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By James Bullock Sep 12, 2017 - 7:45 PM print

Last week: The Bullet Club overcame two-thirds of the former Six-Man Tag Team champions when Cody & Adam Page defeated Bully Ray & Mark Briscoe.ROH TV Episode 312
Atlanta, GA
Bully Ray kicked off the show, putting over ROH, The Briscoes for being the greatest in the history of Honor, and Jay Briscoe losing his mind a little bit. But Ray promised that at “Death Before Dishonor” the trio of himself & The Briscoes will defeat The Kingdom & regain the gold they lost at “Best in the World”. Following Ray’s words, there was footage of the shocking Six-Man Tag Team title change that saw, as Marty Scurll – who was at the commentators’ table – put it, “The Hung Bucks – Hangman Page & The Young Bucks,” won the gold from Dalton Castle & The Boys during “War of the Worlds: Edinburgh”. Cheeseburger vs. Will Ferrara
Before the match there was a recap of Ferrara turning on Cheeseburger after they failed to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship, Will’s promo stating it was Cheeseburger’s fault they lost all the time, and a promise from Ferrara that Cheeseburger was in for a world of hurt. Ferrara tried a sneak attack from the crowd, but Cheeseburger was ready and caught Will with the big elbow to the chest as the fans chanted in approval. PK connected for Cheeseburger as well, as did the plancha. With the fans on their feet, Cheeseburger landed running double stomp off the apron to the floored Ferrara. Will recovered in the ring, using the waist lock against Cheeseburger by slinging him throat first against the top rope before hitting a lariat that almost turned him inside-out. The crowd rallied behind Cheeseburger as Scurll tried to figure out how anyone could relate to Cheeseburger. Fellow commentator Ian Riccaboni called Cheeseburger, “…an everyman,” just as Ferrara drove Cheeseburger against the ring’s edge before the commercial break.
The show returned with Cheeseburger knocking a perched Ferrara with the rolling Shotei palm strike to knock him in prime position for the springboard knee strike. After landing a pair of knees in the corner, Cheeseburger pulled off a springboard somersault senton that gave him a two count after the loud ovation from the crowd. Ferrara blocked the Shotei, unleashing a Michinoku driver that didn’t end in a three count. Cheeseburger fought back, landing a forearm-German suplex combo that he converted into the ankle lock. The fans wanted Will to tap, but Ferrara was able to free himself. Tripping Cheeseburger, Ferrara almost won with an illegal rope-assisted cradle. Cheeseburger wasn’t deterred by the illegal action, but jumped right into the codebreaker. Ferrara grabbed his stunned former partner, executing a swinging flatliner called “The Face Wrecker” … that gave Ferrara a two count!
Will was furious, spitting on Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger fired up, landing forearms, a German suplex, and the tombstone piledriver, but couldn’t put his old partner away. The fans were fully behind Cheeseburger as he executed a double stomp off the top, but the closeness of the ropes saved Ferrara from suffering a pin fall. Cheeseburger had the tornado DDT in mind when Ferrara countered with a slam into the seated cobra clutch. Cheeseburger was stuck in the ring’s middle, unable to free himself before being forced to tap out.
Ferrara wasn’t done, cinching in the winning submission again. Rhett Titus ran to the ring, stopping Will before joining him in the assault. In the back was Caprice Coleman finally with his pulpit. The music was funk gospel as Coleman dubbed himself, “The Most Versatile Man in this Sport Today.” Caprice offered the fans to send in questions courtesy of the hashtag #ColemansPulpit. No jive turkeys allowed. At “War of the Worlds: Edinburgh”, Silas Young and Jay Lethal fought to a revisionist’s history double KO in a Street Fight though Young actually won that bout.Silas Young w/ Beer City Bruiser vs. Chase Brown
After having his leg crushed with his own beer keg courtesy of Lethal, BCB came to the ring with a cane, limping. “Cauliflower” Brown looked worlds better physically than the last time he was on ROH programming, but his new look didn’t stop Young from assaulting him early. Ducking a knife-edge chop, Brown utilized a monkey flip to temporarily turn the tides before feeling the Last Real Combo as Scurll accepted Chuck Taylor’s challenge for “DBD”. The big knee strike landed for Young before he executed Misery for a quick victory.
Like Ferrara, Young wanted to add insult to injury post-match, but Lethal was here to stop the dishonorable action. Referees and security hit the ring to initiate a pull-apart brawl. Lethal took the microphone, reprimanding Young before demanding they fight right now. Silas denied the request because Lethal always gets what he wants, but not tonight because he wants to beat “The Golden Boy” in front of the world to prove he’s the, “…Last Real Man standing.”Backstage correspondent Matt Sells was backstage with the ROH World champion Cody who was full of gratitude for Sells being professional. Cody stated he didn’t regret his open challenge being answered by Minoru Suzuki before making Sells kiss the ring. Sells kissed the ring. During the “War of the Worlds: Edinburgh” event, Cody assault Dalton Castle in an unaired backstage moment that resulted in “The Peacock” being injured. Cody dubbed Castle, “…a novelty act.”A rundown of the “Death Before Dishonor” card saw several promos shown between including The Briscoes & Bully Ray and Kenny King proclaiming victory. The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & Guerrillas of Destiny) vs. Search & Destroy (Motor City Machine Guns, Jonathan Gresham & Jay White)
It was Nick Jackson calling for the test of strength with Jonathan Gresham. When Gresham took too long he got poked in the eyes. “The Octopus” recovered, slipping behind an audibly confused Nick before pulling off hurricarana topped by a pair of topes from Gresham & White on the floored tag champ. The Guerrillas ran in, attacking Gresham & White from behind. The Machine Guns helped their partners, only to feel a little Rise of the Terminator action. Everyone was brawling on the floor when Matt Jackson came running off the entrance stage to somersault atop everyone. Gresham was in the ring alone, avoiding the super kick from Nick to spring off the ropes with a caperana that set up White’s brain buster as “The Octopus” dove on Matt on the floor. Gresham quickly climbed the ropes with the shooting star press in mind when Tama Tonga ran in with the Gun-Stun out of the nowhere! The #SuperKickParty was here and it sent the fans into a frenzy as kick after kick connected prior to the commercial break.
A little 15% action saw Nick accidentally spear his own partner before Tonga missed White and clotheslined his brother. Double flatliner to the Guerrillas by White gave him the intention of missile dropkicking Tonga Loa. Instead, White fell into a modified backstabber that reset the match as both men tagged out. Nick Jackson was on fire, lighting up both Machine Guns with strikes before getting his brother to springboard him into dropkicking White & Gresham. Double sharpshooter from The Bucks on the Machine Guns gave the champs a chance to Too Sweet each other. Chris Sabin had to stop More Bang For Your Buck, setting up the Dream Sequence on Matt before knocking out Tama. Loa ran in, wiping out every opponent until Gresham sent him to the floor. In the ring, White used the uranage to position Matt for something when he opted to dive on his brawling opponents on the floor. Sabin took White’s place, missile dropkicking Matt in preparation for the Cradle Shock. Nick reentered, super kicking Sabin, but before Nick could hit the Meltzer Driver with his brother, was tripped to the floor. Alex Shelley ran in, super kicking Matt in position for a double team rolling driver. Sabin made the cover, getting a controversial pin on the champ as Tama got a hand on Sabin to break up the pin, but the referee continued to count. The referee declared S & D as the winners as it was now official The Machine Guns will go for the gold as they fight The Young Bucks at “DBD”.Overall: Continuing the trend of last week’s episode, ROH is full steam ahead with building to “Death Before Dishonor” with not only the main event establishing the event’s Tag Team title match, but also an opening promo to hype the potential Six-Man Tag Team title match, another chapter in the long-running & nicely booked feud between Silas Young and Jay Lethal, Cody being a one-man promotion machine for his World title match, and Marty Scurll answering the challenge of Chuck Taylor while providing commentary for the entire episode (using the commentators’ table to present the ROH personalities for a longer period of time than a couple of minutes usually reserved for promos is a great idea). One thing I’ve been an advocate of is TV-only feuds where all the action is exclusive to the TV product. While the Will Ferrara-Cheeseburger feud wasn’t setting the world on fire, the potential culmination was fantastic thanks to a hot crowd and two guys working incredibly hard. It’ll be interesting to see how well the new duo of Titus & Ferrara fairs while Cheeseburger potentially searches for another partner. Also kudos to them for showing the beat down of Castle by Cody to explain why he won’t be on ROH TV for a while and, most importantly, why he didn’t answer the World title open challenge. But not all was perfect about the episode with one glaring plot hole: Cody’s Ring of Honor ring. ROH recently posted the video footage of him unveiling the ring during this taping on its Youtube channel, but didn’t even highlight the video here for ROH TV viewers only. This is a major character addition to Cody that should’ve gotten some TV time to explain the whole “kiss the ring” gimmick came about instead of seeming so random. Other than that minor flaw this proved to be a strong episode heading into ROH’s next PPV that has a better feel to it than anything ROH has put together since the “15th Anniversary”.

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