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ROH TV Episode 290: Expect the Unexpected

By James Bullock Apr 12, 2017 - 10:40 PM print

Last week: Marty Scurll successfully defended the ROH World Television Championship against Kenny King after Josh Woods advanced to the final of the Top Prospect Tournament, and Ray Rowe defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr.

ROH TV Episode 290
Las Vegas, NV

Damien Martinez vs. Hanson
They showed footage of Martinez breaking up his partnership with BJ Whitmer after the pair defeated War Machine a few weeks ago. Hanson threw the first strike and was able to down the big man early by slamming Martinez to stop a spin kick. Martinez rolled to the floor, finding no haven as Hanson came flying through the ropes to take him down with the tope. The brawl around ringside saw Hanson continue his domination before the action returned inside. “War Beard” had something in mind in the corner, but Martinez reversed whatever he had planned by landing a springboard lariat. Martinez further showcased his agility before the commercial by springboard somersault splashing his opposition.
They were battling over the suplex when the show returned, with Hanson winning the battle by putting his fellow big man overhead. As if that wasn’t enough, Hanson back body dropped “Punishment” in position for a cross body block on his seated opponent. Placing Martinez on the top rope, Hanson brought down those clubbing forearms. Martinez stopped the series, going for the choke slam. Hanson blocked the potential match ender, but not the springboard superman punch that put Hanson at ringside. Martinez came sailing over the top in the same vein as The Undertaker to a big ovation. Scaling the ropes, Martinez unleashed that spinning heel kick in the ring … to gain a near fall!
Martinez felt he could finish Hanson with the spin kick, but it was not to be thanks to the power slam from “War Beard”. Both men got up with strikes in mind, leading to a brawl that concluded with Hanson’s Spin Kick of Doom … that ended in a near fall!
Though hurt, Martinez continued to go for the choke that proved only a set up for Hanson to counter. Suddenly, Davey Boy Smith Jr. came out to distract his old rival Hanson. It proved to be enough as Martinez recovered and avoided the moonsault to finally execute his South From Heaven choke slam to pin Hanson.

We got footage of TK O’Ryan’s injury at the “15th Anniversary” that has put The Kingdom’s Six-Man Tag Team title reign in jeopardy.

Silas Young was here to promote the upcoming “ROH Unauthorized” show in Milwaukee.

Apparently Adam Cole took it upon himself to make things right in regards to “The Heavy Metal Rebel” tricking The Bullet Club. Waiting for Frankie Kazarian to head to his car in a parking garage, Page jumped the former Tag Team champion for a thrashing that was only stopped when a passerby started honking his horn.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round: John Skyler vs. Curt Stallion
Stern collar & elbow tie up ended in a stalemate between the two before they got infuriated with each other and just started throwing slaps. Skyler settled things down, but it was Stallion who picked up the pace and landed several strikes to set up the double stomp off a failed sunset flip from Skyler. Scaling the ropes, Curt wanted to dive, but “The Southern Savior” had other plans in mind by leaving the ring. When Skyler turned around, Stallion came sailing over the top to connect with the plancha to a big ovation as the show entered a commercial break.
Stallion was stuck across the middle rope, prone to a knee when the show returned. Skyler kept the pressure on his opposition by grounding him courtesy of a side headlock. Elbowing his way off the mat didn’t help Stallion, but getting his knees up to stop a senton did. Though Stallion seemed to be on the verge of a comeback, Skyler took the momentum back courtesy of a tiger driver. When Stallion kicked out, Skyler decided to insult his opponent both verbally & physically. Stallion responded by spitting on his opponent. A fight broke out and the fans were going wild as they tried to gain the pin off a German suplex exchange. Stallion came across the ring, almost kicking Skyler’s face off in the corner. Stallion took too much time taking in the fans’ adulation, allowing Skyler to recover and fight back with a pair dropkick. Stallion retaliated with a dropkick of his own, putting Skyler on the apron. Stallion rushed him, only to be speared. Things were getting a little sloppy as Stallion refused to feel a second tiger driver, eventually getting Skyler up for that air raid crash across the knee … that gave him gain a near fall!

Stallion placed Skyler on the top rope, hoping for a frankensteiner. Showing incredible strength & balance, Skyler blocked the super hurricarana before maneuvering Stallion in position for Southern Salvation. Skyler made the cover, earning the last spot in this year’s TPT finale.

Adam Cole filmed himself to apologize to The Young Bucks for trying to fire them a few weeks ago. Cole simply asked for Matt & Nick to forgive him as he had already forgiven them so they could be the “SuperKliq” again.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: The Kingdom & Silas Young (c) vs. The Briscoes & Bully Ray
Earlier in the day, Silas Young approached The Kingdom with an offer: let him replace the injured TK O’Ryan so The Kingdom didn’t have to forfeit the World Six-Man Tag Team Championship. Though Young offered to work with The Kingdom, his want to lead this faction forced Bully Ray to grab the microphone to remind their bickering opponents exactly why the challengers were here; causing some a clubberin’ early. Taven was left alone for the double team back drop by The Briscoes that put Taven in position for a Ray clothesline that sent him flying over the top rope before the commercial break.
The show returned with Ray now assaulting Marseglia. When his other opponents got Ray’s attention, Vinny almost turned this one around. Like Ray, Marseglia took his eyes off the prize and it cost him big. Simply clawing at faces, Vinny forced the now legal Jay Briscoe into the champs’ corner. Grabbing a respective leg, Young & Taven tripped Briscoe for a little spread eagle action courtesy of the ring post. “The Last Real Man” showcased his power while taunting the fans – much to the chagrin of Taven. The show entered another commercial as The Kingdom was repeatedly chopping Jay.
Coming back to the show saw Jay rolling to a tag to his brother. Mark was on fire, utilizing strikes and suplexes aplenty until he ran into an illegal knee from Vinny. Marseglia topped that by utilizing a side Russian leg sweep to set up Taven’s caperana. Young stopped Taven from going for the pin to mount Mark for some punches that resulted in a two count. Taven couldn’t believe Young was so stupid, causing another argument between the two. When Young & Taven turned around, Ray ran through them with the clothesline. The challengers were on fire, wearing out Taven & Young until Marseglia was left alone. Vinny felt the super 3D … for the three count. New champions!
Bully grabbed the microphone to remind The Kingdom of the obvious – they are The Briscoes & Bully Ray and they are the new champions!

Next week promised to be wild courtesy of a Wild Card Eight-Man Tag Team match where the winning team would fight in a future Four Corner Survival match to crown the number one contender to the ROH World title.

Overall: Continuing the momentum of last week’s episode not necessarily featuring big names & matches, but delivering consistent entertainment from bell-to-bell. All three bouts stood out for different reasons; be it the opener’s hoss battle that was more brawling than technical compared to last week’s Rowe-Smith Jr. bout, the last semifinal TPT match that delivered yet again another impressive outing from two of the three standouts in the tournament (the other being finalist Josh Woods), or the main event that had a lot of story not only going in, but also during the match as Young, being unable to handle taking a backseat to anyone, cost The Kingdom the title to a unit that has been nothing short of cohesive. You had some minor moments of storyline advancements including The Bullet Club’s inner turmoil only being matched by their hatred for Frankie Kazarian. While it wasn’t a classic episode featuring any must-see matches, this show proved to be a good example of ROH TV being highly entertaining thanks to its roster without having to go all out every week. .

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