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ROH TV Episode 330: Dreams Come True

By James Bullock Jan 17, 2018 - 11:28 AM print

Last week: After Jay Lethal and Punishment Martinez put their names in the figurative hat as top ROH World title contenders, and Silas Young retain the ROH World TV title, Marty Scurll defeated Flip Gordon.

ROH TV Episode 330
Philadelphia, PA

Jay Lethal vs. Will Ospreay
The initial collar & elbow tie up saw Will Ospreay flip the former World champion around in surprising fashion. Jay Lethal kept his composure and took his opponent down with a shoulder block when the pace quickened. Ospreay was ready for the dropkick off Lethal’s hip toss, dropkicking him to the floor instead. Lethal quickly collected himself, waiting for Ospreay to feign dive into that superhero pose. When Ospreay went to handstand into the back flip off the ropes, Lethal grabbed Will’s arms and yanked him to the floor for not one, but three tope suicidas prior to the commercial break that was capped off by Marty Scurll coming to the ring while slow clapping like any real villain would.
The show returned with Lethal still in control as he worked over the back of his opposition with a trio of backbreakers off a hard Irish whip against the turnbuckles. Scurll had joined the commentators to commend Lethal for finally embracing his villainous side while claiming he attained victory at “Final Battle” by getting the old Jay Lethal again. In the ring, Ospreay connected with a side kick from the apron to turn the tides. Ospreay was chopping, punching and even unleashing with uppercuts galore that literally had his opponent on the ropes to keep him up. Just when it seemed Lethal was out on his feet, Ospreay ran into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that allowed Jay to pick up a two count. Lethal’s offense was simple: bash Ospreay against the turnbuckles and his knees. Just when it seemed Lethal had a prime strategy, Ospreay pushed him near the ropes for a 619 that connected against Lethal’s lower back that put him on the floor for the flying space tiger drop prior to another commercial break.
The action had returned inside and Ospreay was preparing for the OsCutter. Lethal ducked the attack, kicking Will in position for Lethal Injection. “The Aerial Assassin” stopped the attack, going for his version of Lethal Injection. Jay caught Will across his shoulders for the torture rack that gained a huge pop before Lethal unleashed a reverse Finlay Roll for a two count. Lethal had Hail to the King in mind, but Ospreay had other ideas with the super hurricarana. Out on his feet, Lethal was prone to a roundhouse kick-Curtain Call combo. Lethal kicked out of the follow up pin, but was out on his knees and left open for Off With His Head … that gave Will a near fall!
Lethal seemed out of it, but was aware enough to avoid the Robinson Special to snatch Ospreay into the Lethal Combination. Hail to the King failed for Lethal, as did the figure four as Ospreay yanked his opponent into a small package for another two count. The fans were going wild as Ospreay popped off the mat with the OsCutter in mind. “The Aerial Assassin” dove right into an ace crusher that left him staggered. Ospreay couldn’t stop or avoid the Lethal Injection or the three count that followed in Lethal’s favor as the fans chanted the winner’s name.

It was time for “Coleman’s Pulpit” with guest Jonathan Gresham (who was given a stool to sit on to help him seem taller courtesy of the host himself). Coleman couldn’t help but laugh as Gresham explained his wrestling origins under the watchful eyes of Mr. Hughes, his unique style mixing various styles, and having to defend his win-loss record. Coleman alluded to Gresham bringing back the Pure Wrestling style – something Gresham felt was necessary for men like himself to really showcase their talents in ROH. By the end of the segment it seemed like Gresham has a goal where he brings back something not seen in ROH for over a decade.

Kenny King vs. Brian Milonas
The former World Television champion was colliding with an immovable object that wouldn’t go down no matter how hard Kenny King hit him. So King just ducked an incoming Brian Milonas and sent him over the top rope for a corkscrew plancha that not only allowed King to down the big man, but also take a selfie with a fan. The fun King was having ended when he missed an attack, took snake eyes and got splashed in the corner. Big clothesline set the stage for the banzai splash attempt. King avoided the devastating sit-down, spinning kicking Milonas off his feet. Shotgun knees connected, but didn’t weaken Milonas enough for the Royal Flush. Having to switch game plans, King came off the top with a springboard blockbuster to pin the former Top Prospect Tournament competitor.
King took the microphone to remind everyone that Silas Young is still on his mind; calling out the TV champ. Silas was ready for a fight, leading to a slugfest where King connected with the spinning roundhouse kick and put him on floor. As King demanded Silas come retrieve his dropped title belt, Brian Milonas attacked King from behind. Beer City Bruiser came to the ring to help start a three-on-one beat down that only concluded when the show went to a commercial break.

SoCal Uncensored of The Addiction & Scorpio Sky were in the ring to formally introduce themselves. ROH CEO Joe Koff came out to tell the trio that they’ve been so disruptive to ROH lately that they should be fired. Frankie Kazarian took Koff’s words as a threat; responding in kind. But Christopher Daniels calmed down his partner before reminding Koff that at one point Daniels was privy to ROH’s future plans for expansion that could be spilled out to people like Don Callis and AJ Styles. Koff didn’t mind Daniels’ words as he revealed that in one year’s time The Addiction’s contracts are up with the promise of no re-negotiation. “Final Battle 2018” is the end of The Addiction according to Koff.

In the parking lot were The Briscoes warning The Motor City Machine Guns that they are coming after the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

ROH World Champion Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. The Kingdom
It was the World champion trying to corner TK O’Ryan early; leading to them jockeying for an advantage that resulted in O’Ryan having to avoid the suplex and being forced to witness the Peacock Pose. Vinny Marseglia tagged in as Matt Taven distracted the champ for a Pearl Harbor job. Boy 2 decided he wanted in and took a right hand from Vinny that immediately dropped him. But Marseglia was on the wrong part of town and put himself in position for a cross body block off from Boy 1 off the blind tag. Taven tagged in, demanding Castle reenter. “The Peacock” obliged, leading to a grappling exchange topped by Castle taking an enzuguri off the back roll avoidance of a clothesline. Taking a blow for their mentor, The Boys saved Castle from taking an Irish whip against the turnbuckles. Castle knocked Taven to the floor alongside his partner to feign a dive that infuriated his opponents. The show entered a commercial break with Vinny getting picked apart by his opponents.
Boy 2 took a hotshot as the show returned, leading to a three-on-one beat down starting with Vinny and TK whipping him against the barricades to a loud chorus of boos. Taven, demanding his partners leave Boy 2 to him, was failing at executing a suplex to follow up. Unfortunately for Boy 1 who was able to tag out due to Boy 2’s maneuvering he was the fact his promptly got taken down with a kick. Like his partner, TK’s plan for Boy 1 failed due to the resourcefulness of his opponent. Castle got the tag, utilizing suplex after suplex on Vinny before exchanging the position for a tombstone piledriver with Taven. After several counters, Castle connected with the maneuver. Bang-a-Rang followed to TK and Vinny was yanked into the Julie Newmar. Taven slid Marseglia’s infamous axe into the ring, only for The Boys to somersault over the top to wipe out Taven & TK. Castle kept the hold and referee was solely focused on the action; leading to a submission victory in Castle & The Boys’ favor.

Overall: A very interesting episode of ROH TV that felt like it was formatted in reverse with a thrilling dream match come true (an early ROH Match of the Year candidate) opening the show instead of closing it and an entertaining, yet ultimately forgettable six-man bout closing the episode. Having the six-man close the show would’ve had more of an overall impact if something happened afterwards tying into what occurred last week with Punishment Martinez attacking Castle at the start of last week’s show. Easily the most disappointing part of the episode was what didn’t happen in regards to a promo from either Castle or Martinez (or both) addressing what happened last week, or having Martinez maybe attack Castle again to send a message yet again. On the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to follow ups were Brian Milonas joining Milwaukee’s Worst/The Last Real Men, Marty Scurll gladly taking credit for Jay Lethal’s recent winning streak as he’s found his killer instinct, and The Briscoes short promo reminding everyone where their intentions lie. Another big moment from the show was the doomsday clock now attached to The Addiction. ROH has now started what should be a year-long storyline featuring two of ROH’s bigger names including a company founding father. Then you had Jonathan Gresham potentially setting the stage for the reinstating of ROH’s Pure title – something long-time ROH fans have been requesting to see happen for years. This episode definitely featured a lot of moving parts both active and potential topped by a must-see match between Lethal and Ospreay.

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