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ROH TV Episode 306: Breaking Barriers

By James Bullock Aug 3, 2017 - 7:26 AM print

Last week: Jay White was unable to overcome Back to the Future & the talent of Kushida in his quest to become the new World Television champion.

ROH TV Episode 306
Lowell, MA

To hype the show, not only was there a recap of how the main event came to be (Deonna Purrazzo costing Kelly Klein a victory against Karen Q after Purrazzo was choked out by Klein), but the entire card was also rundown.

Stardom High Speed Championship: Kris Wolf (c) vs. Sumie Sakai
Before “Best in the World”, Wolf & Sakai teamed in successful fashion against Mandy Leon & Jenny Rose. Dey was a clubberin’ early until Wolf tripped her challenger. Kris took too much time following up, receiving a jawbreaker that stunned her. Sumie had the idea of going after her opposition’s left arm, but Wolf used her agility to arm drag Sakai out of the ring. Before Sakai could reenter, Wolf took her down with not only a head scissors, but also a running kick off the apron heading into the commercial break.
Wolf was still in control when the show returned, but she missed a big double stomp that resulted in the champ being put in an arm bar. Transitioning into a crossface, Sumie almost forced Wolf to tap. Scooting as quickly as she could, Wolf found the bottom rope to break the hold. Sumie used every bit of the ref’s five count, dragging Wolf across the ring by her tail to a chorus of boos before hanging her in the apron. The challenger dished out an insulting spanning before dropkicking her not once, but twice. Sakai was having too much fun, allowing Wolf to sweep her into a pinning combination. An exchange of roll ups occurred, leading to Sakai hitting the fisherman buster … to gain a near fall!

The fans were rallying behind the champ as Sakai placed the champ in the corner. Wolf stopped whatever Sakai had in mind, catching her legs before yanking her into a modified jackknife pin to secure the victory.

Instead of more women in action, Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser came out to inject a little testosterone into show before reminding everyone it’s been 36 days since they put Jay Lethal on the shelf. Young promised we wouldn’t see Lethal any time soon either because Jay will never be seen on ROH TV.

There was a vignette hyping the next match where Mandy Leon spoke on the fact she accidentally hit her mentor and fellow ROH Dojo grad Jenny Rose when she tried to save her from being bashed with a chair. Leon noted her first match was against Rose three years ago and would be a great way to test her budding talents once again.

Mandy Leon vs. Jenny Rose
Code of Honor followed at the sound of the bell, leading to a lock up-arm drag exchange. Mandy kept the pressure, kneeing Rose in position for a PK-rolling neck breaker combo that ended in a two counter in her favor. Leon – the practical rookie compared to Rose – was keeping control of the momentum and had Jenny taking a break on the floor. Come to find out there was no haven on the floor for Rose as “The Exotic Goddess” somersaulted off the apron to take down her opponent. Leon felt so good about her actions that she inadvertently let Rose recover and catch her with a jawbreaker-DDT combo on the floor heading into the commercial break.
Rose brought the action into the ring for some simple stomps to prepare Leon for a single leg Boston crab. Leon tried to fight back and come off the ropes with something, but ran into a sidewalk slam that gained her a two count. The same result off a flying clothesline by Rose didn’t frustrate her. Taking too much time setting up her follow up attack, Rose walked into an unprettier. Rose kicked out of Mandy’s subsequent pin, but couldn’t stop the onslaught as “The Exotic Goddess” used a frankensteiner that could’ve ended in a pin against her. Instead, Leon went for the submission that Rose countered by cinching into a surfboard. Leon survived the submission, only to get caught in an electric chair drop position. Rose brought her opponent down with the maneuver, turning the electric chair drop into a pinning combination to defeat Mandy.

There was a full recap of all the history leading up to tonight’s main event including the referee missing Deonna Purrazzo tapping out Kelly Klein before Klein swept her into a pin, and Purrazzo distracting Klein during her match with Karen Q to give Q a count-out victory over the once-undefeated star.

Before getting to the main event, the losing streak of The Briscoes & Bully Ray saw them lose their tempers to the point Bully decided Jay needed to embrace his anger as they go after The Bullet Club and Dalton Castle & The Boys. At “Best in the World”, The Rebellion was broken apart when they lost to Search & Destroy. Since that night, Shane Taylor has been on the warpath including attacks on Josh Woods and a competitor before the show began. Kenny King has a shot at the TV title, and King had a little something to say as he admitted he stepped out on his own and found success – success he plans to parlay into a TV title reign in two weeks time.

Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q
No Code of Honor from Klein as she tried to clothesline her opponents at the same time. The friends teamed up against Klein, setting up a pair of handspring strikes in the corner that put Kelly on floor as Purrazzo and Q tied up in the ring. The test of strength ended with Deonna trying to out-grapple her opponent, but got pulled to the floor by Klein instead. Q took her chance, using a baseball slide to rock Klein and put her in position for Deonna’s flying clothesline. Purrazzo went to grab Klein for a follow up attack, but “The Gatekeeper” had other plans in mind by whipping her into the barricades. When Klein turned around, Q came flying off the top rope to take Kelly down with the cross body block to a big ovation. Q was on fire, landing a standing moonsault press in the ring that almost ended this one. Scaling the ropes didn’t help Q as she got caught and power bombed for the first two count of this bout. The strength of Klein allowed her sling her against the turnbuckles over and over again. Klein’s lax pin attempt was broken up by Deonna; giving them the incentive to take on Klein together. Instead, both women felt a clothesline courtesy of Kelly heading into the commercial break.
Klein was still in control, not focusing on Deonna. Karen Q hooked Klein’s head long enough for Deonna to recover and help her go for a double team suplex. Instead, both Purrazzo & Q felt a suplex. Purrazzo recovered, ducking another clothesline to German suplex “The Gatekeeper”. Klein retaliated with a northern lights suplex, but Q was there to stop a sure pin. Kicking Karen on the jaw, Klein went to clothesline the incoming Deonna. Purrazzo caught the arm, trying to sweep her into the Fujiwara arm bar. Klein kept her base, kneeing Purrazzo until she was almost limp. Releasing Purrazzo from her grasp for a follow up attack was Klein before being dropkicked to the floor by Q. Before Deonna could recover, Q cradled her for the three count for something of an upset.

A hype vignette for next week’s Two Out of Three Falls ROH World title match between champion Cody and Christopher Daniels aired to close the episode.

Overall: Very similar to the last episode featuring a Women of Honor showcase, this was a very good standalone episode. But this one did something a lot better than the pervious Women of Honor episodes by actually giving basis to every match that occurred and made sure to show it to the viewing audience. Though it might not have garnered the same type of emotional investment as say next week’s main event, the fact that every match seen had a reason for happening made this show feel less than a simple showcase and more of an affirmation the division is growing. If you want proof ROH is housing some fantastic women wrestlers look no further than the main event. Klein & Purrazzo were their usual fantastic selves, but Karen Q is the person who really impressed. The relative rookie who hasn’t been seen on ROH TV really looked great in the match and made me want to see more of Q in the very near future. Not to be outdone was Kris Wolf who looked really good in her successful defense against Sumie Sakai - a woman who just doesn’t age in the ring. Rose-Leon didn’t necessarily feel like the teacher vs. student contest as seen in the past between the two with Mandy really taking the fight to Jenny before taking a big fall that spelled her doom. Between all the action were appearances from some of the men of Honor; and while one could demean ROH for not sticking to focusing on just the women for one week, none of the footage/promos seen took anything away from the point of this show. If there was one flaw about this show it had to be the match finishes as every match ended with some type of roll up/cradle. But with that being the only glaring flaw, one can’t help but consider this another success for the Women of Honor division that is definitely ready for a prize to center the division around.

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