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ROH TV Episode 307: Best of 3

By James Bullock Aug 10, 2017 - 7:25 AM print

Last week: The Women of Honor were in action with the main event seeing Karen Q winning a Triple Threat match by pinning Deonna Purrazzo in a bout that also featured Kelly Klein.

ROH TV Episode 307
Lowell, MA

Cody talked about just how similar he and Daniels are heading into this potential conclusive match in their rivalry – the fact they have both suffered tremendous losses to reach a mountaintop. But there is a major difference between the new champion and his first challenger according to Cody: reveling in mediocrity – something ROH has accepted by just being the company it was, is, and could’ve been if Cody never came with a fire in his belly that was hindered from burning up the wrestling world elsewhere. Cody claimed he would take ROH to new levels.

Three weeks ago The Addiction cut a promo that was said to be so controversial that the ROH Board of Directors decided it wouldn’t air … until now! Frankie Kazarian took the microphone, talking about how a great night turned horrible at “Best in the World ‘17” not because his best friend lost the World title, but due to the fact the same fans who were screaming, “You deserve it!” to Christopher Daniels at the “15th Anniversary” when he won the World title were now chanting, “Daniels sucks!” To Kazarian, the “marks” were disgusting people not worthy of “The Almighty”. Perched on the top rope, Daniels reiterated Kazarian’s points while being so confused as to how the fans he felt would help him lead ROH into a new era as champion were so fickle – choosing a “flavor of the month” over someone who is considered a founding father of Honor; let alone someone who they didn’t even appreciate when he was Stardust. After running down the fans a little more (some of his statements being inaudible due to censoring), Daniels declared that from now everything he and Kazarian do it’s for them and not for the ingrates even regaining the ROH World Championship and quitting to become a free agent just like Cody.

Before the main event, Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser were in the ring with their sign to remind everyone Jay Lethal hasn’t been seen in forty-three days since the former World champion was attacked by BCB, Young and the beer keg. Young stated Lethal was begging for mercy, but there was none to be found from “Real Men”. Young stated if Jay were smart he’d never show his face again. Of course that statement was like saying Beetle Juice’s name three times because Lethal was here and he was ready to fight. Knocking Young out of the way, Lethal bashed Bruiser with the sign. Cutting Silas off at the pass, Lethal was unhinged; bashing Bruiser & Young multiple times in the stomach & back with a chair. Security ran out to stop this situation, only to get knocked out any time they came near him. One security guard thought backing off would be the smartest idea, but he got punched, too. Jay had one more exclamation point to put on his return: a Lethal Injection to Young before standing tall and wiping off the number “43” from that battered sign.

ROH World Championship (Two Out of Three Falls): Cody (c) vs. Christopher Daniels
1st Fall:
With the fans chanting, “Boo-boo face!” at Daniels, the former World champion decided to take his sweet time before locking up with the champ – who was doing push-ups in preparation for “The General” to do something. When they finally tied up, Daniels almost got caught in a figure four leg lock. The pace quickened and things got a little sloppy until the challenger simply slammed his opponent. Cody retaliated with a delayed gourd buster. The show went to a commercial break with Daniels leaving the ring to argue with a kid loudly proclaiming his allegiance to Cody.
The show returned with Cody still in control as he connected with that dropdown uppercut. Backing Cody into the corner, the challenger simply elbowed & punched his fan favorite opposition. Daniels knocked “The American Nightmare” to the floor, looking for a baseball slide. Cody avoided the maneuver; sending his challenger against the barricades back first. The action was moving around ringside with Cody taking a hard shot into the barricades shoulder first. With the announcers telling the viewers that Cody’s been defending the title around the world with a separated shoulder, referees and the ringside doctor were questioning if Cody could continue. Daniels didn’t give Cody a chance to answer before pitching him into the ring. Cody fought through the pain, kicking “The General” courtesy of a springboard. Recovering quickly, Daniels prevented a second springboard maneuver to drive Cody into the rope and side of the ring abdomen first prior to the commercial break.
Arabian press connected for Daniels in the ring, resulting in a near fall. Climbing the ropes, Daniels took too much time jawing with the fans that allowed Cody to run up the ropes and stop whatever Daniels had in mind with a super arm drag. Cody was on fire, landing strikes topped by the power slam. Cody got up with his right arm very close to his body. Thankfully for “The American Nightmare” his legs were still in good shape for him to cinch in the figure four leg lock. Daniels struggled as best he could until he made it to the bottom rope after an excruciatingly long time in the hold. Going for the figure four again, Cody got kicked into the referee. This ref bump allowed for an exchange of low blows that left both men on the canvas. Kazarian ran out, tossing a chair into the ring. Marty Scurll came to ringside, beating Kazarian to the back as Cody rolled up Daniels when he went to use the chair. Daniels couldn’t kick out in time, giving Cody the three count for the first fall.
Celebrating, Cody left himself wide open to a chair shot. The referee reprimanded Daniels, but he and the commentators reminded him and everyone watching that the bell hadn’t rang to start the second fall; meaning the chair shot wasn’t an illegal attack.
2nd Fall:
Cody was on the floor when the show returned, getting his back rattled. Daniels wanted to take the second fall courtesy of a count-out, but Cody wasn’t having it as he made it in at the literal last second. “The General” was giving the champion the bad mouth between landed strikes. Catching Daniels in the ropes, Cody executed a flatliner that practically reset this one. Dey was a clubberin’ until “The American Nightmare” used some flip, flop & fly action to set up the Bionic Elbow … to gain a near fall!
Cross Rhodes countered by Daniels into Cross Rhodes on the champ … that gave the challenger a two count!
Daniels was ready to unleash Angel’s Wings when Cody tried to fight back, but the maneuver connected … to give Daniels’ another near fall!
Hooking Cody, Daniels slammed his opposition in position for the Best Moonsault Ever. Cody avoided the BME, but Daniels landed on his feet with a clothesline in mind. Cody avoided the lariat, hooking the incoming arm to spin Daniels into Cross Rhodes for the three count to retain.

Overall: This was a very different style of ROH TV, but it definitely worked for the benefit of the episode’s sole match and some of the biggest storylines. It’s ironic that on the same week WWE barely gave fifteen minutes to a dream match on a two-hour show, ROH was able to dedicate its entire hour to one match without sacrificing the match quality and a major storyline advancement with the return of Jay Lethal – which came together wonderfully. The build toward the main event was exceptional with a memorable promo by Cody and a validated heel turn by The Addiction that gave reasons as to why the fans (at least in Lowell) should support the World champ over a ROH founding father. In regards to the match itself – you had a perfectly paced & structured encounter that blew their pay-per-view match out of the water and wasn’t hindered by the commercial breaks. Both men don’t get enough credit for just how talented they are in these stages of their respective careers. If there was one flaw in the match it was Cody winning two falls to none. They could’ve easily had Daniels pick up the second fall after that chair shot (or at least get a near fall once the bell sounded), but that didn’t take away from an overall heavily hyped match living up to high expectations. It’ll be interesting to see how the fans react to both Cody’s reign and The Addiction from here going forward; but in regards to the figurative today this episode gets and easy recommendation.

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