C-Show Showdown
(Debut) The C-Show Showdown: Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly vs. Ink Inc, Brutus Magnus, and Desmond Wolfe
By Tommy Harvey
Aug 19, 2010 - 10:38 PM

What's up, everybody? Are you ready for the showdown that the world has been waiting for?  Maybe not the world, but people somewhere, we're sure.  Starting this week, it's the C-Show Showdown right here on World Wrestling Insanity.  It's the battle of the lower ranked shows when   WWE Superstars squares off against  TNA Xplosion (which I don't even think is aired in my area, but thank God for Youtube - Now THAT'S a C-Show!). 

The first match on Superstars saw The Usos take on Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu in a tag team match.  Goldust is very good at enhancing talent.  He helped make Sheamus relevant in ECW and he can do the same for others if put in the right spots.  This is one of those spots.  Yoshi Tatsu is the new Funaki.  Ok...whatever.  The Uso's have decent abilities.  I'm not sold on them as a viable Tag Team Championship contending team though.  The end of the match came when Tamina caused a distraction, Goldust was taken out and one of the Uso's hit a splash from the top rope. 

The second match was Chris Masters against Chavo Guerrero.  This is about right.  These two guys can't get any TV time on Smackdown, so they are basically permanently on Superstars.  It's a shame that Masters can't talk.  He could really be successful.  The finale saw Chris Masters attempting a suplex from the top rope, but Chavo jumped off and hung Masters up on the rope.  When Masters went down, Chavo went back to the top and hit the Frog Splash.  Chavo picked up the win.  After the win, Chavo played to the crowd and got a pretty decent face reaction.

The main event was Michelle McCool against Kelly Kelly.  Are you kidding me?!  It's no wonder that Superstars has horrible viewership.  Diva's matches don't get my opinions.  McCool got the win with Faith Breaker. 


On Xplosion, the night opened with Christy Hemme interviewing Ink Inc. outside somewhere.  It was really backyard looking, and the interviewees belong in a backyard somewhere too.  Jesse Neal is awful and Shannon Moore sounds retarded sometimes.  They talk about wanting to become the number one contenders to the TNA Tag Team Titles.  They get their chance later in the show against Brutus Magnus and Desmond Wolfe.

We are then cut backstage to Taylor Wilde and Hamada talking about being TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs.  Really it was just Taylor saying how nice it was to be tag champs with Hamada.  I don't think I've ever heard Hamada talk.  Can she speak english well enough to participate in an interview?  Another cut backstage to Daffney saying she didn't know they were tag champs.  Way to hype up your Knockout Tag Team Title holders, TNA Management!  What a bang up job you are doing!

In the minute and a half since we had seen her last, Christy Hemme managed to get back inside to the normal interview station and find Desmond Wolfe and Brutus Magnus.  They go through their english banter and say they will defeat Ink Inc and become number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles.  Brutus Magnus looks like he should be dancing at a gay bar somewhere.

Match number one on Xplosion pits Daffney against Hamada.  These two are very good female wrestlers.  This is where TNA beats the crap out of the WWE.  I can't stand Diva's wrestling, but the Knockout Division is acutally pretty good (minus Lacey Von Erich).  It's ashame they don't give them face time on Impact.   Hamada got the win with the Hamada Driver.  After the match, Daffney ran after Hamada on the ramp, attacked her, threw her back into the ring, and attacked her some more.  She dug into her shoe and pulled out a chain and choked Hamada with it until Taylor Wilde came down for the save.

The main event was the tag team title number one contenders match - Ink Inc vs. Brutus Magnus and Desmond Wolfe.  Desmond Wolfe is very talented and should be utilized in a better manner than this.  He shouldn't be relegated to tag team matches on Xplosion.  Wouldn't some other random jobber be better suited to tag with Brutus Magnus?  I can't stand Jesse Neal.  He's terrible.  Shannon Moore is ok.  I don't have a problem with him for the most part.  I have viewed him as lazy in the past, but I think he has been better lately.  I guess going up against Jeff Hardy, Beer Money, and Team 3D will make you actually work though.  Magnus and Wolfe got the win in this one, thanks to Chelsea.  She distracted Jesse Neal with his dogtags, allowing Magnus to set him up for a boot to the face by Wolfe.




It's hard to say that TNA does anything better than the WWE, but Xplosion actually has a decent approach to what can be considered their C-show.  The problem I have with WWE Superstars is that the show consists of all random matches that have nothing to do with any storylines.  At least on Xplosion, we saw meaningful matches.  Daffney seamed to have started something with the Knockout Tag Champs and the team of Magnus/Wolfe were named number one contenders to the Tag titles.  I don't remember Superstars ever furthering any storylines.  The only thing Superstars does for us is it allows us to see guys that most people don't give two craps about...and Diva's that shouldn't be allowed near a wrestling ring.

I hope this opinionated review at least saved you the time from watching Superstars at least.  The show this week was awful.  Giving us Kelly Kelly agains Michelle McCool as the main event is like giving us a fresh dog turd and telling us it's steak.  Xplosion wasn't bad, but it's inaccessible to a lot of people.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you again soon.

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