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The ROHbot Report: "Final Battle 2012" Review And Much More

By James Bullock Dec 22, 2012 - 10:03 AM print

Hello one and all to another edition of The ROHbot Report. If you’re reading this that means the world didn’t end yesterday. But something did end this past weekend - Ring of Honor’s calendar year of action with its final show of 2012. This past Sunday, ROH returned to New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom in hopes of ending their troublesome year with an incredible show. Lets find out of ROH completed that goal, or fell short.

“Final Battle 2012”

New York, NY


1. Roderick Strong defeated Michael Elgin

2. Jay Lethal defeated Rhino

3. RD Evans defeated Prince Nana

4. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer in a Street Fight

5. Mike Bennett defeated Jay Lethal

6. The American Wolves defeated Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

7. Matt Hardy defeated ROH TV champion Adam Cole in a non-title match

8. The Briscoes defeated S.C.U.M. and Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander to win the ROH World Tag Team title

9. Kevin Steen defeated El Generico in Ladder War IV to successfully defend the ROH World title


The House of Truth Comes Crumbling Down: Somewhat surprisingly, Ring of Honor’s biggest show of the year kicked off with a match nearly a year in the making. Roderick Strong entered the Hammerstein Ballroom with a lot of fan support to take on the man he felt was inferior to him in former House of Truth stable mate, Michael Elgin. The first few minutes exemplified everything people thought this match would be as both men came in swinging for the fences. During the opening exchange, Truth Martini came to ringside to cheer whoever was in control. If Elgin did something like a belly-to-belly suplex that sent Roderick to the floor for a shoulder tackle, Martini would do victory laps. When Strong turned the tides by hitting a backbreaker on the apron, Martini grabbed announcer Caleb Seltzer’s headset to scream, “What about Roderick, huh?”

The fans were made to rise several times thanks to the fistfights that broke out. Strong started taking control, but the power of Elgin allowed him to not only recover and get some distance, but also unleash a flurry of offense including a Death Valley Driver against the turnbuckles and a dead-lift superplex from the apron into the ring! The fans were going wild as both men threw sickening strikes to drop the other. Suddenly, Martini kicked “The Book of Truth” into the ring. Elgin tried to stop Strong from grabbing a hold of the book by going for the Spiral Bomb, but got clobbered when he hoisted Strong into the air. With Elgin wobbly, Strong finished Elgin with Death By Roderick.

Following the bout, Martini entered the ring to congratulate Roderick, only for Strong to remind Truth that he’s done with The HOT. Martini, trying to get on the good side of Elgin, reminded him of what “Unbreakable” meant to The House before expressing his love for the big man. Elgin repaired Martini’s love by setting up the Spiral Bomb. Martini used his words to halt Elgin’s assault by begging for mercy before explaining what Martini had done for both men’s careers. Truth Martini called Strong and Elgin’s actions toward him a slap in the face prior to slapping Elgin in the face - knowing what it would inevitably bring. Martini took a turnbuckle bomb-spinning back fist combo, possibly knocking Martini straight out of ROH.

The match definitely lived up to the hype as Strong and Elgin gave us an early Match of the Night contender featuring some of the best exchanges in ROH all year. Though Strong won, he didn’t win clean, leaving the door open for a potential rematch at the next iPPV.

The Match That Meant Nothing: While trying his best to get another shot at Kevin Steen and the ROH World title, Jay Lethal proclaimed his match with Rhino was worth nothing because he’s not fighting for the ROH World title. Rhino entered the arena to a more positive reaction than Lethal, giving him not only the power and experience edge, but also a support advantage. To add to Rhino’s cheering squad was ROH World Tag Team champion Steve Corino, who came to ringside for commentary. According to Corino, S.C.U.M. has hired the mercenary that is Rhino to make sure Jay Lethal can’t get his hands on Kevin Steen and his crew.

Lethal realized he had to hit and run early, taking to the air before sending Rhino outside for a tope that got the fans on their feet. Jay’s momentum was halted when the action returned inside as Rhino avoided the Lethal Injection to hit a stiff spine buster. Rhino’s mixture of strikes, illegal chokes and body scissors with his massive legs kept Lethal reeling for quite some time. Rhino eventually made a big mistake by allowing Lethal to get his legs underneath him and start running. As Corino demanded that Rhino not go do, Lethal started throwing everything he had in the arsenal. Jay’s strategy worked perfectly as he was able to wear down Rhino enough to slip out of Rhino’s grip and hit the Lethal Injection for a win out of nowhere.

After the match, Jimmy Jacobs attacked Jay Lethal from behind during Steve Corino’s claim that he dated Jay’s mother. Corino and Jacobs held Lethal in position for the Gore, leaving S.C.U.M. standing tall. Lethal-Rhino was a solid encounter that would’ve been a great TV main event. When you have a match that is TV main event quality as only the second match of your iPPV, you’re doing something right.

What Do You Know About Wins, Huh: Barrister RD Evans showed his disgusting nature by stealing The Embassy LTD from underneath Prince Nana before releasing Tommaso Ciampa of his services to hire QT Marshall. Nana was dressed for war and war he brought as Nana dropped Evans at the sound of the bell to set up his running big butt in the corner. The once 300-plus pound Nana actually took the sky by performing a tope to take out both Evans and Marshall. Sadly for Nana and his supporters, a simple, yet effective pants yank by RD sent Nana face first into the middle turnbuckle and reeling for a majority of the match. Amidst the chants of, “Power Ranger!” from the fans, Evans did everything to keep Nana down, but the Prince of Ghana refused to say die.

Avoiding an elbow drop, Nana went wild and almost pinned Evans following an ace crusher. The only thing that stopped Nana from getting the three count was Marshall pulling the ref out of the ring. Out of nowhere, Ernesto Osiris - who hadn’t been seen in ROH since May - started a fight with Marshall that ended with Osiris meeting the steel guardrails. The distraction allowed Evans to turn things around and hit a reverse Styles Clash, ending Nana’s chance for revenge with a three count. During the replay of the finish, Tommaso Ciampa came out from the crowd, threatening Evans and Marshall until a slew of security and referees stopped him.

There was a lot more wrestling and violence than anticipated, but it worked. The fans were into everything and ended with more questions than answers as Ciampa is coming back for blood and could side with Nana again to get some.

Please Don’t Die: The rivalry between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer looked to end here after the teams traded wins on TV and iPPV. Before WGTT could make it down the aisle, Whitmer and Titus struck, setting up a Christmas themed beating with extra large candy canes and a Christmas tree! Sadly for Titus, Shelton was the first to use the tree on Titus by clobbering him in the face. Things got real serious real fast thanks to the introduction of a guardrail and a leather belt. Rhett felt the sting of leather on skin as Whitmer tried to recover from taking a super kick that landed him on the guardrail.

Whitmer recovered, taking the fight to Shelton and Haas on his on with a kendo stick in hand. BJ’s momentum came to a crashing end thanks to the Olympic slam and an assisted belly to back suplex across the top of the solid steel guardrail. Titus ended up all alone, doing his best to fight of WGTT. Titus did a miraculous job, actually hitting the Muff Driver on Shelton into an open chair before hip tossing Haas against the upright guardrail. Titus’ hot streak came to an end when Shelton pulled him onto the apron where a table stood nearby. Paydirt by Shelton off the apron sent both himself and Titus through the table, putting them out. In the ring, another table was revealed that eventually would become a point of interest in the battle on the top rope between Whitmer and Haas. The hot crowd went silent when Haas belly-to-belly superplexed Whitmer head first through the table! Haas immediately went for the pin to get the win for WGTT, but everyone’s concern was over the health of Whitmer following a sickening fall.

It’s sad the match had to end so badly as the crowd really got into the wild action. It was a dangerous spot that went horribly wrong. The sacrifices these men and women make for our entertainment can never be more exemplified than when something so scary like BJ Whitmer’s fall happened.

Always Over: After the ring was cleaned out following the crazy Street Fight, Mike Bennett, Bob Evans and Maria entered the ring to confront the former ROH World champion and all around great wrestler Jerry Lynn in Lynn’s final ROH match. Though the crowd was completely in favor of Lynn, it didn’t bother Bennett as he mocked the forty-nine year old during his in-ring introduction, when he freed himself from Lynn’s initial holds, and even when the action spilled to the floor. But Lynn, being the veteran that he is, bided his time and lured Bennett into several compromising positions for headlocks, head scissors, and even the set up for his Cradle Piledriver finisher. The numbers game got the better of Lynn as Maria distracted the ref so Evans could unleash a clothesline on Lynn as “The New F’N Show” chased Bennett around ringside.

The action slowed down considerably thanks to “The Prodigy” being in control, but the fans refused to stop supporting Lynn, and Jerry powered himself up thanks to their cheers of, “Lets go Jerry!” Paying Bennett back for some earlier hair pulls, Lynn yanked Bennett to the mat by his mane, hit the rolling palm strike, and even used an apron Tower of London in ode to the man he bested to become the ROH World champion in 2009. Bennett showed great tenacity by not only surviving Lynn’s assault, but also almost winning thanks to the spine buster. As Maria jumped onto the apron, Evans slid in a chair so Bennett could hit the TKO like what happened when Bennett faced Lance Storm the third time. Lynn blocked the attack, executing his own TKO on the chair for another two count. Once again, the numbers game proved to be Lynn’s demise as he went after Maria, only to be dropped throat first across the top rope by the devious “First Lady”. Lynn stumbled into the Box Office Smash, giving “The Prodigy” a win over another legend.

Instead of taking the win in stride, Bennett tried to add insult to injury. Lynn broke free of Bennett’s clutches, knocking down Evans, using a sick DDT on Maria, and leaving Bennett down with the Cradle Piledriver. The fans loved everything as Lynn took the microphone to thank ROH, the wrestlers, and Cary Silkin for being the most honorable promoter he’d ever worked with. Nigel McGuinness, with The Briscoes, Michael Elgin, and Coleman & Alexander in tow, entered the ring to present Lynn with a Lifetime Achievement award after telling a story about how over Lynn has been his career; especially compared to Nigel when they faced off.

When Lynn left, Jay Lethal entered the ring to confront Nigel and tell him to put Lethal in the main event or else. Nigel tried to calm Lethal, but eventually got spit on by Jay! The fans demanded Nigel to mess Jay up as referees and security came between them to stop a donnybrook from breaking out. The crowd loved everything about the last segment before intermission. From the bout to Lynn’s post-match actions and promo to the McGuinness-Lethal confrontation, it was a strong way to end an even stronger half of this event.

The Hunt is Back On: Before the next match began, Kevin Kelly introduced Mike Mondo to his hometown crowd so Mondo could announce that in four weeks time, he’ll be back in a ROH ring. Sadly, not even Mondo’s hometown crowd cared. They also didn’t care about the arrival of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, who attacked Mondo until Davey Richards ran out to a good ovation. Following Richards was none other than Eddie Edwards. Edwards feigned a kick to Davey, only to super kick Fish. The reunited American Wolves used the Alarm Clock to set up a handshake that sent the crowd into a frenzy. The building was shaking as Eddie and Davey executed stereo topes to get this match officially started. The Wolves were working like a well oiled machine as the double teams and striking combinations left both Fish and O’Reilly’s chests reddened and their bodies almost limp.

Things were going so well for The Wolves until O’Reilly kicked Eddie off the apron and Fish stopped Richards’ running kick off the apron to give O’Reilly a chance to kick Richards off of the apron. The new team of Fish and O’Reilly were in complete control by isolating Eddie while throwing kicks, forearms, and double teams like Fish’s tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into O’Reilly’s decapitation knee drop that rivaled everything The American Wolves had in mind. Richards played pin breaker, giving Eddie chance after chance to recover as the ref argued with both opponents. Thanks to some well timed offense, Richards was able to turn the tides illegally, leading to an exchange between all four men that ended with The Wolves suplexing their opponents and themselves to the floor!

When Richards and O’Reilly reentered the ring, all the anger between the two broke loose in a strike exchange that ended with O’Reilly stuck in the Ankle Lock. Not only did O’Reilly survive the submission, but also a tombstone piledriver. Fish did a great job stopping The Wolves assault long enough for O’Reilly to recover, but ended up taking himself out with a moonsault that hurt his knee. The Wolves, smelling blood, was able to dispose of Fish before Richards double stomped O’Reilly into Edwards’ Achilles Lock. As Eddie turned Kyle over, he started stomping Kyle’s head until the referee had no choice but to stop the match in favor of The American Wolves.

Excellent match that could’ve used more time to be a classic. Either way, it’s great to see The Wolves back together, and they haven’t missed a step. As for O’Reilly and Fish, they worked incredibly well here against a dynamic team like The Wolves. Here’s hoping ROH gives O’Reilly and Fish some time to really get situated as a team and give them a chance to run because they showed her they have the potential of being a great tandem.

The Kick of Fate: At “Death Before Dishonor X”, Matt Hardy made his ROH return by running down Adam Cole for being an inferior version of “Version One”. Cole claimed Hardy was just begging for attention, and planned to give him some here. Hardy - with the word “ICON” written on his wrist tape - entered the arena to a huge chorus of boos. The crowd that made Adam Cole a ROH star were solidly behind their TV champion, and he did right by them during the early going by not falling for Hardy’s trickery - feigning a punch in the corner - or Hardy’s initial grappling. Cole sent Hardy running to the floor thanks to a super kick fake, hitting the tope to turn this wrestling match into a brawl. Hardy eventually used Cole’s enthusiasm against him by catching the ROH TV champion on the apron with the Side Effect!

Hardy was in complete control on his feet and when it came to grappling as he felt so confident in his advantage that he could insultingly slap Cole to set up the Twist of Fate. It was then that Hardy realized the quickness of Cole could be his undoing as he tripped Hardy into the figure four leg lock. Thankfully for Hardy, he had the weight to reverse the hold, setting up three Side Effects that didn’t put Cole away. Hardy was actually shocked Cole could take so much punishment. Even more astounding was the champ turning the tides in his favor with a super kick during Hardy’s posing moment so he could hit his own version of the Twist of Fate. Sending Hardy to the floor again, Cole executed a sickening Florida Key that slammed the back of Hardy’s head on the thinly padded floor!

Matt Hardy, though hurt, still had his wits about him to kick out of Cole’s follow up pin, hit the Twist of Fate for an unsuccessful pin, and even survive a second figure four leg lock by making it to the ropes. Desperation set in for Hardy as he stopped a second Florida Key by yanking the ref’s shirt over him to blind the referee from seeing a blatant low blow kick that allowed Hardy to small package the ROH TV champion for the three count.

Not a bad match at all that pretty much met expectations. The ending points to a rematch, so it makes sense they didn’t give everything away here. If they can do better than they did here, Hardy-Cole II could be a classic.

Sudden Death: S.C.U.M.’s latest title defense put them in a situation where the only way for the challengers to win was by pinning either Steve Corino or Jimmy Jacobs. It was obvious from the start that they couldn’t get away from four men as Caprice Coleman and Mark Briscoe taking it to Jacobs as Cedric Alexander and Jay Briscoe fought over pins on Corino. The same thing happened when Mark and Coleman entered the ring to take down Jacobs as their cooperation ended with Mark striking Coleman. The action became a lot more spread out between all opponents until Jacobs and Corino tried to make a quick exit through the aisle.

The crowd was going wild for all of the high flying, high impact, redneck-infused action that saw someone gain an advantage at the expense of Jimmy Jacobs any time they had a chance. C & C seemed to be on the verge of winning when Steve Corino pulled out that infamous roll of quarters.

Alexander saved his partner from the quarter punch, but took the punch himself seconds later before somehow kicking out of Corino’s follow up pin. Sadly for C & C, this was the beginning of the end for them as The Briscoes took advantage of one team being down, hitting the Doomsday Device on Jacobs after knocking Corino down to become the eight-time ROH World Tag Team champions. After the match, Jay Briscoe declared they brought honor to the ROH World Tag Team title before telling C & C they were getting the first title shot against Dem Boys.

Thankfully, tags weren’t needed here because the six men went all out for seven minutes and got the fans on their feet. The action was hard to keep up with at times because so much was going on, but it was exhilarating at the same time. While it would’ve been nice to see C & C win or S.C.U.M. retain instead of putting the belts back on The Briscoes, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next before casting judgment on the newest reign for The Briscoes.

Doomsday is Here: The rivalry that started three years ago at this very same event was set to end again in the match that ROH officials declared would never happen again - the match Kevin Steen and El Generico helped create. Above the ring covered in streamers to celebrate the return of El Generico was the new ROH World title belt. Steen tossed down the old World title belt upon entering, starting a fistfight with his old partner turned nemesis. The action was nothing short of a brawl as Generico was back body dropped through a ladder early even though he seemed to be in control thanks to a tornado DDT-yakuza kick-somersault plancha combination. Steen finally seemed calm and in control of his environment as Generico squirmed. The ladder Steen destroyed with Generico’s body became a weapon that the champ used to not only whack Generico, but also cannonball splash the masked man underneath.

The fans started an, “Ole!” chant to rise the ire of Steen, but didn’t take away his focus. Steen took his time by slamming ladders across Generico’s already wounded back before slamming him through the guardrails. The crowd did their best in rallying Generico to his feet, but things like an Irish whip against a ladder that spun Generico upside down and dropped him on his head and headshots with the ladder didn’t do the challenger any favors. Generico was literally falling down trying to walk after his head was popped with the top of a ladder. Yet, Generico, with the heart of a true champion, kept fighting as he had done so many times in the past against the monster that is Kevin Steen. By suplexing Steen headfirst against a ladder, Generico seemed to have a quick trip to the belt; but eventually got shoved off the ladder into the top turnbuckle. Once again, Steen had the tempo in his control.

When Generico tried to stop Steen from climbing, the champ realized he had to put Generico down for good to win. With visions of “Final Battle 2010” running through his head, Steen placed a ladder between the guardrails and the ring before putting a table on top of the ladder. And just like that war two years ago, Steen’s idea came back to kill him as Generico back body dropped Steen over the top rope, through the table and a ladder that refused to give way under the weight of a falling champion. Like his old friend, Generico also has visions of a past encounter in his mind. Like the original Ladder War, Generico requested a ladder that looked like the same one The Briscoes used to win the original Ladder War against Steen and Generico.

After catching Generico with the F-Cinq that threw his challenger through the timekeeper’s table, Steen tried to climb the huge ladder. Generico caught his rival, on the ladder, beginning a chain of events involving a ladder being wedged between the two standing parallel ladders that Steen power bombed Generico onto. But the champion wasn’t down. Grabbing another ladder, Steen bridged the two ladders again when he survived taking his own Package Piledriver.

Champion and challenger, nemesis and rival met on the highest bridge, slugging it out. Like “Final Battle 2009”, where this whole saga began, Steen kicked Generico low. Hoisting Generico off the top bridging ladder, Steen executed the Package Piledriver to bounce Generico’s head off of the steel and dropping Generico to the mat. Steen lay on the destroyed ladder, soaking in the satisfaction of destroying Generico with the maneuver that was banned just a few months ago. Slowly scaling the ladder, Steen gained possession of the new ROH World title belt to put the possible final nail in the coffin of a rivalry for the ages.

This was an absolutely phenomenal way to cap off what was one of the best ROH shows in 2012. Once again, Kevin Steen and El Generico put their bodies on the line in several extremely risky situations that had everyone awed. There’s not much more that I can say about the match other than you must see it for yourself.



Overall:Easily one of the best shows of 2012 for ROH. Not only did the show go off without a hitch, it also featured a main event that ROHbots will be talking about for a long time, the American Wolves coming back stronger than ever, and the potential of Elgin and Strong doing one better the next time they clash. While the event didn’t feature anything earth shaking in terms of storyline development or title changes, “Final Battle” was consistently great from top to bottom and warrants a purchase.

ROH “Final Battle 2012” Is Worth Your Money. Order the replay at rohwrestling.com.

Ring of Honor's Final Battle 2012 drew in the 1400-1600 range live.

The place looked packed, so it’s not hard to believe they had a really good number like this. Hopefully they can continue the momentum during “Wrestlemania” weekend.

While there were no major injuries coming out of Final Battle, several injuries will be storyline explanations for talents "being out of the ring" on upcoming shows.

One of the best examples of this piece of news is Shelton Benjamin’s “rib injury” storyline to cover a big piece of news that hit shortly after “Final Battle” that will be covered later on.

BJ Whitmer is said to be doing OK despite taking an insane bump at ROH Final Battle 2012. Whitmer is said to be pretty banged up but OK.

That’s great news to say the least. Whitmer took a horrendous bump, and the first thought a lot of people must’ve had was Whitmer had broken his neck. Hopefully something as dangerous like that won’t be tried in a ROH ring again.

Matt Hardy will be coming back and is booked for the next TV Taping on January 5th, and also in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 19th. The promotion was very happy with his work on the iPPV.

Matt Hardy came in with his working boots on, that’s for sure. No, Hardy and Adam Cole didn’t set the world on fire, but they did put on a fine match that set the groundwork for a rematch that should surpass their first encounter.

Well that title opportunity is just around the corner for C & C because on January 5th, when ROH kicks off the new year with a TV Taping in Baltimore, it will be Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander for the ROH World Tag Team title!

C & C came incredibly close to winning the title at “Final Battle”, but S.C.U.M.’s illegal tactics cost them. As great as it would to see C & C win it all in Baltimore - where they are incredibly over - it looks like ROH seems to be heading toward a dream series between The Briscoes and The American Wolves over the ROH World Tag Team title. But who knows, maybe The Briscoes’ eighth reign might be reminiscent to what happened to Dem Boys in early 2007 when they lost the title in the first defense.

On January 18th, when Ring of Honor returns to Dearborn, MI for the first time since “Revolution: USA” in May 2011 it will be The American Wolves versus one of their biggest rivals, the very team that ended their only tag title reign back at “Final Battle 2009”, the current, 8-Time, World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe!

And further proof of my belief comes with this announcement. This should be another incredible match featuring two of ROH’s greatest teams of all time.

It's Jimmy Jacobs vs. World TV Champion Adam Cole in a Proving Ground contest! Jacobs either has to defeat Cole or go the distance to earn himself a future shot at the TV Title and bring S.C.U.M one step closer to once again controlling the majority of the ROH championships. Can Cole step up to the challenge of the dangerous Zombie Princess? We will see on January 18th in Dearborn!

Both men are reeling from big losses at “Final Battle” and want to make a strong case that this losing situation won’t continue into 2013. The match itself should be very good and hopefully remind people just how good Jimmy Jacobs is in one on one situations - especially if he wins.

On January 19th, when ROH returns to Milwaukee & The Turner Hall Ballroom, it will be “Defy or Deny II” as ROH World Champion Kevin Steen looks to deny one man from every challenging him for the title again. As with the previous bout, his three opponents in this elimination bout are three of the men against whom Kevin has already successfully defended the World Title: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong, and “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.

ROH promised to give its Midwest fans something to remember, and so far they are making all the right announcements. The first and only Defy or Deny match was a very good main event that occurred twenty-four hours before Eddie Edwards defeated Roderick Strong to win the ROH World title. The rules are simple: it’s an elimination match where the winning non-champion gets a future ROH World title shot or the final person to be defeated by Kevin Steen can’t challenge for the title while Steen is the champion. If Steen pulls a Roderick Strong and wins here, that’s three challengers to Steen’s title that can’t come after him (Davey Richards and Jay Lethal being the other two). “Mr. Wrestling” has been unstoppable since winning the title, and there’s a good chance one of the three men involved here will change that.

On January 19th when ROH returns to Milwaukee, it will be Kyle O'Reilly and Davey Richards finally going one-on-one!

Wow, Ring of Honor is really stacking up the cards for its Midwest return, but kind of blowing potential first time pay-per-view encounters on a live event. The match itself should be phenomenal no matter where or when it happens.

Shelton Benjamin has asked for and received his release from Ring of Honor. According to reports, this is so that he could negotiate and potentially leave for WWE. For now, Benjamin may continue to appear for the promotion, but he is working on a per appearance deal. Benjamin has been rumored to be returning to WWE ever since reports surfaced that the promotion was looking to bring back mid-card talent to solidify the current roster.

This is some huge news for not only ROH, but also Charlie Haas. Over the past year, Charlie Haas has become one of the most hated individuals in ROH. There’s a good chance Haas will be on his own when we start getting into 2013. Thankfully for Haas, with him being on his own for months in ROH, he’ll do fine. ROH, on the other hand, will lose another tag team - their most star-studded team no less. While the fans aren’t too fond of WGTT, they add a mix of star power and talent few ROH performers have. ROH will be okay of WGTT moves on, but the ROH Tag Team division will have a big hole that ROH will have a hard to fill. And no, The Headbangers won’t be a suitable replacement.

Adam Pearce was set to return in a commentary role for “Final Battle”, but ROH changed their plans. There is talk of using someone in-house for the announcing position left open by Nigel McGuinness becoming the on screen match maker for the company.

It still sucks that Nigel can’t do both jobs. No matter whom they get, he or she won’t match McGuinness’ greatness (or his obsession with Maria’s safety/body).

Baddest Team in the Land



C & C Are Coming For Gold





All right everyone, that’s it for this edition of the ROHbot Report. As you all know, the end of the year is coming; and that only means one thing. For the fifth year in a row, the coveted Honor Sprockets are up for grabs in The ROHbot Report Year End Awards next weekend. The categories include Breakout Star of the Year, Event of the Year, Match of the Year, Biggest Story of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, and Wrestler of the Year. You can get the jump on me by telling the WWI Multi-verse (we’re bigger than any universe) who and what you think deserves to win via the comment section below, Facebook ( The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), in The ROHbot Report thread in the ROH section on WWI’s message board, or through e-mail Bullock@wwisanity.com

Also remember that even though the Mayans were wrong about the world’s end, this holiday season represents a time where dozens of families witness their world change and end from the events of last Friday in Newtown. Show your loved ones how much you care about them while you can. Peace and much love.

Till Then.

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ROH TV Episode 347: Never Saw It Coming
May 17, 2018
ROH TV Episode 346: Twisted & Broken
May 12, 2018
ROH TV Episode 345: No Honor Among Thieves
May 5, 2018
ROH TV Episode 344: Making History
Apr 25, 2018
ROH TV Episode 343: Beers, Cats & Gauntlets
Apr 19, 2018
ROH TV Episode 342: Three Ways Till Sunday
Apr 10, 2018
ROH TV Episode 341: Champions Challenge
Apr 3, 2018
ROH TV Episode 340: Primed & Patched
Apr 2, 2018
ROH TV Episode 339: Animal Kingdom
Mar 20, 2018
ROH TV Episode 338: Enemy of My Enemy
Mar 14, 2018
ROH TV Episode 337: Breaking the Law
Mar 8, 2018
ROH TV Episode 336: The Last Real King
Mar 1, 2018
ROH TV Episode 335: Restoring Order
Feb 27, 2018
ROH TV Episode 334: Pageantry & Punishment
Feb 14, 2018
ROH TV Episode 333: What's Yours is Mine
Feb 8, 2018
ROH TV Episode 332: Door Closes, Window Opens
Jan 31, 2018
ROH TV Episode 331: Kicking the Door Down
Jan 24, 2018
ROH TV Episode 330: Dreams Come True
Jan 17, 2018
ROH TV Episode 329: No Time to Relax
Jan 14, 2018
ROH TV Episode 328: God Save the Cat
Jan 3, 2018

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