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ROH TV Episode 308: Royal Pain

By James Bullock Aug 17, 2017 - 8:40 AM print

Last week: Cody defeated Christopher Daniels in a Two Out of Three Falls bout two falls straight to retain the ROH World Championship.

ROH TV Episode 308
Lowell, MA

Frankie Kazarian entered the ring not to wrestle, but to ask the crowd if they respected Christopher Daniels (mixed reaction) and The Addiction’s contributions to the business (mostly positive response). The fans didn’t take too kindly to Kazarian calling them liars for respecting The Addiction. Kazarian admitted Daniels didn’t deem the fans worthy of seeing him. As Kazarian stated the fans only wanted to throw streamers to entertain themselves a few streamers flew past “The Heavy Metal Rebel”. Kazarian promised to ruin everything ROH fans love while mocking the, “You deserve it,” chant before calling the fans, “Marks,” and leaving.

Flip Gordon vs. Punishment Martinez
A few weeks ago, Punishment Martinez felt the wrath of Jay White after defeating Jonathan Gresham. White had to stick & move to avoid the early onslaught before tripping Martinez to the floor for a tope attempt. Martinez caught Flip flying, only for Gordon to back flip out of the power bomb attempt, avoid several more attacks before Flip utilized a moonsault off the middle rope to down the big man. Just when it seemed Gordon had an advantage, Martinez kicked Flip in position for a hip toss that sent his opponent flying across the ring into the turnbuckles. Gordon recovered, coming off the ropes for something big when he got turned inside-out with a clothesline before the clothesline.
Martinez had Gordon cornered and being worked over. Flipping out of another arm drag attempt, Gordon tried to kick his way to kick his way to an advantage. The only thing to down Martinez was a springboard slingblade clothesline. Gordon was on fire, avoiding strikes while landing some of his own. Showing some impressive strength, Gordon hit a reverse Finlay roll into the caperana to gain a two count. Rolling onto the apron, Martinez got kicked to the floor for a step-up somersault plancha courtesy of Gordon. Flip thought he could rush a rising Martinez, but ran into Punishment’s leaping stomp-falcon arrow combo … that gave Martinez a two count!
Gordon recovered, avoiding a springboard senton before trying to chop down the big man. Looking for another springboard attack, Gordon got caught by his throat before feeling a super South of Heaven to give Martinez another win.
As Martinez was leaving, Jay White came sailing off the entrance to start another fight with Punishment that was only broken up by security.

Kenny King spoke on tonight’s main event that’ll see him challenge for the Television title. According to the challenger not only has he been obsessing over this match, but also has all the momentum to create a perfect storm that while stop Kushida’s time before the reign of King begins.

Earlier today, Colt Cabana was backstage to get some words from The Tempura Boyz. Of course the Japanese stars spoke fully in Japanese before Colt suggested they change their names to “The Tempura Men”. When the cameras cut back to the commentators’ table, Ian Riccaboni suggested a match between Colt Cabana & The Tempura Boyz and Dalton Castle & The Boys to make Cabana’s wishes of having boys come true.

Cheeseburger vs. Rhett Titus
Titus was already in the ring, causing Colt to say, “Rhett Titus is an ‘Already in the Ring’ Guy?” Titus didn’t care that he was already in the ring as he attacked his fellow ROH Dojo graduate before the bell. Cheeseburger avoided a fall away slam, coming off the ropes with a sunset flip attempt he turned into a failed victory roll. World’s Strongest Slam from Titus after he kicked out didn’t end this one in Titus’ favor, so he went for the Razor’s Edge. Countering with a hurricarana, Cheeseburger landed his Shotei. Rather than go for the pin, Cheeseburger set up another one. Will Ferrara saved Titus from a possible broken jaw, moving him out of the way while Cheeseburger missed everything. Unable to avoid the helluva kick, Cheeseburger was prone to the Big Dawg Splash that gave Rhett a pin fall over his popular opponent.

ROH World champion Cody was singing about his travels to remind everyone he’s beaten everyone and the ROH World Championship is proof of his superiority. Colt Cabana was happy to prove Cody’s words of beating everyone wrong before he was interrupted by Dalton Castle rocking a sky blue jump suit. Castle, cooling down from a game of squash, couldn’t believe he was hearing Colt going off at the mouth of about having his own boys. “The Peacock” had no problems with giving Colt a shot at the Six-Man Tag Team title alongside his boys next week.

A vignette highlighting the destructive nature of Shane Taylor was shown.

ROH World Television Championship: Kushida (c) vs. Kenny King
The first Code of Honor of the evening saw an exchange follow that allowed the champ to showcase his grappling skills. It was King’s size advantage that turned the tides in his favor as the fans rallied behind Kushida. Both men were looking for kicks when they broke free from grappling when King opted to utilize the spine buster. The two count for King saw him follow up with the springboard leg drop. King kept the pressure on Kushida, almost gaining a submission victory off a Last Chancery. The fans were split down the middle as King went for the Royal Flush. Kushida countered in midair, cinching in the Hoverboard Lock. With both men stuck in the ropes, Kushida had no choice but to let go. King’s attempt at a plancha proved to be detrimental as he landed on his feet, but got knocked down anyway. Kushida wanted to follow up with the hurricarana when he got caught and almost power bombed. Thanks to a quick counter, Kushida was not only able to hurricarana his challenger, but also somersault on top of him. Kushida’s follow up cross body block in the ring ended with King catching the champ. Kushida wouldn’t be denied, going for the Hoverboard Lock again. Before King could get free, Kushida slammed him to the mat before kicking that left arm to set up the submission yet again. Just when it seemed King could be about to submit, The Bullet Club’s Adam Page & Marty Scurll came to the ring to attack both men prior to a commercial break.

The show returned with King taking the microphone to complain about being jumped by The Bullet Club “B-Team”. King had an offer: Champion & Challenger vs. The Bullet Club!

ROH World Television champion Kushida & Kenny King vs. The Bullet Club (Marty Scurll & Adam Page)
With Page & Scurll complaining on the floor, Riccaboni informed everyone it was an official bout and dey started a clubberin’. King took Page to the floor as Kushida slugged it out with “The Villain”. Kushida found himself on the wrong part of town after taking a Scurll clothesline. Like Kushida, the left arm became the focus of Bullet Club until the champ came off the ropes and kicked his way to King. Red-hot, King almost drove Page through the mat with a spine buster. King was fighting off both opponents until Page shoved his opponent off the apron, into the barricades before the final commercial break.
King was now being isolated, but Page made the big mistake of telegraphing his attacks and left himself open for those capoeira kicks. Both men tagged out, allowing Kushida to become a one-man army. Scurll saved Page from the Hoverboard Lock, only to have Adam be tripped into Scurll’s groin. Furious, Scurll dislocated the champ’s fingers. Kushida countered the Chicken Wing with his Pele kick before avoiding a clothesline to sweep Scurll into the Hoverboard Lock. Page ran in, breaking up the submission before King knocked “Hangman” to the floor for a corkscrew plancha. Page recovered as Scurll super kicked King to hit that Buckshot Lariat on Kushida before coming off the apron with his shooting star press to down King. The fans were going wild as Kushida countered the Chicken Wing. Scurll couldn’t get away from the springboard blockbuster from King before Page took a spinning heel kick topped by the Royal Flush that ended with the former Tag Team champion picking up the three count on “Hangman”.

Overall: After two weeks of different styled episodes (a Women of Honor special followed by the one-match showcase), ROH TV returned to its normal format this week to mixed results. On the positive end of the spectrum were the matches sandwiching Titus vs. Cheeseburger (not a bad match – just a quick bout featuring the continuation of Cheeseburger-Ferrara feud and potentially starting an alliance between Titus & “Little Willie”) and the Kazarian promo that reiterated The Addiction’s turn in a city that was actually receptive to him. The opening bout was absolutely fantastic and a perfect showcase for both budding ROH stars. Kushida and Kenny King had a great amount of chemistry that was cut short by The Bullet Club that produced a very fun main event. Unfortunately, the bait & switch tactics to get to the main event felt incredibly lacking in execution; especially considering how much they’ve been promoting the match since King became the number one contender. While King is definitely deserving of a rematch, what about Josh Woods’ title shot he earned by winning the Top Prospect Tournament? In regards to the opening match’s post-match antics, having White attack Martinez for no reason (unlike the week when he saved Gresham) just doesn’t make sense as it’s completely out of character even in a heated feud. There was also a lack of recap in regards to Jay Lethal’s return last week, let alone any promotion for next weekend’s iPPV. Thankfully the action itself made up for some of the questionable booking & presentation while in the heat of the moment, but hopefully that doesn’t become a trend over the next coming episodes.

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