C-Show Showdown
The C-Show Showdown: William Regal and Darren Young vs Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson
By Tommy Harvey
Oct 10, 2010 - 8:38 AM

C-Show Showdown!  C-Show Showdown!  C-Show Showdown!  Welcome to the C-Show Showdown, where I watch the C-Shows so you don't have to.  Today, I won't be viewing TNA Xplosion.  Instead, I will be watching TNA Reaction and WWE Superstars.  It's time to mix it up a little bit.


WWE Superstars

Match 1:  Chris Masters vs Vance Archer w/ Curt Hawkins

This is the perfect match for Superstars.  Both guys should be rebuilt on here as massive, dominant forces.  Speaking of dominant forces...weren't Hawkins and Archer supposed to make an impact?  All I've seen them do is lose to the DUDbusters.  During this match, Archer was about to hit Masters on the outside.  Masters ducked and Archer nailed Hawkins.  As Archer was about to get back in the ring, Hawkins grabbed him and distracted him enough for Masters to lock in the Masterlock for the victory.  So much for Hawkins and Archer as a tag team.  Why even have the tag team division anymore?!  It's pointless.  After the match, Hawkins gets in the ring and lays out Archer and hits the Flying Elbow.  I guess the former Edgehead is going Jason DeRulo and Ridin' Solo.

Match 2:  William Regal vs Darren Young

Superstars got a new announcer for this match.  His name is Scott Stanford.  Just like Goldust, William Regal should be helping to build young guys.  With Goldust now in an angle with Ted DiBiase, hopefully Regal can help out Darren Young.  The end of this match saw Regal hit the running knee on Young for the win.  This was a pretty entertaining match.  Young carries himself well and Regal was good at making Young look better.

Main Event:  The Hart Dynasty vs The Uso Twins

This match is totally and completely played out.  There is no need for these two teams to be facing each other every week.  Like I said earlier, there is no need for a tag team division and this proves it even more.  If there are only two real tag teams in the entire company, then just get rid of the division.  However, it was a good match to watch.  The end saw David Hart Smith get thrown over the top rope and to the floor.  Tyson Kidd then clotheslined one of the Usos to the floor on top of him.  While Kidd stood there seeing if DH Smith was ok, the other Uso drop kicked him and then hit the Splash from the top rope for the win.  After the match, Smith looked at Kidd as if he was wondering what happened.  I guess we get more tag team tension here. 

TNA Reaction

The beginning of Reaction is the conclussion of the $100,000 Battle Royal from Impact.  This Battle Royal was dominated by Abyss, until RVD made a surprise return and eliminated him and himself.  That left Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle (who were also the first two participants).  Angle won the Battle Royal and the $100,000 when he threw Anderson out of the ring with the Angle Slam.  Oh yeah...Bound For Glory is this Sunday (10/10/10) and Angle vows the either win the TNA Heavyweight Title or retire.  I guess we will get another 7 months of Kurt as the TNA Champion. 

Back in the locker room area, Fortune talks about how they are the best and Mick Foley has been kissing Dixie Carter's butt since EV2 came into TNA.  Flair says "Whoooooooo" about 10,000 times.

Next we hear from Mickie James.  She says she came to TNA to make history and hold the Knockout's Title.  She has a dent in her forehead.  I just noticed that.  She is the special referee in the Knockout's 4-way title match at BFG.  She then talks about her music career.  I thought this was a wrestling show. 

Mr. Anderson is talking in the locker room to somebody about Kurt Angle and 10/10/10. 

Next up, EV2 talks about Fortune.  Man, TNA just keeps overdoing this stuff.  It's like opening a large box, only to find another box with another box holding another box with nothing inside of it. 

Hulk Hogan surgery update.  We get it...Hogan's in a lot of pain.  Do we really need to see him in the hospital???

In the back, Kurt Angle says it's good to be Kurt Angle right now.  Jesse Neal interupts and tells Kurt that Anderson said he needs to take the $100,000 and buy some integrity.  Angle then goes on the hunt for Anderson and we get a preview of Sunday.  They argue for a while and then they get in a fight.  This goes on until Kurt leaves Anderson on the floor as we go off the air.


This week, TNA Reaction wins.  It had the conclussion of an Impact main event and it furthered the feud between Anderson and Angle heading into Sunday.  Superstars had it's moments, but not enough to matter.

Showdown MVP:

Kurt Angle.  It's obvious with this episode of Reaction.  He won the $100,000 Battle Royal and left Anderson lying on the floor after a backstage altercation.

That's it for this week.  Join me again in two weeks for a Super C-Show Showdown. 

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