeding from the head after having his face chewed. Matt felt the fury of Briscoe courtesy of that Yelping Neck Breaker, but fought through the pain and stopped a Jay Driller before driving Jay into the canvas with that Side Effect. Matt wanted to fly when Jay stopped him. On the opposite side of the ring were Mark and Jeff battling atop the ropes. Superplex for both champions was topped by the Froggy Bow on Matt … that gave Mark a near fall!
Mark and Matt were left standing after Matt countered the Jay Driller again to execute the Old School Expulsion. Matt had a superplex in mind, but Jay was there to stop Matt and put him in position for the Doomsday Device … that gave Mark another near fall thanks to Jeff’s interference!
Jeff took Jay to the floor, hitting the Twist of Fate on the floor before executing a Swanton on Mark Briscoe following his brother’s Twist of Fate. Mark countered the pinning predicament with a crucifix … to earn another near fall!
The fans were going wild as Matt came off the ropes; gaining a tag from his brother outside of Mark’s sights. Spinning Mark around, Matt took his opponent down with the backslide. Before Mark could kick out of what was essentially an illegal pin, Jeff came in to take advantage of the predicament Matt had Mark in to legally pin him down with that unique leg drop pinning combo to retain the gold.
The Young Bucks were here to state they were planning on tearing the house down at “Super Kick of Honor” in Florida. The Bucks had an idea for “Supercard of Honor XI”: a Ladder match for the ROH World and The Bucks’ stolen Super Kick Championships. The Hardys loved the idea.

The Addiction & Dalton Castle vs. The Bullet Club (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks)
No entrances as dey was a clubberin’ when the show returned. Daniels and Nick Jackson were the only men in the ring until the champ went for an Arabian press to the floor. Nick stopped him, hanging Daniels upside down for a double team super kick from Cole & Matt. Nick topped that by somersaulting off the top to wipe out his opponents. Triple team apron bomb to The Addiction put them in position for a little Rise of the Terminator action. The Boys stopped The Bucks, dragging them out to replace them in the ring. The Boys wanted to dive on The Bucks, but got stereo super kicked instead. Cole, who hadn’t left his position in the ring, patiently waited until The Bucks finally succeeded in their goal of diving on top of their opponents on the floor so he could do his patented pose. Kazarian became the isolated man, getting choked and worked over on the wrong part of town. Some back rake action really got Matt fired up because he led the charge in a failed execution for the brain buster by all three members of The Bullet Club. The show entered a final commercial break when Daniels and Castle ran in to save their partner to execute a trio of suplexes.
Kazarian was on the verge of tagging out when Matt & Cole yanked his partners off the apron before “The Heavy Metal Rebel” felt a splash courtesy of Nick that was only the precursor of Nick diving on a ringside-rising Castle. But Nick losing his focus allowed for Kazarian to recover and yank Nick into the ace crusher slingshot style. Daniels finally tagged in, being the figurative house of fire that lit up The Bucks and caused a miscommunication in the process. The Arabian press allowed Daniels to almost pin Nick ad set up Angel’s Wings immediately after, but it was Cole’s super kick that stopped “The General’s” plans from unfolding. Castle gained the tag as Cole did the same, giving the future challenger and former champion a chance to clash yet again. Stopping the Panama Sunrise with an overhead suplex, Castle was starting to take his opponents to Suplex City. Nick came sailing off the top with a Swanton to stop the bridging German suplex of Castle. Daniels tried to slip in and finish off Matt with Angel’s Wings when he got super kicked again. All six men were down as the fans chanted, “This is awesome!”
Cole and Daniels were the last men standing until The Bucks stopped the champ’s Best Moonsault Ever with stereo super kicks. Cole held Castle so he could get a taste of the #SuperKickParty when “The Peacock” broke free and accidentally super kicked their own partner. Double clotheslining The Bucks, Castle was able to finish off Cole with Bang-a-Rang to pick up the pin for his team.

Following a hand shake between Daniels and Castle, there was a rundown of the “Supercard of Honor XI” card and promos from The Briscoes (hyping their six-man tag alongside Bully Ray against The Bullet Club’s Hangman Page & The Guerilla’s of Destiny), Jay Lethal (getting ready for his Bullrope Match with Cody), and the World title participants (with Castle stating his belief in ghosts will only be matched by his belief in him being the next World champion).

Overall: The fallout from the “15th Anniversary” was finally televised and if you had to say an episode was worth the wait this would be that one as we witnessed a different format this week (something seen similarly in the past; so not completely foreign territory) by giving us two tag team matches gifted with significant TV time. Following the stereotypical new champion-upcoming challengers promo to open the show, the Tag Team title match proved to be the first of two bouts that arguably exceeded the hype of The Hardys vs. The Briscoes in 2017 within the confines of a non-stipulated two-on-two bout. While it’s disappointing this match didn’t get any build on TV (as seen with a few matches on ROH TV over the past few weeks), the fact is this match needed to happen before “Supercard of Honor XI” for obvious reason (The Hardys’ short-term contracts; the potential of The Bucks winning the gold back). The chaotic open to the main event was both a disappointment and a nice change of pace as it would’ve been nice to see the grand entrances of Daniels as the champ and Castle’s typical pomp & pageantry, but it also showed just how unpredictable an episode can be – something sorely lacking not only on the ROH TV product, but in all of televised wrestling right now. The main event quality rivaled, if not surpassed its predecessor and added a level of intrigue in regards to Castle’s chances of winning the gold in Florida – not to mention Cole losing yet again, but this time due to the actions of his own partners. This is the must-see episode of ROH TV in 2017 thus far.

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