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By Tommy Harvey Sep 10, 2010 - 3:24 PM print

Welcome to another C-Show Showdown, where I watch Superstars and Xplosion so you don't have to.  Today, you get a SuperShowDown, as I have two weeks of specialness to bring your way.  What will happen, which show will win the showdown, and who will take home the honors of Showdown MVP?  Let's find out.


Match one of the evening is Ted Dibiase w/Maryse vs Goldust.  This is where Goldust should be on the card.  He has no business squaring off against William Regal like he did a couple of weeks ago.  He is better suited for helping build Superstars like he did with Sheamus on ECW.  I personally thought DiBiase was going to be further along in his career by this point, but he almost has to be rebuilt after Legacy broke up.  This is a pretty good matchup.  Goldust is good when he performs in these roles.  DiBiase gets the win with Dreamstreets.  DiBiase and Maryse share a kiss at the top of the ramp.  Maybe they should rename him Lucky.

Match number two is Santino Marella w/Vladimir Kozlov against Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso and Tamina.  Santino is awesome.  He makes his matches entertaining without actually getting any offense in.  The Uso's are way too generic and need to find their personalities.  Tamina looks like a dude in drag.  Are we sure they didn't just re-hire Sim Snuka and turn him into a diva???  The end of the match sees Jimmy Uso hit a Samoan Drop, he then went for the Splash from the top rope, but Santino got his legs up and got the pin on the fallen Uso brother.  After the match, Tamina gave Santino a lei and kissed his Cobra.  Just picture that.  Santino got leied by Tamina and she kissed his Cobra.  If you're into trannies, then that should turn you on.

The main event pits Kofi Kingston and Chavo Guerrero against each other.  I've never been a huge fan of Chavo, but this matchup makes a little bit of sense I guess.  Chavo's aunt's boyfriend is feuding with the Kofi.  This is actually a decent main event for Superstars.  I don't expect Sheamus or Randy Orton to be on this show, but somebody on Kofi's level is perfectly acceptable.  Kofi gets the win with the Trouble in Paradise while Chavo was on the top rope. 


The first match of this installment of WWE Superstars is R-Truth against William Regal.  Much like Goldust, this is where Regal should be on the card.  He should be elevating other guys who need the push.  Truth looked to be headed in the right direction when he won the United States Title a few months ago, but somehow they slowed his roll.  Regal attempted to rap when he came out to the ring.  It was so awful it was funny.  Where's John Cena when you need him???  Truth gets the win in this one when he reversed a roll-up attempt by Regal. 

Match two is Gail Kim and Goldust w/Aksana vs Jillian Hall and Primo w/AJ.  Gail Kim should have been a pro for this season of NXT.  How can they get away with calling Kelly Kelly a pro, unless they mean something else by that.  Aksana reminds me of Maryse and AJ looks like a miniature Melina.  Not much to talk about with this matchup, as all participants are irrelevant.  Goldust is good, but not a draw, Primo is a good tag team wrestler, but not a singles guy, Gail Kim doesn't get a fair shake, and Jillian Hall is worthless.  Goldust wins the match for his team with the Shattered Dreams. 

The third match is Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins against the Dudebusters...yet again.  Vance Archer could turn into something, Hawkins is ok, but the Dudebusters suck!  They have nothing special.  The Dudebusters get the win after Trent Baretta reversed a powerslam attempt into a DDT. 

The main event for WWE Superstars is The Big Show against Luke Gallows.  The Big Show, much like Kofi Kingston, is ok to have on Superstars.  Gallows says that he reaffirms his position as the Straight Edge Society's enforcer.  This group just needs to go away if they're not going to do anything important.  At least the Right to Censor had meaningful feuds.  Right now it's CM Punk and a couple of guys who shouldn't even be carrying his sweaty jockstrap from city to city.  What's up with that rediculous looking headband that Big Show wears to the ring now???  Big Show wins this one with the KO Punch. 




We open with Christie Hemme interviewing Jeremy Buck about his match with Eric Young.  EY comes into the picture and thinks he has a tag team match with Buck instead.  He then says something about Doc Brown and the Flux Capacitor.  Retarded Eric Young is more entertaining than whatever he was when he was with Kevin Nash. 

Christie then catches up with Brian Kendrick after Douglas Williams and Jay Lethal give their two cents on upcoming fatal four way matchup. 

Match number one on Xplosion is Jeremy Buck against Eric Young.  In the ring, EY still thinks he's in a tag team match with Buck being his partner.  The referee corrects him and the match begins.  After a roll-up attempt by Jeremy Buck, EY gets up and congratulates him for the attempt.  Orlando Jordan makes his way to the ring and EY tosses him into the ring.  EY then thinks he is in a tag match again and hops outside the ropes and awaits a tag from Buck.  Order is restored again and EY gets the roll-up win despite Orlando Jordan's attempt to interfere.  After the match, EY tries to celebrate with Jeremy Buck, again thinking he just won a tag team match with the guy he just pinned.  WOW!  I couldn't stop laughing at EY's antics.

The main event of this episode of Xplosion is Amazing Red vs Brian Kendrick vs Jay Lethal vs Douglas Williams in a four way match.  In my opinion, Lethal is by far the most talented guy in this match.  I like Kendrick, Williams has his spot with Fortune, but I have no interest in Red.  He's good, but I just don't have any interest in watching him.  For some reason, this match is set up like a tag match.  Shouldn't a four way match have all four participants in the ring at the same time???  Douglas Williams steals the win after he blind tagged Jay Lethal...who had hit the Lethal Injection on Red...to become the legal man. 


Backstage, Eric Young catches up with Orlando Jordan to tell him he got him booked against Generation Me in a tag match.  He tells Jordan they're going to be the greatest tag team ever because they are brothers.  As I said, retarded EY is entertaining. 

Douglas Williams is shown talking about his theft of Jay Lethal's win last week. 

Christie Hemme catches up with Jay Lethal and asks him about his match against Douglas Williams later tonight in a non-title bout.

Match number one is Orlando Jordan and Eric Young against Generation Me.  Why hasn't Orlando Jordan been released yet???  Nobody wants to watch him.  Now they are announcing Eric Young being from Nashville.  Isn't he Canadian???  During the match, EY walks the ropes like a tight rope walker and asks Orlando Jordan how impressive it was.  Generation Me should be renamed Generation Meh.  They are boring and generic looking.  The team of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan gets the win after EY hits the bling tag making himself the legal man.  Max Buck didn't realize it until EY rolled him up for the three count. 

The main event is X-Division Champion Douglas Williams against Jay Lethal in a non-title matchup.  This is a rather boring match, as Williams is slow and can't keep up with Jay Lethal.  The end sees Jay Lethal hit the Lethal Injection out of nowhere to pick up the victory.  Look for him to get an X-Division title shot soon. 


The winner of the last couple of weeks is going to be WWE Superstars by a hair.  I like that they moved Goldust and Regal back to being enhancement talent.  Even thought Goldust took on Primo in a tag match on the second week, that matchup was to give exposure to the 3rd season of NXT.  Superstars even had decent talent on their shows.  Ted DiBiase, Kofi Kingston, and The Big Show are good to have on the show every once in a while.  TNA on the other hand had decent programming also.  Eric Young was entertaining and Jay Lethal is awesome.  I know many of you don't like EY, but at least he's not Super Eric anymore.

Showdown MVP:

The Showdown MVP for the past couple of weeks is Goldust.  He competed against Ted DiBiase in week one and picked up a win in week two.  Here's hoping he can do for DiBiase what he did for Sheamus on ECW.

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