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ROH TV Episode 311: Held Down & Held Back

By James Bullock Sep 6, 2017 - 6:52 PM print

Last week: The Addiction ruined the ROH World Tag Team title match between defending champions The Young Bucks and challengers The Motor City Machine Guns.

ROH TV Episode 311
Concord, NC

A recap of everything that happened between Jay Lethal and Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser aired including Lethal demanding revenge with the intent of taking out both men.

No Disqualification: Jay Lethal vs. Beer City Bruiser
And dey was a clubberin’ down the aisle right as the opening video concluded. The fans were going wild as Lethal whipped Bruiser against the steel barricades. Lethal, after unleashing a cannonball of his own to crush BCB against the guardrails, executed his patented tope as security came down the aisle in hopes of blocking any potential interference from Silas Young. After taking a modified hip toss on the floor, Bruiser was able to choke the incoming Lethal with a cable cord. With notification Young was on his way to the ring, the show moved to a commercial break.
Lethal was back in control, looking to bash Bruiser with a chair as he lay across BCB’s beer keg. Bruiser avoided the devastating shot, taking the chair and cracking Lethal instead. As Young made a quick stop at the commentators’ table, Ian Riccaboni announced it would be Lethal-Young at “Death Before Dishonor”. Lethal was trying to hulk up, firing off right hands in retaliation until he was poked in the eyes and dropkicked. Placing the chair between the turnbuckles and retrieving a roll of duct tape didn’t pan out well for BCB as Lethal stopped whatever he had in mind before punching him in the face with his removed belt. Bruiser recovered after taking a follow up enzuguri, looking for the shoulder ram. Instead of hitting Lethal, BCB ran into the chair he propped between the turnbuckles earlier. Furious was Silas, attempting to rush the ring before being stopped by ROH security enforcing the old, unspoken Code of Honor that demanded untainted wins & losses as the show entered another commercial break.
Hail to the King failed for Lethal when the show returned, leaving both men struggling to get up as the fans chanted support for the former World champion. The slugfest quickly came to an end when Lethal avoided a haymaker to execute Lethal Injection. Rather than go for the pin, Lethal grabbed the duct tape to attach BCB to the bottom rope by his left arm. Bruiser couldn’t stop Lethal as he stalked him with the beer keg in hand. Driving the keg atop Bruiser’s left leg, Lethal pulled off a modified con-chair-to to potentially break BCB’s leg. Bruiser was screaming in agony, quickly tapping out in the follow up figure four leg lock. Once again security was there to stop Silas from attacking the celebratory Lethal who decided to cinch in the figure four leg lock again until Bruiser passed out. Lethal left the ring, rushing Young. Security was between the two to stop “Death Before Dishonor” from happening early.

Cody was standing in the promo area to talk about what’s “real”. Giving credit to the legitimacy of future challenger Minoru Suzuki, the World champ promised to stretch Minoru and force him to call him, “Daddy!”

During the pre-show autograph signing, Will Ferrara wearing a Jushin Thunder Liger mask attacked tag team partner turned rival Cheeseburger.

Last week, The Addiction interrupted the main event of last week’s episode by attacking Tag Team champions The Young Bucks and challengers Motor City Machine Guns.

Another week and another disappointment for Caprice Coleman as his planned talk show segment with stained glass window & maybe a choir featured nothing but three chairs in front of a flimsy ROH logo backdrop instead of an actual pulpit. His first guests in what should be a better-looking environment was none other than The Addiction. Frankie Kazarian talked about their declaration of war on disrespect being shown to him and his tag team partner. Christopher Daniels took the sole microphone between them to say his hopes of leading ROH into the future were dashed at “Best in the World” by the fans and it was time to burn everything down.

Will Ferrara vs. Howie Timberche
Howie was wearing Ferrara out until Will left the ring and pushed Timberche into the ring post. With Howie staggered on the floor, Ferrara unleashed a tornado DDT that almost ended the match. Howie recovered, landing a series of maneuvers including a handspring back elbow on Ferrara when he knocked Will into the tree of woe after stopping another tornado DDT. Grabbing the rising Ferrara from behind, Howie got kicked low as the referee was pulled in front of Will so he couldn’t see the illegal activity. Once again, stunned was Howie long enough to feel another tornado DDT and the three count.
Cheeseburger came out with a challenge to a mild reaction: Cheeseburger vs. Will Ferrara next week!

Jay Briscoe expressed his problem with the doctors not clearing him after being attacked by The Kingdom two weeks ago. While Briscoe claimed he felt fine, he’s considered a liability and can’t compete tonight in the main event as scheduled.

The Bullet Club (ROH World champion Cody & Page) vs. Mark Briscoe & Bully Ray
It was Mark Briscoe going for the first strike on Cody after the World champ played the crowd with the shirt throw feign. Though Cody hit the drop-down uppercut, Mark gained he early advantage by chopping the champ to the floor for that big dropkick through the ropes. As if that wasn’t enough, Page took the blockbuster off the apron. Enzuguri connected for Mark, as did the flying forearm smash that almost ended Cody’s night. Page took matters in his own hands, spitting on Mark before unleashing that Buckshot Lariat. Page’s illegal action turned the tides in The Bullet Club’s favor as Mark became the isolated man while the show entered a commercial break.
Mark utilized a big German suplex on Page to finally tag out to a fired up Ray who was ready to flip, flop & fly. Cody took exception to Bully’s Dusty Rhodes-inspired action, but still took an elbow to the head. Cody couldn’t avoid Wazzup, but before he could be put through a table, Marty Scurll ran out to distract his opponents. Jay Briscoe was there to stop the interference, retrieving a table in the process. In the ring, Page super kicked Mark. Bully saved his partner from the Rite of Passage, helping Mark execute the Doomsday Device on Page. Pulling Page to the floor, Bully wanted to drive “Hangman” through the table. Cody saved Page before going after Mark. “The Sussex County Chicken” stopped Cross Rhodes, drilling the World champ with the fisherman buster. With Cody rolling to the floor for haven, Mark decided to climb the ropes in hopes of hitting the Froggy Elbow through the table on Page. Before Mark could jump, an interfering Kingdom cracked Mark in the back with a baseball bat. The referee was so busy trying to restore order he never saw what happened. Cody took advantage of the situation, hitting Cross Rhodes on Mark to pick up the pin for his team.
The Kingdom wasn’t done, chasing The Bullet Club with an axe handle, TK O’Ryan bashing Bully in the face with a baseball bat, and all three hitting Rockstar Supernova on Jay Briscoe to end the show standing tall.

Overall: With last week’s episode being a mostly good show with some questionable decisions in terms of match outcomes and wrestler handling in terms of status, this week was an overall problem-free show with a highly entertaining opening encounter. Lethal and Bruiser have great chemistry and it was on full display here. Not only did Lethal get a big win heading into his next match with BCB’s buddy, but also showed that infamous “killer instinct” to show just how far he’ll go to get revenge. It’s nice to see a fan favorite with a mean streak for all the right reasons. Before the main event was a slew of promos that worked incredibly well to hype the “DBD” main event, The Addiction’s newest path (though it’s one used many times in the past to the same unfulfilling result), Jay Briscoe’s recent injury at The Kingdom’s hands, and Will Ferrara displaying a new attitude where one of ROH’s smallest wrestlers will use an “any means necessary” approach to win. While the main event wasn’t as remarkable as the opener, it was still incredibly entertaining mostly thanks to the fans being so into everything Cody did. Having The Kingdom stand tall at the end is a testament to ROH trying to reestablish the trio after O’Ryan’s injury apparently derailed plans in March. With some recent turn of events in the Six-Man Tag division, we could be on the verge of a three-team series about to break loose. Very good stuff this week and another example of ROH trying to do its best to get everyone excited about the company’s next pay-per-view.

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